Beginner & Intermediate SSF4AE Players


Yo, I’m in the Mid-West and looking for some people to add for this game.

I use Makoto and am about 2 weeks deep into this game so far. I got other fighting game experience from Virtua Fighter, and Super Turbo (I have 3rd Strike but I have no idea how to play that yet, lol).

I’m looking to improve on this game. I’ll accept casual players too, but know I WILL be trying to run through you, hahah ^-^

Even though I main Makoto, I’d like to learn some other characters too cause there’s quite a few that look like lots of fun.

My GT is PuertoRicanStyL or you can leave your gamertag here and I’ll add ya.

I’m sure you might know, but you can just enter all the letters lower cased and it’ll finde me for you.


cool we can play sometime GT: avc skeme


Sweet. I’ll add ya next time I hop online.


i also am about 2 weeks deep into ssf4ae (and basically fighting games period) n im havin’ sorta a rocky time gettin decent. you can add me @ freetibet420. i dont have a 360 mic. we’ll have to use mumble or skype or something on pc if you wanna do that. (you can reach me @ steam for that) main fei long


GT: Void DestroyZ about 4 days deep.


Nice! I dropped yall the friend request.


GT: InterstellarOwl

I’m new as well and I’m bad but we can all learn together right? :stuck_out_tongue:


XBL GT: drunk g1rl


Rawesome. I’ll send the requests next time I’m online.


Let me know too I’m about 3 weeks in.

Xbl: iG Valient


Even though I class myself as a seasoned veteran (been playing since the snes turbo, all other fighting games and such) I don’t min helping you out and teaching any tactics you most likely won’t know. My GT is DAKO360 WOLF.


Righteous! lol. Sounds awesome. I’ll be throwin an invite your way. Thanks ^-^


Lol I forgot to mention I only have silver so far so I’ll defo be jumping on with you when I get gold.


^not anymore since i had an extra gold code :smiley:


Indeed for which I am awfully thankful for :smiley: make sure you keep updated on here and keep practising that Sakura :wink: yatta!


Gt : Low Tier
I play zangief


Awesome! I’ll add ya next time I’m on bro.


Add me homie

gt: gosu megapixel


Coo. I’ll get ya next time I hop online.


Add me I’m still a beginner

GT: TrippyManeGrimx