Beginner fightstick question And tips plz

I got my first fightstick the hori mini 4 cause its the only stick i can afford right now , now right out of the box i notice something does the joystick sopose to wiggle like a rly small amount like a 1mm back And forth And does the ball ontop sopose to rotatie? Now im having issue on pulling off down back forward the quarterback circle And half circle moves on controller was super easy but on stick im rly struggling any tips on how to do these moves???

It will take time to get use to just like everything else. Keep practicing and eventually things just become natural.

Ive watched that vid already haha thing is om used to dpad so much the joystick feels like a analoge so its hard to do circle moves now when it was easy before lol does it sopose to wiggle tiny bit from left to right and up and down i guess so , its pretty steep curve so far

Keep practicing man. It took me up to a year to fully grasp a stick. Heck, even today i still find myself screwing up a combo.

What echelon and Shinkuu said; also, yes the lever will have a small amount of play in neutral and it will rotate, that’s all normal function (to a degree, I guess)

Does the ball come off on the mini4 i dont think so? It doesnt look like it

First days using a stick can be very frustrating but once you get used to it, it may be that you never want to use a pad again.

When I started using stick in late 2014, especially dp motions felt frustrating as hell but nowadays after practice and growing muscle memory, every single thing while using a stick, feels natural.

Please stop posting these questions in the SFV section. Please post learning to play questions in the newbie dojo. There is a sticky thread about developing execution there you may try reading. Hardware questions go in tech talk.


Can it be moved then ? Also i am using it for SFv tho ive got another question id like to know is it best to hold the joystick And so the move or tap the joystick into directions not sure which way is best or easiest to begin with, also can this thread be moved i guess im in the wrong place

Watch the video again.

It’s already been moved to the right place.

Newbie Dojo = halp! How do I use a stick? It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing.

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the stick keeps sliding on the table and the book keeps sliding whats best to put underneath to make it sturdy?

You’re moving out of the realm of fightstick questions and into the realm of common sense. No one knows what book you used or the type of table you lay it on. You know what it weighs, so find something to pin it to the table with. Go get some clamps. Attach the stick to something heavier. Have a little ingenuity.

Well turned out i bought a bigger stick hori arcade pro 4 kai now it doesnt move anymore happy with it…

OK i was fucking with one of these the other night at the Walraven Weekly Detroit, Here is what you do. go to the hardwear store and buy a scrap piece of thick wood. Have the guy at home depot or wherever cut it to the width of a laptop computer. Give the edges a good sanding so everything is smooth then go to anywhere that sells the rolls of stuff that you line a kitchen drawer with and get the squishy rubbery stuff. apply it to each side of the wood (use two sided tape or glue) then apply it to the bottom of the arcade stick as well. Or if that sounds like a lot of work then use velcro on the stick and the board. this will give you weight and stability and not permanently mess up the stick