Beginner - Advanced: Cody Combo thread remix

Also you can check out my other thread here for all of Cody’s setups of of every knockdown

Disclamer [Unecessary to read, just why i made this]
Also if you are new to cody please read all the stickys including the old combo thread. I am assuming a minimum level of familiarity with whats in my post until it is properly formatted


Hey whats up,

After playing seikano i really realized how important knowing all the combos in the right situation is so iv been working on my plinks till i could hit the holy grail combo of f+mp, Cl mp, Cr FP xx reliably and i realized some stuff. I also conveniently put everything i know in word documents so its not too much trouble to share it and i hope it helps some people learning cody like me that havent been on the SF bandwagon since i was sucking on my mothers teet. lookin at you oldschoolers

Pretty much this is i think great for anyone that wants to pick up cody from a SSF4 beginner to someone that is a solid execution tight player that want to pick up cody and has never played him

Once again i will be updating it for formatting over time and keeping the post up to data and since the old combo thread is old i figured this condensed on would help.

Note: If you havent read all the stickies including the old combo thread go do it. Im assuming you know frame data, plinking, and the values of different special after certain level spacing and combo spacing

this is a condensed version of all the cody combos i feel are actually useful in real play and actually get performed on a somewhat regular basis by higher level player in games.

There is a progression for those of you from beginner to i-can-plink-like-a-boss level with skill tiers that are easy to get right into practicing. For example beginners usually are 3 frame links, intermediate uses 2 frame and fadcs, and advanced is 1 frame links and fadcs. There is also an ultra advanced section but those are a bit more intense than necessary for non pro play imo.

Damage and stun is in there as well so you can see the benefit of moving from beginner to advanced combos

In some frame trapping situations you may need to modify some stuff based on spacing/if you got a CH cl lp vs a cr lp but i assume we all have common sense.

For practice: I suggest figuring what combos you can hit 90% of the time in games. When you find you tier you can do 90% use those online and practice the tier above offline.

Ex. I personally can do the intermediate combos online and i expect to land them, However i can combo the advanced offline fairly consistently but online i drop them alot more. So i use intermediates online so i dont lose games from a lot of dropped combos but I practice the advanced ones offline so i can can start to incorporate the ones i get better at.

Also practice makes perfect, i started a couple days ago spending 30 minutes or so a day in training mode doing only the advanced combos and its amazing how quickly the timing is becoming familiar. iv gone from 10%-20% to 60-70% in just 3 days or so on the advanced combos vs a training dummy. You gotta put in the time

Combo Guide [Rough version]
[Practice combos for at least 15-30 minutes a day and you will be hitting Nj FP, f+mp, cl MP, cr FP xx RH Ruffian, FADC, Crack kick, EX CU in a couple weeks honestly. Minues the fadc i hit that combo in games now where 2 weeks ago i couldnt do cl mp, cr fp. Practice matters]



Top rule: Start using only your index and middle fingers for pressing buttons, it feel harder but it is more accurate in the long run. Look at the pros playing for example


Count your stun based on combos, some combinations can 2 touch stun most of the chars [ex a jump in fierce combo + f+mp cl mp cr fp xx HP CU for a reversal bait]
Things to know: know what combos are 3 frame 2 frame and 1 frame
Know what plinking is

Technically I believe it is better to plink 1 frames and double tap 2 frames but I plink both of them so I can practice plinking A LOT so it is easier to do when I really need it

Really 2 framers don’t even require plinking or double tapping imo if you are used to it but I still plink 2 framers for consistency in my muscle memory.

