Beer and Weight

So lately I’ve been drinking one beer every night because it helps me wind down. But I also know that eating stuff after a certain time makes it more likely to turn to fat because you use less energy when sleeping afterwards. I also was shocked to find out that beer doesn’t have 0 calories. So does this mean that drinking beer can contribute to weight gain?

if you just drink until you puke everytime you drink you wont have to worry about stupid calories

what is this 0 calorie beer you speak of and how/where do I obtain such treasure?

BeGuiled for Axl’s prison lover.

This is a myth. There is a covariation between eating/drinking before bed and gaining weight, but not a causal link.

don’t be a sack of shit and start working out so you can eat/drink whatever you want.

Yea BeGuiled topic, but still how the hell would someone be surprised to find out beer has calories in it?

For the record, I would never flag someone for trolling if they were good at it.

wrong thread

You’d think that someone who only shows up every now and then to do so would be good at it.