Before I leave the country

I’m about to stick my order in for Sanwa parts from Akihabarashop. I’ve read through the slagcoin guide and I want to make sure I have everything I need from Japan so I don’t have to end up making 2 orders.

I am buying…
JLF Stick with a flat plate
6x Red OBSN-30 mm buttons
2x White OBSN-30 mm buttons
3x Red OBSN-24 mm buttons

I am not going to need any special wires/other misc things for the stick that I can only get from Japan right? (or an arcade store for that matter). I went over the ingredients list on slagcoin and I seem to have nabbed everything I need from Akihabarashop. Please let me know as a first time builder if I am missing anything.

Quick disconnects? Makes things a lot easier when you want to change out art or parts. Think about springs as well, or an octagonal gate possibility. Oh, and ball top if you want a diff color?

ahh a restrictor gate… i should look in to that. thanks

Don’ worry about ordering quick disconnects. You should be able to get any size you need at an auto parts store. (Can’t remember who posted that tip but hats off to them!)