Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


Not to many eligible answers so It looks like Trouble Brewing wins the Fightstick. I severely understimated how much time I was going to need to put into NEC before putting this up.


I’m sorry thing didn’t go as you planned, maybe if more people has a chance to win the prize more would participate.


I’ll still do another one I just need to consider more factors when picking dates. I may change the prize on the next one to include more people, the big issue with shipping is the size of a fightstick. It was over $20 to ship the first stick to Genistar and he lived within driving distance of me.


Thank you very much for the offer, but I already have plenty of arcade sticks. I’d rather it go to someone in the community if possible.

Plus I live in China and stuff. That shipping can’t be cheap.


Perhaps try doing another giveaway after Christmas madness dies down a bit? I’m surprised this one didn’t get more interest.


I need help against getting zoned. Or maybe i’m just bad (i’m the Zangief)


Player Ability: Mid-Tier and Beyond
My first online SF4 AE match/first match ever

I never ask this in this thread because its all beginner videos, but are you trolling? I had to watch the video again just to check but you literally don’t block once in the entire match. There is no way to tell how good the Gouken player is because you aren’t blocking anything. Also you are dashing into fireballs that are already out. There are levels of advice that could help your game, but you have to at least start blocking full screen fireballs for any of those things to work. My brain is having too much trouble trying to construct someone who could add music to and upload a video, but not block once in an entire match.

Just in case this is serious though

  1. Walk forward and then block. I have no idea why you think blocking is a bad thing, but it is not.
  2. Stop jumping so much
  3. Stop moving forward all the time. Yes, Gief wants to get next to his opponent but that doesn’t mean that you just hold forward until you either get in or die.
  4. BLOCK.


Another issue, you’re not using your tools to get to him. If your only tools were to dash and walk forward it’d be a 9-1 matchup for any zoner that goes up against him. Use a combination of Focus Dashes, SLOW inching forward, and Lariats to avoid chip damage while moving you forward ever so slightly. No, it won’t be something that you just learn after a game or two, getting in on people is basically his entire high level game.


It was that bad ;_; no, I’m not trolling. That was probably my worst game ever, so looking back, Idk why I posted that. Will you guys give me a second chance if I upload some of my better games? I really appreciate any tips. When I get some time Ill try to find some of my games where I don’t look like a 5-year old. I can upload wins too, right? Because I know even when I win I make a lot of dumb mistakes. I just want to get to a level where I don’t look like a complete dumbass


Oh by all means, upload more games, that’s what the thread is for.


2 Hakan games I had today. I win both, but I want to know what I could have done better.

NOTE: Especially in the first game, I really, really messed up some of my inputs. I always mess up the oil input on the right side, which is why you see me derping sometimes. I also miss way too many grabs. But HEY, at least I blocked! Also, The Makoto was kinda bad, so I think it was more her mistakes that made me win.
I’m using a 360 pad, so I don’t have that much precision.

Also, any lag, especially in the second game, was just fraps recording the replay, and it wasn’t actually taking place in the game.



sorry about the late reply but I would like to give out some suggestions.

  1. like what trouble brewing said, you are being too defensive with characters that are based on rundown tactics like Spencer and task.
  2. when you use task’s charging stars, try doing sting master to make it safe.
    3.while being spencer, try adding assists while you zip line such as iron man’s beam assist or task’s H. shot.
  3. in terms of bnbs, try looking at the UMVC3 character threads. there is a combo thread for every character
  4. Save your XF for when, a) when someone blocks your bionic arm or b) when you only have one character left.


My last video didn’t get a response, so bumping


Trying Cammy, obviously very new to her


Several notices for this thread

  1. If you don’t get a reply PM me, I can usually offer some advice, but I have a habit of getting myself involved in too many things at once and losing track of one or two of them.
  2. I awarded the second stick to Karsticles
  3. Karsticles your stick should be in the sent out within a day or two, I got caught up in some post Apex work.
  4. I’m trying to figure out an easier to send prize so I can open this up to anyone.


Your cammy and hakan both have the same issues, there are certain simple things that you are doing that you shouldn’t in both matches, but first can you tell me why you’ve only blocked 3 times in 4 matches?


I honestly don’t know. At least against Vega, I found his attacks hard to read, and I don’t know how to option select. Believe it or not, in my 100 or so online matches, these were my most aggressive, and I’m usually better at playing defensively, especually with Hakan. Also, I’m aware of the misstimed specials moves and ultras and that’s something I’ve been trying to work on


You’re not mistiming them, you are misusing them. You are using unsafe move to hurl youself at you opponent (cannon drill and slide) instead of learning to walk and play the spacing game. You need to differentiate between what works and what is good. If you are hitting people with extremely predictable cannon drills and slides, its not because it is a good option, its because the person you are playing is that bad.
If someone wanted to they could just stand at the range where you like to do those moves and just punish you every time you use them.

  • You’re going to be free to vega if you don’t block.
  • Stop waking up with an attack every time you get off the ground
  • Stop doing raw mid range ultras, this looks like another one of those things that has hit people enough times for you to think it is a good choice, but it’s not.

There are still more things for you to work on, but again its not worth getting into if you aren’t going to block.


I think this is actually one of the hardest/worst things about learning with a game that has a large roster. No matter where you stand on the screen you’re going to be in another character’s killzone, So after enough matches it’s easy to think that you’re always under attack even when *out *of said zone for the character your opponent is actually using. It also means that because people inevitably only use a small subset of the cast, while you can learn a decent amount quickly about facing e.g. Ryu/Ken because they are ubiquitous, as soon as someone chooses e.g. Claw, you’re going to get completely bodied because you have no idea what needs to be blocked high/low, what can be punished, and what their options are at different ranges.

This is stuff that can only be learned by grinding through those matches, a fact that is bad enough with a small roster of 8 characters or so, let alone nearly 40.

EDIT: This was a general comment, not aimed at User_ specifically.


Thanks for all the advice guys

I’m gonna stop posting here for a while, until I get a better feel for the game. Once I get a few more hours under my belt, maybe i’ll re-post to see if I improved.


If you block, you will have improved. Like I said, there are way more noticable issues in your videos, but they aren’t a priority until you start blocking oncoming attacks instead of trying to avoid or beat them out every time.