Begginers Lobby

Would anyone (that plays UMVC3) be interested in creating a beginners lobby for (funnily enough) beginners to duke it out and gain some experience, including me.

I also play on Xbox, but this however could be a thread for Xbox and PS3 alike.

For anyone wanting to know, my GT is: TimeMuffinPhD

Go to the SRK lobbies, it’s for both PSN and XBL. We accept anybody regardless of skill level, trust me it’s allot better than playing randoms. 50% of them are jerks, 40% of them don’t know what their doing 10% of them are actually good.

How do I get in the SRK lobbies?

This is why the thread needs to be stickied…just go into the thread (Here on the forum) and leave your XBL, then check and post periodically to see if somebody will make a lobby they’ll invite you.

Alright, thanks a lot man.