Been practicing alot in training mode, now I suck even more!

Like the title says I have been practicing ALOT in training mode working on Ryu’s BnB combos and trying to nail down FADC ultra setup (with mixed success I’m too slow with metsu hadouken following the FADC).

So I figured alright I got down some of Ryu’s essential combos let me go see how much better I am vs Ken in player vs cpu. Turns out I couldn’t even win once out 6 match’s haha… so frustrating. Before going into training I was beating ken regularly on hardest.

The problem is I’m too focused trying to get these combos out its opening me up for a beating. I go in lk, lp then eat a shoryuken to my face before I can finish out the combo. My brain is overloaded too much focus on combos and setups is not allowing me to survive and punish attacks.

Anyone have this problem before? Too much training making for not being able to apply that knowledge in a real match and making you actually worse than you were to begin with.

I’ve had this EXACT problem before in another game. what you need to do is forget about those combos and try to play normally again. I know that doesn’t seem like it helps much, but if you get stuck again repost and I’ll see what I can do about it

Definitely take a break and let everything sink in.

When you practice you’re putting things into that “muscle memory” everyone is always talking about. When you play after practicing so much you’re thinking about it rather than going off of muscle memory.

If you take a break for a few days or a week, you’ll end up coming back and finding out you’re able to do stuff you couldn’t do before or kept messing up.

You just get worn out and can’t react naturally. That’s what the break is for. It returns you to a state of mind where you can react naturally.

I recommend getting the total basics of your character down first, if you haven’t already. Then you should find one or two combos that you can always perform as a punish, and from there you can branch off into more complex stuff. I’m still doing all the basic stuff to win, I don’t even use FADC’ing at all, only singular focus attacks. Also, not sure how the AI is in this game but it used to be REALLY cheap in the older versions. You are probably better off practicing your new stuff in player matches.

Listen the problem your having is trying to land his BnB. You should just focus on going with the flow. Stop a day or two and relax. Then come back and relax while you play look at why you lost. You’ll find out that you were focusing on landing a combo instead of defending yourself properly.

I will definitely take all of your advice and I will start with taking a break for 1-2 days. I’m burning myself out in attempts to drill these moves into my head. Like someone said I am thinking too much instead of reacting, that’s for sure. Props to the pro players out there, at times it feels like I’m running into a brick wall in my advancement.

I just want to humiliate/destroy my friend, is that too much to ask! :shy: He has been playing for a year casually, I wouldn’t even say he is a intermediate level player. when we play I see soo many faults and opportunities to punish him in his game but I also see my downfalls which are even greater than his. He rubs the wins in so hard it just makes me laugh. When I first started about a week ago he went 30-7 against me haha! He doesn’t even get bored beating me its like every win against me he cherishes. I would say its a good thing hes like this because it just makes me want to turn on the game and improve my skills as much as possible.

Up until now I have been improving dramatically, in our most recent session my defense improved leaps and bounds with very close match’s every round; I can taste my eventual land slide victories over him. Sucks that I hit this wall with the training making my game worse due to overloading myself. Here’s to hoping when I come back after my break I do the combos I have been practicing on instinct.

The thing with practising combos is that once you learn them all, all you want to do is perform them on a real life opponent, that’s what throws you off.
Like what omfg said, just play normally, and use those combos when you need to, not when you want to.

Combos and Damage isnt everything

I learned Sakura’s BnB Tatsu combos and my Sakura game went to total shit because all I wanted was to land it in a match. Play basic fundamental Street Fighter and when the opportunity arises use your kickass combo.

If you find yourself low on health with 2 bars and an ultra and you are just LOOKING for that fucking opening to FADC ultra, you’re probably going to lose.

p.s. Don’t rate yourself based on how well you can do against the cpu. They’re predictable and play 100% off input reaction. CPU does the same shit every single time, it’s just a matter of figuring it out and countering.

First off you shouldn’t really get mad at losing to CPU’s

in one sense, this is true

in another, this is totally false

This has happened with me too, while I never took a break so to say, landing bnb combos and knowing whether to backdash out of a fadc or continue to ultra 1 / 2 with ryu just clicked today; i went to watch a reply I lost, and i realized I was doing the link combo i’d been practicing, without knowing it, which is just, c.lp, c.lp,, hdk, or at longer ranger, drop one c.lp.

I was quite amazed, so I’d say what these guys say, just ignore it; every now and then you’ll find yourself reversal DPing, and your brain will say ‘Hey! We can FADC here bro’; Also keep in mind, using ex shoryu means you have TWO hits to connect the focus attack in! As well as it being immune to a lot and awesome.

Good luck!

If you’re eating a shoryuken before you can finish your combo, you’re not finishing your combo. You’re dropping the link allowing your opponent to reversal or you’re chaining instead of linking the jabs which means the shoryuken won’t come out and you’re just sitting there defenseless.

A fun part about fighting games is that when you’re trying to improve, you will get worse before you get better because you’re trying new things.

Also, the CPU is a terrible opponent. He’s all reflexes and no brains, and you shouldn’t be judging your skill by whether or not you can beat him. IMO a training dummy on autoblock is better for learning combos, a training dummy on random block is better for learning hit confirms and blockstrings, and there is no substitute for playing against a real person.

This sounds pretty normal to me. It’s often two step forward, one step back. Now you’ve learned a bnb, which is a great weapon, but you still have to learn how to work it into your actual playing. Initiating a combo and maintaining the combo w/o dropping it are completely different skills. I wouldn’t worry about being worse at the moment, practice landing the combo and learning when not to attempt it.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but when your going against CPU’s I’d suggest focusing on your defense and getting yourself out of pressure and such. As for your training issues, yeah I’ve had the same idea, focus on learning that basics first if anything, as for FADC and going into your ultra,first practice with your Cancelling er FADC then once you get the hang of that, then try going for the ultra, I can’t seem to pull it off quickly enough as well, you just have to get it threw your brain to not hesitate, and just go with the flow, and have in your head before you FADC what you need to do right after you cancell, dash, then input your ultra.