Begging SEGA for a VF5:FS STEAM port (...Petition)


With SEGA bringing games like Binary Domain, JSR, Sonic Generations, etc… To PC, I thought it might not be far fetched for them to bring one of their biggest digital releases this year.

I’m fully aware of the size of the fighting community on PC, however, I think there might be a good opportunity for them considering there aren’t really any notable 3D fighting games on STEAM, no competition.

In anycase, I believe there is a decent chance SEGA will bring this game to PC, even if they outsource it to another team to port it (which they will probably do)

If you have the time, please spread the petition link and sign it!


Sounds good, I’ll sign it!


Thanks for signing, but to share and spread the petition is important as well!


Not trying to discourage you guys but considering sega track record with VF series. Asking them to put it on steam seems like a long shot. Infact it seems silly to ask more, can’t we be satisfy with what already given.


The petition is now on SEGAbits and has been posted on N4G, it passed the 50 sig mark, which is something… For now!


Anybody here posts at NeoGAF? It seems that forum is always monitored by industry people, including SEGA community managers and developers, not to mention its a pretty popular board.

It seems like the best place to post this petition, if anyone has an account, then I hope you post it there (even if it was in their VF5:FS official thread)


Didn’t the first two VIrtua Fighter games at least get ports?


I know the second one got a port. I used to have it.


after the travesties that are the PC ports of VF Remix and VF2, I say no.

and even if FS were to get a PC port, it would be through GFWL, not that Steam shit.


how about we beg for shenmue 3?


Have you even looked at SEGA’s PC games?


You’re about 8 years late to the party with the Steam hate. People dropped that crap before Source came out.

Also, gl with the petition.


have i looked at them? nigga, I FUCKING OWN THEM.

i have original PC games from them, and I have the shitty ports of the arcade games too.


Look at all the recent SEGA games right now… now tell me, are they STEAMWORKS or GFWL?


None of Sega’s recent PC releases have GFWL. Some of Sega’s PC titles like Total War have Steam exclusive stuff.


whether a pc port would be through steam or on GFWL is not the point.

the point is sega won’t be too interested, at this point, to port a game over to a platform with a demographic that don’t normally play fighting games, even though they had no intentions of releasing FS overseas.


Huh? That’s not your original point.
Don’t change the goal posts.


my original point does not matter any more, as we have a bigger problem on our hands. GFWL, Steam, Origins, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Sega, has absolutely no obligation to port VF5:FS to Steam, just because they’ve ported the Dremcast classics (and JGR) to the service. And they won’t be anymore inclined to develop a port because a small amount of people create a petition.

You guys have to consider that you’re asking too much from Sega. They had no intentions of bringing Final Showdown to the States in the first place, because they know it’s niche status here (as of late 2000’s). It was all the whining, shit throwing, and petitioning that got Sega to release it outside of Japan. But doing the same thing over again won’t get you the results from last time.

I know all of you want to see this on the PC so you can create nude mods for Taka-Arashi. But realize something: Sega is bogged down with too much shit right now. Maybe the PC port will come out sometime in the near future.


Just stop. You obviously know jack shit about Sega’s PC releases. Most every major Sega release had a PC port. The only exceptions appear to be Yakuza, Condemned II and the Platinum developed games. Check the games that Sega have down the pipeline. Most of them are slated for PC as well as consoles. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for VF5: FS to have a PC port as well.


You aren’t bringing up anything new, we all know the niche status of VF in the west, but I think there is a good opportunity for the game to capture new fans if it was released on a ripe market like STEAM with no competition (I don’t recall any noteable 3D fighters on Steam).

Besides, SEGA already brought a lot of niche console ports over to Steam, so why the hell not?