Before Watchmen - Watchmen Prequel (check the banner)’s-talkin’-about-“before-watchmen”/ (this link is getting hammered, and has been 404’d most of the day)

So yeah, they’re doing a prequel to the Watchmen series. Sounds like its mostly just to make a new movie.

Somewhere, Alan Moore is cooking eggs on his forehead

lol god damn it

Dammit, no. No no no.

Good. Fuck a Watchmen.

What great news, I’m so excited.

Okay gonna say it, excited for htis and always wanted ot see more about them before Watchme.

it’s Watchmen

not watch men

lol jk

anywho, the writers involved seem pretty good though…this could end up quite good, but I still dont like the fact they did it in the first place.

And can we replace Big Blue Penis with Giant Pink Vagina, please?

If the writer from before isn’t crazy about it I’m gonna be a be skeptical.

I think Alan Moore hates everything. Not to say he doesn’t have good points about a lot of things he speaks out against; but dude is the embodiment of grumpy old man. I’m probably going to buy most of these, definitely Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, and the Comedian. Probably the rest just cuz I’m a blind consumer and Watchmen was the first comic I ever read, and I want more of it.

Heavens forbid a creator have any say in his work being what he intended.

In this case, a finite, self-contained story.

Hes allowed an opinion for sure but his opinion as far as I’ve heard is the same with everything: he wants all these damn kids off his lawns. Dude was a great comic book writer, doesn’t mean he isn’t a grumpy old man.

yeah, Alan Moore is a hater. And he was fucking livid about the whole movie making process that Watchmen went through. Just wiki that shit and look at how pissy he was from square one.

He has valid reasons for it. Look at the history, DC has fucked him on several occasions. When Jim Lee sold Wildstorm to DC years back, he was fully expecting to get his ass stomped on when Moore found out about it, lol.(His ABC imprint was part of the sale).
But yeah, he’s grumpy as fuck.

Well this is going to suck. The only thing that could possibly be worse than this is if Michael Bay directs the inevitable movie.

at this point im sure they’re just glad to troll the fuck out of the old fire mage

This seems pretty cool actually. Very decent names attached to each project. As long as you view it like you viewed the movie - in that it is its own thing and has absolutely nothing to do with the original book - then I don’t see why you can’t enjoy this on its own merits. And it’s a prequel too, it doesn’t touch the continuity of what already exists.

Oh wait, I just remembered mid-ichlorians. Nevermind, fuck this shit.

Still waiting for an iron fist movie

you know a JL movie would have been a better idea

The Excellent Adventures of Manhattan and Comedian in Vietnam

Best fuck you Alan Moore will receive. The guy is an excellent writer but dear god he’s the biggest dick this side of John Byrne. I could care less what he thinks anymore.