Beginner Fightstick Help Please

Hey, I’ve had Street Fighter for about a year and I think I’m in love… :smiley: The multiplayer modes, playing people all over the world, is a blast. Anyways, I’m either gonna get the SS1V Standard Edition Fightstick and Mod it with Sanwa buttons and a new joystick or the Tournament Edition Fight Stick for more money and not mod it. I assume nobody mods the TE , correct? Is the Standard Edition modded with quality parts the equivalent of the Tournament Edition left alone or is it that worth it to get the Tournament Edition… If you help me you won’t die one thousand deaths, I promise. Thanks…

IMO the TE stick is amazing. I love absolutely everything about it, and I know I’ll be sticking with it for a looooong time. If you CAN get one, I say go for it, as I personally hate modding sticks (I’m terrible at modding anything), and I really think the TE sticks are worth the price tag.

Just my $0.02

I would go with the TE. Comfortable and comes with all sanwa. Also if you ever want to modify/replace any parts, the top panel comes off without voiding the warranty.

The best price I could find for the round 1 TE is on with the 10% code SRKDOTCOM.

So…Tournament Edition unmodded is better then the Standard Edition modded and the $135 is worth it?

I dunno about better, but I just prefer to buy the TE stick as is. Since everything’s already Sanwa, I don’t need to modify it, and thus I don’t void any warranty. And IMO I just like the feel of the TE stick in general. It’s really well made, and it feels really smooth when you use it. The extra $$$ is nothing to sneeze at, but IMO it’s worth it.

However I’m sure if you got the standard edition and modded it with Sanwa parts it would be a really good stick too.

Try reading the stickies in either the newbie dojo or tech talk if you have newbie gear related questions. This isn’t really a SF4 question.

Ok, sorry Starcade. I’ll read the stickies when I have some time… I’m a single click away from paying for the tournament edition and I’m kind of reluctant to click for some reason… o_O I don’t know why… I think it’s just 'cause I haven’t made many exuberant v-game purchases before and money’s kind’a tight… But then again, it’s something I enjoy doing so it’s worth it, right? Bleh, I think about things too much… :blah: Any final thoughts to convince me it’s worth it? :razzy: (Huge thanks to Melter and Poochy for the help I’ve gotten so far.)

To further break down the differences in sticks. What surface would you play on for most of the time?

A. Computer Desk
B.Table/Desk at lap height
C. Lap

If you picked A, you might want to look into getting a SFxT stick. It uses the same Sanwa parts found in a TE, sure, but the inclined front is ergonomic for your arms when the stick is placed on a raised surface.

If you picked B, Either stick is fine because it retains the same or similar height that is found when playing on a Japanese cabinet. Meaning that your arms are positioned perfectly to the height of the stick/buttons.

Finally, if you picked C, I would recommend the TE. Not because the TE is advantageous here in terms of where you want your arms to be (the SFxT can serve that same purpose here as well). Rather, the TE has more room to place your hands on the stick. In fact, much more so vertically than the SFxT stick. It probably doesn’t mean much to some people, but if you play on lap most of the time, it can be an added benefit.


so lazy

I just finished reading it, sir. :coffee:
Oh, and thanks for the help CSword. I’m a lap player so the TE would be the perfect choice. Can’t wait to start playing. I think I’m gonna’ choose Fei Long, Guy, and Akuma as the guys I focus on first… .:nunchuck::china: (B.t.w., I’m getting a server error when I go here-

If you are getting it for Xbox 360 the TE is better for long term use. If you ever decide to go to tournaments you might want to dual mod your TE for both system.
You have two solder less dual modding options in the TE kitty and the TEasy strike mod, but this is for the Xbox 360 version stick only.

Ok, I’ll do that next time a Tournament comes up, thanks. :china: