Beginner in Persona, requesting help please!


Hey guys, I’m new to SRK and to Persona 4: Arena.
I’ve chosen my character in Yukiko since she fits the way I play and she’s my favorite character in the RPG. So some questions I have are:

  1. What’s the metagame like?
  2. Does tiers matter in Persona?
  3. What are some good BnBs I can start with (besides 5A, I believe its called)?
  4. What are some bad match-ups for Yukiko? Is Teddie a Solid 2nd for Yukiko or perhaps Mitsuru?

The help is much appreciated, and thanks in advance to those who respond to this.

  1. Oki-rushdown? Two of the top-tiers have infamously strong oki, but there’s also Mitsuru and Aigis who have little to no oki but solid rushdown.

  2. Less than others, but still noticeable. You play bottom-tier, by the way.

  3. Only Yukiko BnB I know of is (2A) 5AA 5B 5C 2C 236A/B.

  4. v. Shadow Labrys is against Yukiko’s favor, I’d say v. Teddie is also bad.


Okay, what are some solid secondary characters for Yukiko since I’m gonna need to learn a 2nd character for Yukiko since she’s low tier? I’m thinking either Mitsuru, Teddie, or Yu. However, I’m open for other suggestions.


I don’t think there is a need to learn a second character simply because your character is low-tier.

You can win with Yukiko, just expect to be putting in a lot of work, especially considering it’s Yukiko who, in my opinion, is one of the more technical characters in the game.


Oh okay, I’m definitely going to put in the work for her and watch plenty of Stunedge’s matches to get an Idea of what to do. One last question, what are her flat-out WORST match-up(s)?


Like I said, v. Shadow Labrys is pretty awful against Yukiko. You can’t really zone her because of her ability to send Asterius after you, which means you have to move, which means you aren’t locking Shadow Labrys down with your projectiles, which means she can move for you.
You also have very little options against her pressure. Not to say none, but because of Asterius and the fact that your DP does very little to make Shadow Labrys care, she can just keep on you.


Okay, thanks tremendously for the help, I’ll certainly be adding this to my game.


I’ve been trying to learn this character because I don’t get the matchup against her, and also the best player in our local scene plays Yukiko. Straight from him, her bnb corner combo is 2A->5AA->5BB->3B->5C->5BB->3B->2AB->236A->ender

But if they’re crouching you do 2A->5AA->5B->3B->5C->5B->3B-> 5C->2AB->236A->ender

Here’s some footage of him blowing up my Teddie (in my defense I was learning the matchup and was trying some new stuff). His Yukiko is really solid at converting a single hit into big damage. He also plays against against a decent Chie player and Aigis player in the video:
Matches start around 3:07:00


Okay, thanks man. Another question: Does footsies even exist in P4A?


Somewhat? It’s a different level of footsies compared to Street Fighter though. You probably won’t be walking up to your opponent and wiggling back and forth and pressing single buttons to assert pressure.

I think P4A footsies are more like movement on the screen to try and bait your opponent into doing something preemptive, like run up dash into air backdash as opposed to run up dash into aerial attacks to bait out their 2B or DP. Some characters may have truer footsies similar to Street Fighter than others, I think Teddie’s 5B and Yu’s 5B come to mind, where it’s pressing a button and seeing if you can confirm a hit.


Thank you, I really appreciate it nihil and wiredgod.

  1. v. Shadow Labrys is against Yukiko’s favor, I’d say v. Teddie is also bad.

True that for v. Shadow Labrys, but for Teddie, I’d put it more towards Yukiko’s favor so long as you don’t jump too much. Teddie surprisingly plays a great anti-air game, and since some of Yukiko’s stronger combos come in from the air, it can really mess up your game. As for Shadow Labrys, she’s just tough, period. She was meant as a boss character, hence why she is extremely OP. I would seriously quit the match if they used Shadow Labrys, regardless of what character I used simply because it’s not going to be fair.

Also, Mitsuru is a pain in the ass to fight with Yukiko, but if you start off in the air, you should be safe. Also, getting in her face when she least expects it, keeping Mitsuru away from you, all of them are fair strategies, but expect to lose against Mitsuru 65% of the time, regardless of skill. Mitsuru’s base damage is just way too high, and Yukiko’s health is probably the 3rd or 4th lowest in the game. But overall, against ANYBODY, keep a ranged game first and foremost, THEN rush in for major close-up damage. About 75% of the time, if you’re coming in from the air, and your opponent is blocking while you’re using j.AAA, they will continue to block high, but forget to block low for her standing A. From there, it’s 5AA->5BB->3BB->5C->2C->Weak Agi, or SB. Agi (I would use weak Agi, but hold it until they wake up, and then WHAM), then if possible, end with Maragidyne C. Not the wave Maragidyne, which goes two 214 C, use the spin version. That two 236 C.

So far, I have had a 65% success with this strategy.

Akihiko is a joke against Yukiko about 75% of the time, or at least by my experience. But, just in case he’s giving Yukiko a hard time, Gold Burst to 100 SP if possible, and keep him away from you. Force him to block and keep him in the corner. He’s a great corner fighter, but a poor defender in this situation. I have had three people rage quit on me when they are using Akihiko, all because they hate being put into the corner. It’s extremely difficult for the opponent using Akihiko to get out of the corner about 75% of the time, especially on empty burst gauge. Yukiko can also keep Akihiko in the corner from a distance using 5.D->5.C->2.C->Agi, and if you have the meter you can finish it off with Maragidyne C, and if you have the extra meter you can use Maragidyne D.

Now, let’s say you’re being pressured. You’re blocking, and you have 125 SP and about 1/4 health left with Yukiko. Ideally, you would really like Akihiko to get off your back. Well, let’s assume you have a full Burst gauge. Use burst while blocking to send him far away, and that should buy you some time to activate Fire Break, which makes your next fire-based move unblockable. So, Akihiko gets in your face again, but leaves an opening during one of his slow-activating attacks, which be easily punished, by using Wave Maragidyne C. Since you have Fire Break on, Akihiko will not be able to block, and since you have 75 SP after initial activation, you can then use Maragidyne D to bring him back towards you. After he wakes up, use your Evasive Action, GTFO of there, and finish him off from a distance. More than likely, Akihiko will have about maybe 50% to about 45% health left, so going in for a long-range combo can turn the tables.

Anyway, before anyone starts screaming at me, this is based on MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.


Footsies is just a nickname for ground based spacing in games like Street Fighter. Air dashers have spacing of course, just not exclusively ground based.

I don’t know if you brought this bad habit from MTG or LoL or whatever but it’s always better to refrain from terms like “metagame” even if everyone around you uses it.
What you mean to say here is…
“What’s the game like?” “What is the dominant style of play?” etc. etc. you can find a lot of ways to ask every question clearer without resorting to buzzwords which everyone on the internet use wrong anyway.


Well, they’re new to the game, so it might be wise to learn as much as they can.


beginner here also so if you want a training partner to learn the ropes with then add me on xbl!

GT: spud trooper621

that goes for anyone else also!