Before it is lost to the depths the internet

Beat this.

Never seen the pic before but, the phrase/joke is hella old.

oh god, your rep…didn’t you have some considerable green before?..too powahful!

Holy crap I thought I did have more than that. I must have pissed someone off. I never heard that joke before. I must be too young. Or haven’t hung around enough street fighter players. Wouldn’t surprise me.

who…WHO…has the power to take your rep to saying your name and back!? they mustn’t fear even god

My friends call me Sonic Boom, 'cause I’m away for two seconds, towards, jab.

…Hmmm, that didn’t work

My friends call me sonic boom because I’m away for two seconds, then go forward with a punch???

My friends call me SF1 because I’m about as old as this joke.


welcome to SRK circa 2001

My friends call me oro’s upper cut cuz I’m straight up fierce? :confused:

my friends call me red fireball cause i’m atcha, then i’m atcha while kneeling, then i’m kneeling, then i’m keeling awayfromya, then i’m awayfromya. then i PUNCHYA

My friends call me cuz I have a phone.

my friends call me oro cause my grab rapes your face

Lucky devil.
I entertain the thought that I have friends.
But you’d think I was under the eye of every security agency in this universe, reality, and beyond in some sort of negative-lighted record keeping screening my calls.

Because I only get phone calls once every four blue moons.
And the longer conversations consist of me listening to some recording in Spanish trying to get me to press buttons to confirm I want further calls or some such nonsense.

I think I can talk forever and a day with the right person in person.
But for some reason 20 seconds on a telephone receiver must seem like you’re in the ninth level of hell or some such.

More on topic of the thread:
I told my friends to call me an ambulance.
They called me an ambulance, and I was left writhing because they took it literally as a nickname request and not as a call for help.

My friends call me Balrog because I just typed with with boxing gloves on.

…but Balrog doesn’t even wear boxing gloves, he/she uses a Claw and mask.

Nigga we in America. Barlog is a black boxer asking if we got paid.

I just heard of this crazy new thing called “fire”

I thought he’d only yell ‘I GOT PAID!’, I don’t think he’d ever ask if the player got paid, but in either case he still belittles you that way.
Then again, by Japanese standards, he’s a stupid black boxer therefore he wastes all the money he got paid on booze and bitches and goes back to being a hobo killer boxer for hire…
No offense BTW :sweat:

I invented this round circle out of stone…I think I will call it a “wheel”