Before Watchmen - Watchmen Prequel

I thought the prequel was inside the original Watchmen comic? Ya know, the stories about the characters along with the extended bits at the end of issues. What the fuck more do you need? You had the origin story of both generations of Watchmen and well yeah that’s it. If you need more use your effing imagination. I’m with Alan Moore on being pissy. If I wrote something that intended to be just a one shot deal then that needs to be respected. Not enough comics today have the balls to do that.

I’m thinking it could deal with them all meeting in the first place, or their solo careers. Or something they all did together as a group. Gonna be weird seeing Ozzy as a hero again o.0

The lovely thoughts of friend of friend, Ty Templeton:

The more I think about this, the more I realize this could work, and these comics could likely be quite good.

The lovely thoughts of Alan Moore on this subject. Hint hint…he is NOT happy with this

Fuck no. Watchmen is one of the most perfectly self-contained comics out there. The only interesting facets of the characters’ pasts (How Rorschach turned out the way he did, how Dr. Manhattan was created, the worst moments of the Minutemen, etc.) were already explored.

These prequels are just going to be “And then they did this, which was referenced in Watchmen…”

been rereading watchmen for the past week or so.
Has put me much further from wanting this from an already do not want position. Seriously, there is already a perfect balance of back story and mystery. I’m going to guarantee I wont like any of the characters as much when they solidify they’re past. It will kill off my (lack of) headcanon on them.
What I *would’ve *liked would be a mini series on the Black Freighter. That’d be sick. And by that I mean like the whole pirate series that they described briefly in the in between book section, not just the Black Freighter.

Is it just me, or is Doc butt fucking the hell out her on the cover?

cover of Dr Manhattan


JMS writing Watchmen. Set expectations to low

lol… any1 watch the annimated movie?
wtf… how does that tie into watchmen, cuz its sad?

or the real time one where its Dr. owls dad talking… ugh…

What a load of bullshit.

Jim Lee:
“These universes are developed and evolved by multiple creative voices, over multiple generations. The influx of new stories is essential to keeping the universes relevant, current, and alive. ‘Watchmen’ is a cornerstone of both DC Comics’ publishing history and its future. As a publisher, we’d be remiss not to expand upon and explore these characters and their stories. We’re committed to being an industry leader, which means making bold creative moves.”

In other words, “Watchmen made us a shitload of money, prequel movie in the works for summer 2014”

This is certainly a “bold” move: it’s an obvious cashgrab and DC doesn’t give a fuck what you, or Alan Moore, has to say about it.

To reiterate, what a load of bullshit.

After I saw the movie, and saw you know who die. I gave up on watchman, I really didnt care for any of the other characters

  1. DC doesn’t know what they’re doing. They rarely do. I actually read a DiDio quote in which he talks about making these characters “relevant” again. I don’t think he knows what that word means.

  2. This is most likely going to be crap. Best case scenario, it ends up being a superfluous curiosity.

  3. Alan Moore talks a lot. I mean that literally. Don’t trust any article you read which purports to have “Alan Moore’s opinion” on anything in just a few sentences. They are culling a very tiny amount of material from an extensive and elaborate discussion of the subject, and it is a mathematical certainty that you’re only getting the handful of sentences that make Moore appear to be a “grumpy old man” when taken out of their original context. If people actually bother to read his interviews and not the “highlights” as chosen by wannabe entertainment journalists, they’d find out that Moore is actually a very insightful, often funny speaker who has relatively little to say about movies and the big publishers unless specifically prompted.

For a similar situation, refer to Grant Morrison, whose interviews usually get boiled down to “has Scottish accent, loves drugs, hates Mark Millar”.

Why is this necessary? Watchmen is fine as is imo; there is enough back story within the main story line for majority of the characters. Do we really need to see the team playing the goody-two shoes? Its the aftermath of that team that is the most interesting. Alan Moore is indeed a grumpy-old dude; most of the interviews I’ve read on him is very pessimistic. I guess that’s how he gets those crazy ideas for comics(?).

I’d be mad too if my work was getting this kind of unnecessary treatment

for as much as I dislike Watchmen, I can respect a good chunk of it and Alan Moore as a writer. I am very eagerly awaiting the time where I have the money to buy Swamp thing and Animal Man since they I’ve heard they are very good.

Alan Moore talks the same way Russians write: like its snowing outside, they only have vodka and nothing else to do but produce a great deal of well put together words.

Alan Moore didn’t work on Animal Man. That was another well-known, often misunderstood British writer.

You may be thinking of Marvelman.

Oh, my mistake. I should re-read the killing joke. Although I think a lot of the power that book has is lost on me because I didn’t grow up reading a lot of Batman.

DC Comics milking the cash cow for what it’s worth. imo, they should leave the Watchmen universe alone and let it be the classic that it is. a lot [if not every nerd on the planet] knows how it all ends, i don’t see the point of messing with something as self-contained as Watchmen and go on to purportedly “expand” on the mythos when the plot and characters are satisfactorily fleshed out. Doc Manhattan should just vaporize their asses for attempting something like this…


…The only thing I could conceive as a plausible prequel is the formation and life of the Minutemen.

watchmen sucks