Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


Hey guys whats up,I main Evil Ryu and wondering if anyone can tell me what i’m doing right/wrong in these matches…Thank you in advance :smiley:


First match: You’re doing a good job of keeping Sakura in your ideal poke range. When you jump in to attack you need to use bigger moves. Several times throughout the match you jump in with short (0:57, 1:48) and hit but can’t combo. If you’re jumping directly at them to attack I would suggest roundhouse. Short and forward are good for crossups but you lose out on damage if you use them for frontal attacks. At 1:00 you miss your crossup but do a really good job of staying calm and threatening Sakura with standing forward until she backs off. Good call at 1:25 to focus and go for the kill. A few times Sakura’s jumping towards you but you opt to wait until she’s landed to try to hit her and she ends up blocking (2:26). Try to use crouching fierce more to anti-air if she’s jumping too close towards you. Nice ultra at 3:23. Try to use more EX moves. There’s no advantage to being at full super meter compared to being at 3 bars and building meter. Demon’s fun and can deal a lot of damage, but you gain more consistent, safe advantage with EX fireballs. Low forward into EX fireball gets you a knockdown and puts you in a good position to pressure them on their wakeup.

Second match: You rebounded well after the first round loss, starting consistently punishing her Spiral Arrows. Same thing with meter though. You used EX HCB fireball in this match and in the earlier one. Does that decrease recovery or increase startup? I don’t know the character, so feel free to correct me, but I don’t see any advantage gained for that bar. I think it’s better to use EX fireball for the knockdown or EX shoryuken for extra damage/invincibility but I don’t play the character.

Third match: You did a really good job of letting Guile stay away and just using your superior fireball to force him to close the distance. At 0:40 you did something that was really smart, you pushed Guile to the corner when he was down. At 0:45 though, you back off from his jump rather than using crouching fierce or shoryuken to keep him in the corner and hit him back. 1:17 that was good. You’d been doing HCB fireballs all game to beat his and that EX normal fireball was quick enough to catch him on his jump.


EX HCB fireball give you the same properties of a Light Punch HCB fireball ,so faster recovery,faster startup and it hits 3x


Thanks, I didn’t know that. There is an advantage to that then, so disregard what I said earlier.


Cammy EX hooligan can be crouched so it misses, or you can do a late crouching poke to beat him.

I only watched that one. Not bad. I’m thinking both players could be more patient and reversal dp less on wakeup since it leaves them wide open (the whole “blocking is underrated” mantra I learned from SRK).

You could also learn Evil Ryu’s axe kick (hcf+k) combos to maximize your (punish) damage.


Match footage for the advice thread I started over in the Dojo. Just a heads-up: Make sure you’re capturing footage with your camera right side UP, and don’t use ‘Movie Maker’ to flip the image. That program is a steaming pile of dog turds.

Thread here! If anyone wants to toss their two cents over there as well.

And I use Lars in this fight mainly to see his color scheme I made in action.

And I am aware I started jumping too much during the later part of this fight. I was getting a little impatient/cocky.

Player Ability: Mid-Tier and Beyond

Two matches from today. Any insight or tips are welcome. My Id is KimimaroX

I main Cody and Gen. Dudley is an alt that I really enjoy playing.

(video is still uploading at time of post. Give it some time please)


When’s Mahvel?


First, re: am I a lost cause? No, unless you feel like you are.

Wolverine/Nova/Doom missiles isn’t gonna do you any favors if you’re trying to get a hit. Nova needs a beam and Wolverine needs a beam. You need to be careful calling missiles if you’re not running a flood team, and Wolverine has barely any way to protect them. You got hit by team supers and random supers a lot when calling it.

Nova/Wolverine have no synergy together, pick one.

Do some matchmaking like I’ve been telling you instead of playing random people online. You’re going up against terrible players and learning to beat them isn’t going to do you any favors. I dunno how this didn’t dawn on you when you went up against a Storm just doing Lightning Attack and Firebrand doing various Demon Swoops over and over again.

Other than that, learn more about the game and your characters in general. People would be jumping in on you with Nova and you’d up back instead of just pressing s.L. That Ammy was doing nothing but Reflector chain comboing you right in your face when you could have x-factor guard cancel thrown her into death. Standing there doing random s.L, launcher and swiss cheese with Wolverine I assume is just a byproduct of mashing, but cut it out. Don’t just sit there taking Hawkeye arrows when you can Speed Tackle through all of them. Learn to move with Doom. Don’t be afraid to fly and camp with finger lasers.


[quote=“prettycrazy, post:161, topic:150977”]

Two matches from today. Any insight or tips are welcome. My Id is KimimaroX

I main Cody and Gen. Dudley is an alt that I really enjoy playing./quote]

You have a pretty solid Gen. One thing though, Crane stance normals are slow. cr.LK in Crane is slow and really punishable, s.MP and s.HP are good mixups but you have to convince your opponent to block, as you’re vulnerable until your active frames kick in. Mantis s.MK and Crane cr.MP are good pokes that kinda keep your opponent from walking into your face.


Hey, y’all. I finally got a capture device, and one of the main reasons I bought it was so I could post a video of my horribleness in this here thread and hopefully get some advice. I’m the Evil Ryu player.

