before i ask


is it okay to ask for a mail order service?

im looking for someone to 3d print a durable octogate that will work with the hori mini 4 arcade stick?

i tried the sanwa 8way gate but it wasnt really compatible.


What type of joystick is in there? Just an older “Hori” joystick?? If so have you tried contacting them?


Hori doesn’t make any octo-gates. Especially not for the cheaper Hori-brand ones. You’d need to replace the entire bottom of the joystick assembly.
It would be very unlikely that there’d be anyone who’s already done (or be willing to spend the time) to 3D render in CAD an octo-gate for a stick assembly that pretty much no one ever wants to keep.

What I find hilarious is the thread title: you say “before I ask”, you start off with the “Is it ok to…” question, but you ask your question anyways.


^nooo i didnt ask anyone for the service yet ;3


i did contact hori. they said they dont support modding. and do not sell an appropriate gate for the hori mini 4.

i do plan on keeping it for a long time anyway. my budget wont allow me to get an uprade later on.

but thank you for the information, all


Learn AutoCAD or something like that, look at the gate of your joystick/bottom assembly, model it in AutoCAD in perfect dimensions, ask, ???, Profit? Maybe?


If the Hori mini has a JLF knock off then a JLF gate should be able to be modified for such a purpose. Or a Hayabusa gate.


Nah. Hori budget sticks never had JLF knockoffs; they’ve always had those Hori in-house sticks like the old Fighting Stick series.


If they’re the ones with square bodies like a Hayabusa then they’re JLF knock offs, just with a different shape. I’d have to see pictures but I recall Hori stock joysticks being really similar to Hayabusa, just not made to as high a spec.


These are more like a clone of a turd.


Now I want one. If it’s the same lever that was in T5 then I don’t think it was that bad.


Hmmm. I never tried, but looking at it, it might work… You’ll just need to drill some holes in the restrictor in the right places…