Begginer looking for an arcade stick! Some doubts (already read some posts/FAQs)


Hey! As the title says I’m new to this and I would like to get an arcade stick to play (mostly in pc), but I have some doubts.
I live in Spain, and it is really hard to get a decent stick for a decent prices (they are overpriced in EU and hard to find)
So I have done some research and I have found 2 or 3 posibilities:

  • Mad Catz FightStick PRO for 150€ (quite expensive but it’s the only one I have found for xbox360)
  • Mad Catz FightStick PRO (PS3) for 90€
    - Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 (for Xbox One) for 200€

Is any difference between the PRO and the TE? I have read both of them have Sanwa parts.

I would like to know what of them would be the best to play at pc or at LAN tournaments. I want something durable that last for years.

Thank you in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Looks like GameShark stores dont ship to Spain :frowning:
Do you know any good store that ships to Spain? All the stores I have found researching in shortuken don’t ship or are out of stock and won’t replace stock in any near future


Well, since Evo moved their tourney systems to xbox360, you should definitely buy an Xbox stick. (Most of them will be compatible with PC).

The fightstick pro will last you years. Don’t think you can go wrong with that as a beginner stick.

I’d personally recommend the hori real arcade pro vx sa Kai but not sure how the shipping situation is to spain.


It is cheaper (about 125€) but it is PS3
Is it easy to mod too?( to replace parts if needed)

What is the difference between the madcatz and the hori?

Thank you for you answers :slight_smile:


If you buy a Hori with Sanwa parts, itll be pretty much the same. Ive not experienced the new arcade quality Hori parts myself, but they seem to get good reviews here. If youre not a die hard fan of either compqny, id just go with which ever you can get cheapest. Thought qbout custom sticks? Any builders in spain? Maybe import a case and parts from ebay?


Is you want to mod it (assuming dual mod), it’s easier to start with a xbox360 stick and add the ps3 pcb.

Both sticks are easy to mod with new buttons and stick and both use Sanwa parts, and quality is on par.

Go with whichever you prefer and you can’t go wrong.

However if you want to add custom art, I’d get one with a plexi like hori fighting edge or madcatz TE series.


Not gonna lie, you’re kinda at a weird time to buy a stick for LAN/tourney play. Durability wise, yeah they’ll last. But who knows when will a a Xbone controller or a PS4 controller would be needed in the future. Hell don’t even know if EVO2015 might go back to PS3. Also doing a dual mod is not cheap.

Safest bet, maybe a qanba or etokki? kinda expensive though. Right now assuming you don’t want to open this up at all.

Better bet? Just grab the cheapest quality stick you can find (the ps3 one i guess) and learn how to play stick. At LAN/tourney try to borrow a stick

Amazon is probably your best bet. I do find it strange that madcatz doesnt ship to spain when they have stores in the UK, France, and Germany. @MarkMan‌ any help on this?


90 to 150 € isn’t too bad especially as market prices are higher in Europe than the United states (we often get $150 for a stick).
I know Play Asia does international shipping but it will effect your total costs.


Re: Mad Catz FightStick PRO
I have one, it is a great stick. Does everything I want.
I use it on PC and Xbox 360.
Was really cheap and the build quality feels really good.


Thank you for you answers
I got the fightstick Pro from amazon finally and I’m really happy with it :smiley: