Before I resort to buying a new stick


I have a Matcatz TE Round 2. Recently, I started running into some issues.

It started when I noticed after a few minutes of gameplay, all of the Turbo LEDs would light up as a dull red. Just the LEDs. The Turbo function didn’t enable itself or anything. I could still turn Turbo on and off.
Well, that was about a week ago. A few days ago, inputs would stick intermittnetly. I.E. I would jump, let the stick go back to neutral, and my character would keep jumping until I hit a button or another stick input. Last night, the stick now would intermittently not register any inputs at all. Today, it flat out stopped registering anything until I reseated the USB cable.

Any thoughts on what is needed to be replaced?

Edit: I tried reseating all of the connections. No change.






as for what might need to be replaced…

make sure no exposed wires are touching the pcb’s and that none of the connections are loose, like you’ve done already, and try hooking it up to a PC and see if you get the same results, could be a usb port on your console going bad ? (hardly, but rule some bits out ya know?)

gut it, and customize!

plexi / custom artwork
and… your back in business.

the TE’s are great sticks, and depending on how hard you play, and how much you play it could be the end result.
-being that its a round 2 its probably out of warranty, so replacement/repair could be troublesome.
-if you didn’t wanna customize or dual mod it, i’d say you could sell it as is, and get a good price and subtract it from the purchase price of a new stick.


So. Hit up Madcatz to see if they would do anything. Turns out, they will still fix it, even after being out of warranty for like 2 years. If they can’t fix it, they’ll just give me a new one. That’s service.

Now, what to do till it comes back in…