Also remember mk ruffian will combo of off anything at any spacing
** HP CU moves you forward the most and is the best for combos to not wiff the initial uppercut but is HORRIBLE on block (lp CU is -5 with is still much better in block strings)**

Combo rule: Always maximize damage in any situation
After all Focus crumples, dizzys [3 hits or less], reversal wiff punishes, and nj fp attempts
Combo: f+mp, cl mp, cr FP xx HP CU if possible

Beginner [Just starting with cody/SF4]
[When mixed with jump ins these combos have 4 touch stun potential]
NJ FP, cr lp, cr lp, cr lk xx HP CU[266/457]
J HK, cr lp, cr lp, cr lk xx HP CU [236/457]
J MK, cr lp, cr lp, cr lk xx HP CU [216/357]
Cr lp, cr lp, cr lk xx CU [168/294]
[can begin with standing jabs, must cut it short b/c of spacing]
F+ MP, cr lp, cr lk xx CU [208/334]
Cl mp, cr lp XX CU [218/326]
Cl FP, cr lp, cr lk xx HP CU [248/444]
Crack kick, F+ MP Reset [170 + 300]
Punish Combo: Cr FP xx HP CU [260/420]

Intermediate [have played cody a bit/I am not new to the game]
[These combos when mixed with jumpins have 3 touch stun potential on average]
NJ FP, Cl FP, Cr mp xx HP CU [380/634]
J HK, cl mp, cr mp xx HP CU [313/513]
J MK, cl mp, cr mp xx HP CU [300/434]
Cr lp, cr lp, cr mp xx MK ruffian kick/ CU [179/250] [200/334]
[The CU uppercut may wiff but the tornado will hit]
F+ MP, cr lp, cr mp xx MK Ruffian [224/280] [can wiff at certain spacings]
F+ MP, cr lk xx CU [208/326] [Harder to confirm than the beginner version
but very easy when used to it, never wiffs]
Cl FP, cr mp xx CU/ MK Ruffian [288/476]
Crack kick, EX Criminal upper [290/430]
Punish Combo: Cl FP, cr mp xx CU/ MK Ruffian [288/476]
Cr FP HK Ruffian FADC Crack kick EX CU [372/586]

**Advanced [am used to cody’s link timings] **
[These combos when mixed with jumpins have 2 touch stun potiential on average]
NJ FP, F+ MP, cl MP, Cr FP xx FP CU [402/652]
J HK, F+ MP, cl MP, Cr FP xx FP CU [372/652]
J MK, Cl MP, Cr FP xx HP CU [332/514]
Cr lp, cl mp, cr FP xx CU] [282/464]
F+ MP, cl MP, Cr FP xx CU [322/514]
Cl MP, Cr FP xx HP CU [298/476]
Crack kick, MK Ruffian kick [240/300]
Punish Combo: F+ MP, cl MP, Cr FP xx CU [322/514]
: Cl FP, Cr mp xx HK Ruffian FADC Crack kick EX CU [389/628]

Ultra Advanced FADC [For playing offline or M****omomchi/sakaski lol]
Cr lk xx lp CU, FADC, cr lp, cl mp, cr fp xx HP CU [305/ 460]
Hit conform off a low short
F+ MP, cl MP, Cr FP xx HK Ruffian FADC Crack kick EX CU [406/640]

**Buffer Option select wiff punishes [**List chars for the best option select on under each category ex, vs makoto use the cr lp buffer]
List all the uses for each buffer
cr lk Buffer OS LP CU
Fantastic for footsies, stuffs people walking forward/standing, great wiff punisher, and can be abused vs people that cant punish it on block like dee jay, etc. its still -5 on block so remember that

cr lk Buffer OS MK Ruffian
Fantastic for positioning but must less safe on block than lp CU OS

Cr lp Buffer OS mk Ruffian [150/150]
[I suggest using your index for both the lp and mk ruffian]
throw out of range of opponent to counter hit their pokes/stuff dashes
Cr lp Buffer OS HP CU [180/270]
[vs people that CU gives an auto safe jump, see setup thread]
throw out of range of opponent to counter hit their pokes/stuff dashes
Cr mp Buffer OS mk Ruffian [190/200]
lk Ruffian [180/250]
throw out of range of opponent to counter hit their pokes/stuff dashes

Cr FP Buffer OS HP CU/MK Ruffian /LK Ruffian [230/300]
throw out of range of opponent to counter hit their pokes/stuff dashes

Corner Combos
When near corner always try to combo into ex ruffian vs the people you can use the corner setup

st. HP > cr. MP xx HK Ruffian Kick > Ex Criminal Upper/U2 Dust Juggle
352 Damage/520 Stun - Costs 1 Bar/No Meter

