Beer Pong Tourney after evos?

so at osheas if i get enough ppl to come we can a small beer pong tourney if u think its a good idea hit this up…

lol in The what else is there to do in Vegas thread were already trying to set one up for Saturday night at osheas…but this can become the official thread

flip cup would be the optimal choice for anyone outside of 3 dudes and 2 wasted girls…beer pong sucks.

I am definitely in.

I’m in, too!!

So down. Let’s make this happen!

ok ppl pm me u name and cell m=number so i can get u all of hold with u ill talk to the ppl at osheas see if we can reseved some tables

You can count me down for this.

So down. I’ll prolly be drunk when I get there.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh Boooooyyyyyeeeeeeee

Was this a GO!