Beginner looking for some tips

Hello all,

I am new the street fighter community and I am looking to greatly improve my skill. I have always been part of the tournament scene for other games and I really want to step up my sf game to that level. I have been searching these forums and looking up different strategies and looking up youtube videos.

I am basically looking for an experienced player who’d be willing to play against me, and possibly help and teach me. Its always good to have some sort of a mentor and I am looking to learn as much as I can.

If there is anyone up to the challenge please add me on XBL :stuck_out_tongue:

Also if your new as well and just looking for someone to learn and improve with add me as well, I’m always up for competition and making new friends.

AIM: d4rkclowd
XBL: darkucloud


Adopt A Player


Mentor/Student List

I found a few people that also used Ken as their main and added them on xbl (mentor list). They’ve been great so far and given me some stuff to work on. Also, I’m fairly new as well so feel free to add me to xbl for some friendly spar. Good luck!

Thanks, the mentor list is pretty awesome. I look forward to playing you as well.