"Beg For Your Life You Inferior Race" Super Skrull thread 2.0




No official solo trailer

**Gameplay **




**Legend **
:snka: Light attack
:snkb: medium attack
:snkc: heavy attack
:atk: any attack button

Normal Moves
:df: :snkc: anti air stretch arm
:f: :snkc: forward stretch arm
:d::d: :snkc: stomp (useless)
:f: :f: :f: :snkc: Rolling punch Skrull runs at you and does a long arm turn around punch.

**Specials **

hold :snkc: Stone Smite

Basically Skrull charges up and when you release the button he goes screaming across the screen and delivers a massive fiery rock punch that causes a horizontal wall bounce on connection. It looks like it hits overhead but alas, it does not.

cr while holding :snkc: makes it low foot version of stone smite
:qcf: :atk:** Orbital Grudge **

Skrull ignites his arms and spins forward doing some damage. The damage, the duration of the spin, and the amount of forward movement are dependent on the strength of the button pushed.
:snka: Short distance most common to combo into
:snkb: greater distance more damage
:snkc: Most damage and causes juggle state

May be followed up with :qcb: :snkc: Fatal Busta which sends into juggle state.
Mash :atk: Tenderizer

Skrull unleashes a barrage of elastic arm, rock fist punches. The strength of the button determines angle
:snka: hits OTG
:snkb: forward
:snkc: anti air
Not very safe on block. Only recommended on hit confirm.

More info needed

:qcb: :atk: Elastic Slam

Unblockable command grab The angle of the grab depends on the strength of the button, with the anti-air version going nearly an entire screen

:snka: Short distance good combo ender
:snkb: Longer range alittle bit smaller then half screen.
:snkc: Anti air command grab great distance. Whiffs at close distance

Skrull cannot air grab a character in this situation if that character does not press any buttons. However, if that character does throw out an attack Skrull will snag them.

:dp: :atk: Meteor Smash

Skrull launches himself into the air, actually leaving the screen, only to slam back to the ground on top of his enemy. Strength determines where he lands on screen.
:snka: Far left
:snkb: goes half screen
:snkc: goes far right no matter where you are on the screen


:qcf: :atk: :atk: Skrull Torch cost 1 meter

This is probably Skrull?s most versatile hyper. He coils up and then launches himself spinning into the air, his body completely covered in flames. You can guide the direction of this hyper while he?s in the air and works from the ground as well as in the air. Full hit is 30.

:qcb: :atk: :atk: Inferno cost 1 meter
Skrull basically explodes into flames, doing damage in a funky circular radius around his body. Full hit is 50

:dp: :atk: :atk: **Death Penalty ** cost 3 meters

Ultra painful, very flashy, a beat down of epic proportions. Skrull disappears into the air Meteor Striking his opponent. If it hits he goes into a canned special and you?ll get every hit. He winds himself up, pounds the crud out of them with elastic arms, slams them with Ben Grimm?s stone fists, and finally punch them into oblivion with flaming rock haymaker.

:snka: + :snkb: hits far left
:snkb:+ :snkc: hits far right
:snka: + :snkc: hits mid screen
Elastic Slam >OTG Tenderizer fails on- Morrigan,Tron, Arthur,or Viewful Joe

Elastic Slam > :snka: Tenderizer > Skrull Torch
(corner) Elastic Slam > dash > :snka: Tenderizer > Inferno
ABCE > sj > ABCE > Meteor Smash > Death Penalty
ABC > H Orbital Grudge > Inferno (possibly corner only)
elastic slam> jump>airdash, OTG j.:df:+:snkc:(dive elbow), dash, ABCE, sj.ABCE, land, :snka: tenderizer
ABcr.B, B Orbital Grudge into Fatal Buster, cr.A cr.B E /\ ABCE air dash into down C, dash in cr.Acr.BE /\ ABCE Meteor Smash XX Inferno

ABcr.B, B Orbital Grudge into Fatal Buster, wave dash in cr.A cr.B E /\ ABCE air dash into down C, dash in cr.Acr.B E /\ ABCE Meteor Smash XX Inferno


**Assists **
A-Stone Smite
B-Orbital Grudge
Y-Anti Air Tenderizer

Good team mates


Sumoslamman for a very detailed summary of Skrull
Zellort from SRK[/details]

If you see anything wrong or have good info to add please feel free to tell me. I will keep updating this as new information comes out. I will even make a section dealing with good teams with him to pair up with.


Stone Smite
Unsure of command

Hold C.


ty Zellorz


I wonder how many people would end up playing him. His punch move is unsafe, but his command grab looks good, but overall he doesn’t look as good as others. Still would probably see more of him than Felicia, Haggar, and Joe.


Tenderizer’s angle changes with the button. L = the OTG one, M = forward, H = anti-air.

His airdash goes upforward.

Combo’s: Elastic Slam > L Tenderizer > Skrull Torch
(corner) Elastic Slam > dash > L Tenderizer > Inferno
ABCE > sj > ABCE > Meteor Smash > Death Penalty
ABC > H Orbital Grudge > Inferno (possibly corner only)
need to be confirmed:
ABCE > sj > ABCE > dash > L Tenderizer > (dash?) > E > sj > ABCE > (Meteor Smash?)

Tenderizer assist is anti-air version.


updated and ty


I still don’t know what Stone Smite looks like - can someone provide a visual reference?


at 0:24


This thread needs more love! Super Skrull looks dope.


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Oh wow, I have seen that before. No one ever uses it though, so I completely forgot it existed.

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Answering this from the previous thread, right before it got closed:

Short version is probably faster. So if they’re within short grab range, why bother with the longer range one if it takes longer?


It whiffs.


Really? That… seems unlogical


His hand comes from “behind” the screen and grabs at a (relatively large) area on the screen. But only that area.


Ok then if your sure I’ll update


Does anyone know if you can cancel Stone Smite into Skrull Torch or Inferno?


^i dont see why not
i cant wait to get this character in training mode. i think he’s upper midtier, at least.
here’s another combo…

elastic slam, jump–>airdash, OTG j.d+C(?dive elbow), dash, ABCE, sj.ABCE, land, OTG tenderizer

I’m speculating that otg tenderizer can be replaced with something better, and i have just the thing in mind.


I remember seeing this combo updated