Beginner dealing with throws



Started USF4 about a month ago. Played ~ 600 matches in ranked won ~ 130 mostly against profoundly terrible people.

Played Ryu for ~ 400, switched to Balrog and am having much more fun.

Against equally skilled ( I.e other people I can tell are pretty bad) one of the ways I lose is getting thrown a fair bit. Against shotos I have a bad habit of keeping TAP charged which contributes to this, so I know I need to stop that. (Pinky on 3*k button so lk+lp doesn’t register.)

Certain situations I’ve come to recognize (blocked tatsu for instance), and I have some success teching then.

Against fast chars though, especially Cammy and Ibuki and Guy I pretty much lose to throw. I also feel like I’m not using them offensively enough.

Any tips?

I did search newbie dojo first, not much written.


You need to get used to when they will throw then either backdash or try to throw yourself. You can diminish the risk to yourself by aiming at the end of the tech window and doing what is known as a crouch tech (holding down when you press throw). Characters with really bad cr. short like viper, gouken, and a few others are typically better with standing when they do throw and i’d get used to stand teching before I get used to throwing.

To help you go into training mode and have a dummy do setups on you like sweep to knock you down then walk up grab. Try to tech it. Then have them sweep you and walk up crouching jab then grab. Grabs will always be a thing that will hit you sometimes, but at a high level a lot of people get grabbed because they don’t want to get their tech baited. It is very possible to tech the vast majority of predictable grabs if you just get used to the timing.


trying tobe the one to throw actually helps. You will land more throws and tech more throw attempts. When I watch F3 alucarD dust off his Balrog he throws a lot


Yeah I see it also, and I definitely need to use it more. Not really sure how to go about it. I get some in occasionally. Haven’t really found much to read about tick throwing : /


Ok, I’m not sure I’m about to give you the best advice. I’d wait for other posters opinions and then try it out or weight the arguments, etc. So after this disclaimer, here are my tips:

  1. At the very basic level, people will throw you after a crossup, 1 light or 2 lights and that’s pretty much it. If you block standing and keep mashing throws you’ll tech these or, better yet, throw them out of their attempt because they were too slow.

This is a habit than can get you in a lot of trouble, so use it “consciously” (not sure that’s a word). Punishing it though requires the other player to do unorthodox strings or change up their attack pattern (walk back, punish the whiff, etc.) which lower level players don’t do.

  1. Kinda the same, but hold up when blocking. You’ll neutral jump and avoid the throw. In my experience this is a habit some players come up with by themselves, specially Gouken players. His crouch tech normals are slow, so I imagine that after getting counterhit a bunch of times they develop this (and it helps that his neutral jump hp is godlike).

  2. Simply hold back (stand block instead of crouch blocking). Balrog has a ridiculous hurtbox that pushes opponents away and decent walkspeed. If you simply do this you can outrange a lot of throw attemps (depends on when they go for it obviously, after 1 light, immediately after a jump in, etc.)

  3. Mash jab. Balrog’s jab is so good that a lot of times you’ll tag people out of their throw attempt, specially due to his hurtbox mentioned above (you catch people juust as they’re getting into throw range).

The better way of doing it though, which is pretty much failproof below intermediate level, is doing a delayed crouch tech (you press throw while crouching and the latest moment possible). There’s no secret to this other than playing the game. With time you’ll start to recognize common throw scenarios (like you did with the tatsu) and tech in a rhythmn.


If someone likes to throw one of the best pieces of advice is to not panic, I’ve been caught in a throw mindgame a couple times and my brain is going crazy thinking “Get out, just escape, get out of this” and I end up doing something ballsy that costs me a big chunk of life. Keep your cool and don’t focus too heavily on getting on the front foot. Learning how to crouch tech is super important, and knowing when/when not to crouch tech is equally as crucial because you’ll be opened up to crouch tech counters(Shimmies, frame traps, yolo DPs/reversals) Sephiroth already stated it but some characters have bad cr.lks and have pretty shitty crouch techs but there’s an easy solution to that and it’s just to plink into the crouch tech with a cr.lp first. So if you are playing someone with a bad like Cody for instance just plink cr.lp~cr.lp/ and you’ll get cr.lp instead of on top of performing a crouch tech.

Oh and most online players will have a tell of when they will throw, kinda like a flowchart. For instance most shoto players love to either do 1 crouch light normal into throw, or 2 crouch light normals into throw and they will rarely mix that up at the lower levels.