Beginer combo

There is no thread for combo for sentinel, except one that rely heavely on fly/unfly.
What are good beginer combo that doesn’t use fly/unfly?

I know I can do only 3 combos…

  • (instant overhead) j.LK j.HK fireball LP
  • HK / LP, LP, fireball LP
  • (HP, fireball HP, super)* whatever number of supers.

Can someone give me a few more just to help me develop a little bit more my sentinel. If you read carefully my list of combo you can notice that my sentinel NEVER hit crunching character. That’s because I don’t know how to combo them… well I do actually but I was not able to make the (c.LK, LP fireball LP, super) after so many tries.

Try c.roundhouse (cancel after 2 hits) into lp rocket punch, hsf. =)

after sj.lp lp rocket punch u can get a sj.rh in… and if ur right next to the corner then u can do a sj.hp sj.rh… depending on how high/low u are u can jump right after and OTG with etc

Holy cow… thanks a lot… I am going to try that tomorrow

There’s also s.jab, s.jab, lp rocket punch, hsf.