Beer (Brewing...and Drinking)

So I went splitsies with somebody on a Sam Adams Seasonal Assortment pack, and one of the beers in it is Old Fezziwig’s Ale, which is a Sam Adams Christmas-season beer (Fezziwig, for my less-than-well-read friends, was a characterin A Christmas Carol). The beer itself was a malt-heavy, and had a little bit of cinnamon, chocolate and caramel flavor in it (but just a hint, I didn’t even notice the individual flavors until after I read the label). Its mind-blowing tastiness has inspired me to give brewing a whirl.

So has anybody else ever given beer-making a whirl (when I was searching through now-locked threads, I know a couple did)? What are some of the kits people used? Or did people just make due with common household equivalents? Any recommendations for ingredients? Any good deals on ingredients? Any tips for controlling the alcohol volume?

Open Question:

Yo, couldn’t you use rice for it?

I had a rice based beer in japan. It got me drunk

did they lock the beer thread? was looking for that thread the other day but the new search function sucks.

It never got locked unless this is the wrong one…

I didn’t see that going through the search (though I saw plenty of other threads that discussed beer). Though this would technically be different, as it’s about brewing, rather than just rattling off your favorite brands (Coors Heavy, Old Fezziwig’s, Sam Adams Winter Lager, Red Stripe, Dos Equis).

I have been brewing for a year now and made some fantastic beers. I personally would recommend you start with ales as they ferment at room temp (60-75) which make it pretty easy. Do some research on the different hops/yeasts and malts you might want to use as it can get overwhelming. The beer store I go to has recipes or you can look them up online. If I have learned anything from brewing it would be to be very sanitary or you could ruin the whole batch. After the initial costs of equipment, each batch I make (~50 12oz bottles) cost between $38 and $50. Feel free to ask any questions. Late!

How much is a good price for a kit? I’ve been checking around and usually they’re around $100 for the cheapest one, and have a relatively small bucket to make shit in.

it was a thread about Beer in a generic sense the discussion just never evolved to discus brewing :stuck_out_tongue:

might be worth just merging the topics into one imo.

If you’re trying to make something like that Fezziwig Ale I’m sure you’d have to get at least a thousand dollars worth of equipment and go through a pretty huge pain in the ass getting the grain I’m sure Sam Adams is using.

In Austin we have a brew supply store so we get out pretty lucky. My room mate and my friend brew beer down in our kitchen, they’ve made a few pale ales, a wit, a doppelbock, and lots of other stuff. For your first beer I’d recommend brewing a pale ale as that’s probably the most basic beer recipe out there. If you try getting into adjuncts and all-grain supplies you’ll spend more time setting your shit up than you will actually brewing until you really set aside the time for it. Here are some protips…

  1. A lager and an ale need to be treated differently. Figure out if the beer you are making is a lager or an ale before you go head strong into your recipe and ruin it by keeping it at the wrong temperature.
  2. You can’t be too anal about cleaning your equipment. Beer cleaner is typically coarse ‘sand’ that dissolves in water and does nothing other than be abrasive. That way you don’t get any chemicals in your beer.
  3. If you used close to the right amount of ingredients, got the process mostly right, and you’re ‘pretty sure’ the beer will be okay…it will be fine. Really. People change up the way shit is brewed in lots of different and interesting ways. I would, however, read a book about brewing beforehand because there are some principles which you simply do not want to break.

Most of all, you must be drinking a beer while brewing. I think it’s illegal not to.

100 seems reasonable if you are getting quality stuff. The two biggest cost items will be your Carboy (Glass 5 gallon jug) and your 3.5 gallon pot. Both of those will run you about $35 each. The rest of the your equipment (bottle capper, tubes, ect…) are cheap. I personally do not brew using a plastic bucket, I use a carboy. You should look on craigslist for brewing gear as a lot of people try it once and never do it again.

Well, I’m not actually going to try and duplicate it, for certain. It’s hard enough just to replicate, say, The Colonel’s Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices ™ and I don’t have to wait weeks on end for those to ferment. It just inspired me to give beer-making a whirl.

And yeah, I’d definitely want to take it slow, and crawl before I walk. I’ll tackle a pale ale before I try anything else, then.

This is what you should be spending on an initial setup.

Props to you for wanting to get into microbrewery dude. I’m a big fan of local breweries around my town. Best tasting shit.

I never understood why people like beer or even soda. I don’t find the taste of either of them even remotely desirable.

You realize that everyone can say that about every food, drink, television show or color scheme they don’t like, right?

So you coming into this thread was absolutely pointless. That is unless you want us to convince you why beer and soda is great.

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For those who brew and are about to try brewing, I have been using this program to track how and what goes in each batch. It is pretty handy and allows you to keep track of several aspects of the brew so you can repeat your successes.

I love beer. It’s really the only thing i drink. Anyone know any good Japanese beers? I have had Sapporo a couple of times and loved it.