before i ask


is it okay to ask for a mail order service?

im looking for someone to 3d print a durable octogate that will work with the hori mini 4 arcade stick?

i tried the sanwa 8way gate but it wasnt really compatible.


yeah a few dudes on here have mail order brides i dont see why it would be a prob for for it bro


If you go with the japanese mail order they’ll be a little tighter and but the koreans are a bit looser. Although pushing buttons on the korean brides give you more action.

Don’t get anything from the Philippines though.

Hope that helps!


Don’t order from Thailand. Some have jerky sticks.


Eww octagonal gate


Don’t lie, you want a 3D printed dildo, don’t you? My dick is too big to fit in my scanner. Sorry.



Better consult @“Missing Person” on that one.


wow i forgot i made 2 threads. wtf happened?! XD