beginner guide

hello everyone, im starting to main gief today, i play ken sf4 and sfv, so i don’t know know… how to improve with him… how to start my ofense etc…
if anybody can guide me ill thankfull

there is a beginners thread with videos and tips.

Buy a spare lp button. Your controller is going to need it.

im getting bodie badly…without a reversal… its kind of hard… just can´t get the timing for the comand grab… any advice for my ofense?

Block and teching on defense is super important. Only churn if you are fairly confident they are going to grab, but you have to use meter for the throw invincibilty. If it’s so bad you can’t handle it, then vreversal out.

In the neutral, cr lp is God. Occasional St hp, f hp, and hk fishing for counter hits. But use those sparingly, they are very punishable.

St lp, cr lp, and lariat are all you need to keep people out. St lp as an anti air leads into a mixup.

F hp and f Mk are your best meaties. Cr lp if you want to tick throw. If you can hit/stand confirm, f hp st lk xx lariat is your bnb. If not, f hp MP.

Any at hp or st hk can cancel into v trigger for big damage. Try to at least learn to hit confirm f hp into super.

Join the discord chat for a lot of new and existing tech, and friendly people who are willing to give advice.

thank you mate, for your knowledge… im starting to get it and its really fun playing gief.
i have the app discord how to find the chat?
now i just need setup meaties for throw, spd, sweep for my because i don’t capitalize the knockdows…
i know only the setup with lariat… thank you again