Before i put this on cragslist


^^this is a customized qanba q4raf. for those of you who don’t know that means its dual modded. haven’t thought of a price yet but i’ll be selling it with: 10 extra buttons,cloth.stock faceplate,white balltop,street fighter t shirt


Do you have pictures of the Street Fighter snuggie? Would like to see this. Thanks.

P.S. Good luck with sale.


This topic should probably be in the trading outlet.

This? I want.


its the vanilla one. sorry. this is it


I probably can’t afford the Q4, but I will arm wrestle for the snuggie.


Moving to the Trading Outlet.

Infractions given for posting int he wrong forum and outing images.


Then the TO mods can just merge or lock this one. It’s out of my hands now.


you my friend…called it how it is :tup:


I can vouch. For the equivalent of playfully busting someones balls nothing vulgar derrogatory or anything that could be even taken as mildly offensive on a personal level. I got banned for a week couldnt contact the other party in a pending trade and lost out on 250 dollars not only that but had just made a purchase couldnt get into my inbox to track the shipping and due to delay’s I thought i had just lost out on another 250. I couldnt even report the person had they screwed me within a reasonable amount of time and prevent them from scamming others had that been the situation. You cant just throw around infractions and bans on a website where members often trade in big ticket items like consoles and arcade sticks.


Honestly if you get banned over this i’m done with SRK you have the right to voice your opinion publicly and have done so in a respectful manner. As for d3v I agree I don’t think he should be handing down infractions so lightly at least issue a warning first people are human they make mistakes.





We have to remember that there are certain businesses that also operate under tech talk jurisdiction. No matter where you are on the site you must have 6 months and 50 post to conduct any business within selling and trading guidelines (if you break the rule, then that’s on you. But we are assigned to stop all individuals who do by any means necessary). However, he meets the qualifications now so all that was needed was to move his thread over without any further action. The TO mods understand that we cannot just simply ban someone if it will result in loss of communication with the other party, why do you think we let Lazeeya’s bullshit fly for so long? There were reports that over $1000 dollars worth of money taken by him, but we left the thread open and kept a close eye on it. Believe me I WANTED to get rid of him, because he came back and pulled the same stunt again causing more discredit to the TO.

TO I believe has gotten much better than before. Those of you that were here when it first opened know how bad scams were being tossed around, and when it was just me and MMDS we had to weed out tons of stories of people getting scammed. This forum deals with people’s money so that’s a BIG issue here, and I think TO mod is the hardest job on the site personally. It’s NOT fun and games.


Since we’ve already gone so far off topic anyway, could someone tell me what happens when you get an infraction? A ban is pretty obvious, but is it something like 2 infractions = a short ban? I even went back and looked at the rules just now. I see 20 different ways to get an infraction, but no idea what it does to you, lol.


It’s been a long time since I gave out an warning. I think if you get 4 or 6 you get a temp ban, then something along the lines of 12 a year but don’t quote me on that.

I feel you solve situations without using warnings but that’s just me. I don’t know how other mods approach their modding style or whatever.

Oh and stop using the report button damnit! I see those reports, so I just reject them. Nobody is getting banned. I agree, the situation could of been handled differently. If you feel something was handled wrong then you’re free to voice your opinion.


I would appreciate it if my modding style wasn’t compared to D3v’s, thank you very much.


Please son, I’m the People’s mod 2 years in a row. Bitches love me.

Edit: oh, and just a quick note regarding the original situation. Wiz has stated that any transaction involving money should occur in the Trading Outlet only. I know some business advertise and post in Tech Talk but any sale should be in here.


I’ve met Valaris in real life and he’s a very chill dude man. He’s gotten tons of infractions reversed when people didn’t even do anything in other forums. I understand what you are saying but not all mods go by that logic, certainly not me. Wrong is wrong, and I don’t sugar coat anything. I try to be as fair as possible because I do agree that things can be handled differently. I’m sure there are other mods out there the same way, it just depends on the person I guess. This whole power trip nonsense is pretty absurd, but I can at least vouch for Val because I know what kind of person he is.


Awwwww shucks.