X = Combo doesn’t work, J = Cannot be juggled.
Akuma - X
Blanka - X
Cammy - J
Dudley - J
E. Honda - X
Makoto - J
M. Bison - J
Oni - X
Vega - X
Zangief - X

Anti air only
HK Ruffian, EX Ruffian [works but it is spacing/char dependent]
HK Ruffian, MK Ruffian [230/200]
Harder to space than above but no meter , easy near corner
Anti air crack kick, crack kick, Ex CU [if you hit high enough]

FADC Juggle Combos
EX Zonk FADC MK ruffian [220/250]
EX Zonk FADC crack kick EX CU [296/494]
HK Ruffian, FADC, crack kick, EX CU [306/444]
HK Ruffian, FADC, MK Ruffian

Ultra 1 Combos Hit confirms
Cr lp cr lp cr mp HK ruffian FADC U1 [ Standing only
Cr FP HK Ruffian FADC U1
AA HK Ruffian. FADC, U1
Ex zonk FADC U1

Ultra 2 hit confirms
Cl MP, U2 [Very easy on counterhit]
j.rh, ultra 2 [499 / 200]

Ultra 2 Dust Combos
Ex Zonk, U2 dust
Ex Zonk, FADC, Crack kick, U2 Dust
HK Ruffian kick, FADC, Crack kick, U2 Dust

Useful combos into super
Cr FP xx HK Ruffian xx HK Super [480/]
MK Super can be used to punish blocked moves in the same manner as U2
It is 1 frame slower than U2, but will catch anything a mk ruffian will
Super = 8 frames, mk ruffian = 11 frames

Post stun punishes [Ideal combos]
nj.fp, c.fp xx fierce criminal upper [4 attacks pre stun or more]
Nj FP, f+MP, cl MP, c FP xx CU [3 attacks pre stun or less]

Focus Combos
Focus cruple + Backdash: Crack kick, mk ruffian
Lvl 2: , f+MP, cl MP, c FP xx CU
Lvl 3: [402/632] Ex Rocks, Cr FP, Fierce CU [buffer the instant you start dashing]

Knife Combos [Down + triple punch to pick it up][222 / 307] (0) c.lp c.lp s.lp, xx fierce criminal
[302/457] j . FP s. lp s.lp, xx fierce criminal
[368 / 594] (0) j.fp, c.fp, xx fierce criminal
[318/ 494]Cross up mk, c.FP, c. lk, Fierce criminal
Spam crouch jab to blockstring your way to saftey

Counter hit combos [Possible only on counterhit]

CH Cr MP, Cr FP xx CU [303/501] [Pretty difficult]
Cr MP xx MK Ruffian [239/305] [easier]

CH Cl FP, cr FP xx CU [353/626]
Ex Rocks, Cr FP xx CU [near point blank Cl FP] [437/764]
Ultra 2 534 dmg (250 stun if you care)

CH C FP, Ex Rocks, Ultra 2 [604/450]
Ex Rocks, Mk Ruffian kick
Ex rocks, crack kick, ex CU
Ex Rocks, C FP xx CU [Corner combo] [437/764]
Ultra 2 [534/250]

CH F+MP, cr FP xx CU [303/501]
Ultra 2 [484/125]

Uptates: 11/1/2012: New update but unformated combos, updated but unformatted frame traps
11/3/2012: added a working option select section. I need to learn matchups better before i can complete it so it will be a work in progress for a while

Frame trap Guide

**Frame traps **
Remember to kara back throw w HK for throws later in trap strings

Cody’s different forward dashes
EX FADC goes farther than his normal dash
kara FADC [6, plink MK w/ MP, 6] you can go even farther.
With the kara fadc you can dash in from mid-screen
TLDR: When doing dash ins to grab/frame traps, use the kara FADC, it goes the farthest

Frame traps after safe jumps/Cross ups
*use j lp when people start blocking your safejumps to give then an odd timing to deal with
J lp, pause, cl fp
J lp, pause, cl mp
J mk, cl mp, cr fp
J rh, cl mp, cr fp
J rh/FP, f+mp, cr lp, cr lp, cr lk xx lp CU

