Beginner - Challenge Mode Tutorials with Commentary (Not just a Play though)

Hi there

I am new to Street Fighter. Yes, I know I’m a “noob” or w/e and there are a lot of experts here… please remember we all had to start somewhere. Well when i say knew I mean new 4+. I haven’t played in like 10 years or something, but thought it might be fun to try a “new” (well new to me) game type for a change.


I find it very hard to do even the simplest combo. I am confused as to what the hell I am doing wrong… It seams like everything is late, even the combo as simple as “crouch soft punch stand hard punch” was hard for me to do at first. I have only just got my copy of SSF4:AE today and a HORI Arcade Stick and was wondering if there are any good “tutorials” that are on the web that go though the challenge modes… with commentary… not just seeing some expert do the move.

So yea, I was wondering if there is a noob friendly tutorial that talks about timing and stick control and uses the challenge mode or training mode to teach these principals.

I understand I need more practice but it seamed that a in depth play technique video might exist so thought it would be good to try and find it while I am starting my training so I learn “correct” techniques instead of failing to do a move for days and finding out I am attempting it wrong and it will never work the way i am trying to do it

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to SRK. The first place I’m going to point you to is the Saikyo Boards, which is actually where I am moving your post.

There are actually a lot of videos with people discussing and describing combos. Some more informative than others. The best you can do right now is choose a character, dive in and search the character specific boards under the IV main board.

Edit: also for challenge modes, search the character specific boards for a challenge related thread. Most of them have at least one thread where the trickier challenge combos are discussed (granted…it will likely be old and you’ll have to dig a little).

Good luck!

Try the stickies in the newbie dojo. They explain the general basics of execution and arcade sticks, respectively. The execution thread ought to help you figure out what you are doing wrong with the trials.

As for more help in the trial modes, you can find advice on those in many of the character specific sections in the SF4 forums.

Yeah, read the execution guide, it takes understanding of how proper moves are executed, whether they are combos, and if they are combos if they are links or not, able to be cancelled things, etc

Especially that c.LP s.HP you just mentioned, most little things like those are character specific links that require things like plinking to make them easy and consistent.

Once you understand techniques for pulling moves off, you should simply use videos like VesperArcade’s set of trial videos just fine without commentary.

Speaking of VesperArcade trial videos, you should probably also watch the whole tutorial series he did. It goes through how simple combos work, all the way to advanced game mechanics.

Thanks guy, I think I might like it here. I’m going to have a good session this weekend as my wife and kids are going to be away, so I’ll get to chill out and play games all day :slight_smile: heh. I normally play competitive RTS (DoW2 and Sc2) but started watching some great show called “Friday night fights” with this guy called Aries commentating and after a while thought cool, I’ll try this for a change, and got MK9 and SSF4:AE.

I’ll check those links u posted for me… cheers


This tutorial series is really fantastic, a LOT of infomation though… Kinda sad he is not still posting, last vid was 3 months ago :frowning: and dose not cover the newest toons.

This part is exactly what I was talking about, a video tutorial that discusses timing and how the combo is done rather than just showing it. Though his combo vids that use a camera on the controler seams a good way to see timing as well, though if there is a commentary on the challenge mode like the bit in the vid I just linked that is what I was orignially looking for. As even his trail vids after a while the commands are so fast.

Ooh, whats your background in SC2? I’ve always been interested in it but I’m godawful at it so I play it just for lols when I wanna stream something for friends in Vent.

I’ll also recommend the Vesper tutorial. I sprung the $50 for the DVD set and it’s awesome (and it’s all online as well).