Beerus, the Destroyer Thread - Where's My Pudding?


Compiling character subthreads, post your tech/discussion here!

Please @ me if any tech you’d like adding to the OP comes up!


Beerus’ fireballs are really good, but unsafe as fuck to summon.


Thoughts on Beerus as point?

My team has just one ideal point character, but its also the only character w/ an assist I use (Yamcha. Anchor is Majin Buu).


I honestly think Beerus does pretty well in any position. Point Beerus should work just fine.


5AA may serve to be a decent poke at a distance (consider it like a slow Medium attack due to the wait):


The highest damage I could get with him. But not THAT optimal, since I can’t dhc to 16 if I do his super in the air, and Buu will probably go from my team.


What’s up folks. These are my BnB’s with the God of Destruction. Notations are included as always, Super meter is at 1 to show meter gain and I use no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams. Hope this helps anyone who’s been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. Have fun!


Im going to try pick this charactwr up as nappa isnt doing it for me


@MastaSW very helpful, thank you.


Can’t get the midscreen combo to work on Freiza. The 214B never connects. It’s easy on Broly.

Edit: Can’t get it on Gotenks either.


I have not yet tried his specific combos, but I found from my brief play of Beerus that some characters require you to use 214A instead of B. If you cancel into super you have to do it more quickly with A than with the B version.