Before modding my stick(s), I need some concerns addressed

i just slowly pulled it off by holding the connector. don’t wank it out or you might disconnect the wires from the connector or even break the pins on the joystick.

Nope, take a flathead screwdriver and slice through the glue between the connector and the terminal. Maybe wiggle it a little but it should slide right off. A neat little thing I did with my connector was write the letters “SA” with a Sharpie on the top side of the connector to signify that it connects to a Sanwa stick and “SE” on the underside for Seimitsu sticks. :slight_smile:

So I finished modding my SE stick too, and it looks awesome. Again, for the 2 minutes that I was able to test it, it worked great. Although there IS a strange feeling in the joystick. It feels like it is scraping against some sort of “hard paper”. That’s what it feels like at least. I checked to see if the shaft was too close to the edge, but it never touched it. Either way, I’ll look into it further as time goes on.

And thanks to everyone who contributed! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Props.