Frame traps after c lp
Cr lp, cr lp [2 frame]
Cr lp, cr mp [3 frame]
Cr lp, cl mp, cr fp [4 frame, 3 frame]
Cr lp, cl mp, f+ mp [4 frame, 4 frame]
Cr lp, cr lp, cr lp, f + mp [when well spaced its not to bad if not abused]
Cr lp, cl fp [6 frame trap]

Frame traps after cl mp
Cl mp, cr mp [2 frame]
Cl mp, cr fp [3 frame]
Cl mp, f + mp, cr lp, cr mp [4 frame, 3 frame, 3 frame]

Frame traps after F + MP
Cr lp, cr lp, cr lk [3 frame, 2 frame, 1 frame]
Cr lk [2 frame]
Far st lp [2 frame]
Cl mp [5 frame trap]
F+ mp [7 frame trap, be spaced far for the 2nd rep so you don’t get poked]

Frame traps after F + RH
Cr lp, cr mp [3 frame, 3 frame]
Cr lk [2 frame]
Far st lp [2 frame]

Frame traps after Cl FP
Cl FP, cr lp, cr mp [3 frame, 3 frame]

Frame traps after cr fp
Cr fp xx EX rocks, crack kick
Cr fp xx EX rocks, f+mp
Cr fp xx EX rocks, Overhead

Frame traps after FA lvl 2 Forward dash [you are +4]
Cl fp [4 frame]
Cl mp [3 frame]
Cr lp [0 frame]

Frame traps after FADCs
FADC CU: cr lp
Cl HP Sasaki does this a bunch vs delay crouch techs
FADC Zonk: cr lp

Frame traps after Dash forward
Dash forward, Throw or [cr lp/cl mp,Cl fp]

Reversal baiter/Habit reader
Cr lp, cr lp, walk back, stomach blow [blocks reversals + wiff punishes stand tech]
Allows you to see what your opponent is doing
Cr lp, cr lp, pause, cr lp

Frame trapping tips
approach frame trapping like this:

  1. Try to find out how, when, and where your opponent crouch techs.
  2. When you feel confident in knowing when your opponent’s hitting buttons, use your stand MP, HP, cr. mp, or cr. hp just before they hit their buttons.
  3. Not everyone will fall for the super tight frame traps, don’t get discouraged if/when they don’t work the first few times.
  4. An aggressive throw game increases the potency of your frame trap. If your opponent keeps thinking, “oh god, he’s going to throw here” and you go for a frame-trap/counter hit setup, not only have you landed your frame trap, but you’ve also defeated them mentally.

The throw/frame trap mixup

Although this isn’t a character specific mixup, Cody’s high priority, superior normals give him an advantage in this element of the game. The most useful normals for this are f.MP and cl.MP. Reason being is they both give frame advantage, they both have a 3 active frames, upon counter hit you can link both into Last Dread Dust, they leave the opponent at Cody’s deceptive kara throw range (Plink s.HK with s.LP~s.LK) and the counter hit allows you to hit confirm into big damage combos.

The most effective way to set up throws is in between a frame trap for example, cl.MP --> (input throw here) c.HP. This is an effective tactic because the opponent will attempt to crouch tech when you use the same frame trap and if they start to crouch tech complete the frame trap and punish them for it. This will also condition the opponent to stop crouch teching, allowing you to go for throws again.

An important variable to remember when mixing throws and frame traps is to mix up your frame traps. If you use the same frame trap over and over you’re opponent will start finding gaps and punish you for it. You don’t even want to give you’re opponent that opportunity, so mixing frame traps will make them think about ways to punish each one. Eventually, they will be forced to take risks in order to punish them.

Although Cody’s gameplay is revolved around his frame traps, there are times when frame traps shouldn’t be used. These ‘times’ depend on matchups, how much meter the opponent has and other variables. I will go in depth in each of the matchups in the matchup specific post.

To deal with stand techers you need to use frame traps that have a 2 or less frame gap to discourage them from mashing stand throw. Another way to deal with it is to punish the whiff animation by walking outside their throw range (similar to Balrog). I always punish with c.HP-> xx to teach them not to mash stand throw lol.

