Beginner & Intermediate SSF4AE Players


Awesome! I’ll add ya.

One thing though, is that my Xbox won’t read my SSF4AE game anymore for some reason (the open tray problem), so I’m going to upgrade my Xbox. I can play other games, but not that one… So I won’t be able to play for about a month or so from now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one sooner. But with the Christmas season about, stuff is taking most my extra doolaz.


GT: SIN MadMikey, I’ve got a pretty decent Chun and Oni, just been in a rut as of late so I could use a training partner or two.


Nice. I’ll add ya man. My Xbox is still dead when it comes to reading disc. So I won’t be able to play till I get a new Xbox (need a bigger hard drive anyways), or they have a sale for SSF4AE for Games on Demand.


All of you can add me GT: Osimmity Smash
I’m really fresh to my fightstick so adjustments are still being made.


I just got back into playing, you can add me as well. I am still at beginner level and a only play Sagat. Just want to do some consistent endless battles. GT: rushton21


Hey Jay, let me know bro when your disc works. Still need to play you on Endless :slight_smile:


GT: Stxvey
It’d be cool for anyone to add me, I’m such a beginner at this game.


I’ve been playing the SF4 series since Vanilla, but I realized that I’m at an area where I’m not really improving. I believe I’m a decent player, and if I were to go against a top player, I might be able to stand a chance. I may not beat them immediately, though eventually I will. Anyways, if any of you could add me and tell me what I need to improve on, it’d be greatly appreciated. I main Abel, and it would be nice to go against players who main someone that’s considered a counter pick to him. Gotta learn them match ups lol. I live on the east coast by the way.

Gametag: Clearzova4950


Anyone who ever wants to play on either platform, feel free to add me. :tup:


No doubt man! I should be ready to go by Monday. I haven’t signed in here in a while. I’ll be droppin the rest of yall some friend request too. I’ll let yall know I’m from SRK forums in the messages so yall don’t think it’s random.


Add me> EOGrico


Coo. Will do bruva.


I’m in the east coast. I’ve only been playing for a couple of months so I’m not all that good. You can add me if you want GT: xKing Jeff


Coo. Will do mayne.


Add me
GT: UltraBlake