The absolute best frame trap for this, and I think it’s one of Cody’s dirtiest mixups, is f.MP-> throw.

Mix f.MP-> throw with f.MP-> c.LK (it’s a 2 frame gap), good players will start to delay tech when they realise what’s happening and that’s when you ca use f.MP-> c.HP for some dirty damage.

f.MP is also good for baiting the stand throw since it’s +1 and allows you to walk backwards before the opponent can move. Good throw bait. I use it a lot and it should be used quite a bit since it’s so darn good lol. Also, you can delay your c.LK after f.MP to beat delay crouch techs and reversals, this is also safe from stand techs unless they happen to throw you out of your c.LK.

This is a good video explaing both sides of the trapping/teching game by air

4 frame traps are fine vs anyone without a 3 frame short or 3 frame jab
Jabs can be thrown since they don’t tech but shorts are a real problem as they can tech and hit you out

After a jumping mk, cl mp is the best followup always usuall
Remember walking jab strings for frame traps
as well as jab 2x, walk forward a frame, jab again when doing crouching jabs
Also remember you can stagger walking jabs cammy style or do
f+mp standing jab f+mp standing jab repeat

For counter hit ultra 2’s you HAVE to buffer the input
AKA. If you have ultra 2 and are counter hit fishing with moves you think will hit, buffer that shit every attempt. Its gonna take practice

3 or 2 FRAME TRAPS ARE THE MOST IMPRTANT. 4 frames are situational

You can use f+mp or f+HK to get back in after a string that pushes you out of range

Remember to speed up/slow down the trap use a faster/slower attack


Cody Option Select Guide [Huge shout out to packz for his channel]
In the works [my rough format dont expect much yet]


Cody Option Selects [learn all OS and setups from there]

**Option selects of safe jumps **
OS MK Ruffian [Beats all backdashes]
OS EX zonk [Beats/trades with reversals, beats some peoples backdashes

OS Lk/Ex ruffian [Beats some backdashes/teleports, ex beats more]

OS EX Criminal upper [Good vs viper, seth, and abel]

OS Cr mk [murders bison]

OS Crack kick [good vs people with ass backdashes and some other stuff I don’t know yet]

Ground option selects
Cl lk, os MK/EX ruffian, tick throw/cr lp string or combo

cr lp, cr lp+ fr hp option selects find it from packz

Option Select Crouch techs [List chars they are good vs]
** Also assumes you can delay crouch tech**
Cr FP option select
Vs rufus

Cr mk option select
Vs dan

Cr mp option select
Vs twins and rufus

Hey Chil. Decided to help out. I wrote up a thing on a corner combo on another forum:
I’m too lazy to copy and paste it. There’s a bunch of Cody info there (mostly common knowledge, but maybe you could use some of it. Other than the corner combo of course).

305 dmg, 460 stun

To counter hit combos/ultras, add CH st. HP > Ultra 2. 534 dmg (250 stun if you care).

F+MP > cr. LP > cr. LK xx CU does 208/344. Same damage, more time to hit confirm and a fraction more stun. Worth having there for a beginner who probably can’t react to just F+MP.

Good job so far.

If you could make the font bigger and not in italic that would be great. I sit a bit far away for my computer screen and it strains my neck and eyes having to lean forward a distance and squint to see. Sorry for being troublesome but if you could that would be great.

no problem, im planning on completely reformatting it, im just sucked into learning evil ryu now so iv been sidetracked :confused:

Probably a better idea to use my more updated channel bro.

Hey do you still play sf by any chance? I remember you saying to quit some time ago. I’m just dying for some more cody tech.

I read in a tweet recently that he’s starting to play again.

Wth happened to the master setup list thread?<br>

<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Its over here</span></font><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>Cody Quick Reference Doc [Old master setup thread] face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>I missed it for a bit and was like wtf?</span></font></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”><br></span></font></div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>I just heavily updated it on my HDD so im just gonna format it and redo the post. got some new setups and removed some ones i question</span></font></div>