I’m really bad at reviewing my matches and coming away with some tangible conclusions about what I can work on. The only thing I’m really seeing (and I already knew this) are that I need to work on the inputs for Ultra. I didn’t used to have this much of a problem with it, but I can’t seem to land it when it counts. You’ll see a lot of Shoryuken FADC Teleport instead of Ultra.

Anyway, whatever advice y’all might have to offer would be really appreciated, especially things I can do in training mode to shore up weaknesses in my game.


Hey Guys. Im actually really new to the street fighter series and i want to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Please someone analyze this.


Idk how to embedded but link is


The Sakura right? Well for starters, I would jump less and learn to block better. The Ibuki got in quite a few attacks/pokes in and you could have won in a more convincing fashion.

As early as now, learn to avoid churning out an Ultra randomly, especially at far away. It rarely works and the wiser players will punish you hard for it. Sakura has easy combos into either of her Ultras. Speaking of which…

I would also learn to use Sakura’s moves other than :hk:/sweep and hadoken. The first half of the trials in Trial Mode is a good place to start, the first few are things that you’ll be using a lot in regular play. There’s no rush, as you can learn these things bit by bit.

Might as well share these here, though I don’t quite use Sakura anymore. YT is your friend, “SF4 [character name] tutorial” or something similar nets results.

If you wanna delve further into the character, I can vouch for the SF4 Sakura section, feel free to ask questions and get help from there too.


[list][]You need to dash cancel your focus attacks to make them safe. You also get a full combo if they hit this way, and offensive pressure if they block a level 2 (you have frame advantage)[]Watch out for random neckbreaker from Ibuki. It’s a low and it’s a free combo on block. Just be aware of it and don’t let her do it.[]Learn the otoshi setups after EX tatsu. Two hits of otoshi, delay the third one so it whiffs and you get a hard knockdown. I believe you then immediately backdash and throw a charged hadouken. Completely safe against most every character, you can do an overhead or low after it.[]You need to have her combos down. cr.lp cr.l xx hp DP is a great hit-confirm.[/list]


You might laugh at me… But i haven’t really learned how to dash cancel yet… or cancel a tatsu…


I’m not gonna laugh at you for not knowing things.

Dash cancelling is just practice. Tatsu cannot be cancelled, you have to wait for it to recover.

Watch this video series, you seem to be lacking fundamental street fighter knowledge.

And check out the links in my signature for other great SF info.


I’ve just started playing about a month ago.


Didnt fully watch the entire video but watched some matches. So here’s some quick tips

1 Antiair! You have a shoryuken and cr.hp is pretty good too, use both tools.
2. It seems you don’t really know from what range you can punish moves, at first I thought you just didn’t any good punish combos, but then later you pulled of that somewhat advanced combo against the other evil ryu, so I’m guesssing you tried you doing his axekick combo against the sagat. Which didnt come out because you were standing too far. If you just walked up and then did st.hp into axekick cr. mp tatsu dp or whatever you would’ve gotten a full punish every time.
3. Learn how to hitconfirm you seem to know how to do that advanced axekick combo, yet you keep dropping the simple jab jab, tatsu combos for no reason.
4. Also I don’t think I’ve seen you ever stick out a normal other than jab, evil ryu has some pretty good normals from certain ranges learn how to use them.
5. Don’t use so much ex fireball for no reason, it’s probably better to safe it for fadc.
6. Also if you can’t do the fadc into ultra yet, practice it more in training mode, and in the mean time just punish with hp xx lk tatsu, shroryuken, so you won’t be wasting any meter.

Some quick tips.

  1. Don’t always use sweep, learn how to use kick and stand hk and some of her other normals. Especially crouching mk is really good because it can lead into some quick easy damage and a knock down.
  2. Learn some simple hit confirm combos, like cr. lk> cr. lp> cr. mk xx shouoken, any combination of lp lp, xx shouoken, or when upclose use cr.hp instead cr. mk for more damage.
  3. I saw someone linked you a video with some combos, its possible to learn some of them, but to be honest, you can just learn her normal bnb combo first, which is st. hp xx lk tatsu, cr. hp xx ex tatsu into otoshi/dash/sweep/ ultra/ whatever. If that one’s still too hard use st. lk or cr. lk instead for an easier link. Or you can just punish with hp into ex tatsu.
  4. If you get a knock down, captilize on it by trying to safe jump your opponent with one of her 50/50 setups, a really easy one is one after hp shouoken, you step forward a tiny bit then either jump forward with hp or mk.
  5. Don’t mash! I noticed a lot of the time you were just mashing sweep when blocking or for no reason, or any other button. Pressing it once or twice is usually enough for the move to come out.

Also if you have questions just ask them in the sakura forums, there’s a video thread there as well, so you might be able to get some more advice if you post your video in there.


Hi SRK forum and SF community. I’m very new to SF as well as fighting games, I have been playing for about a month now, 2 weeks with stick as well as with Ken. I was playing on PS3, I just switch to XBL 2 days ago. I have compiled several games that I played yesterday, against some even level players and one higher level player. I played about 50 ranked game yesterday, and the ONLY win was the game vs Ibuki. The last two game was endless game. However, I’m not afraid of losing though, just sometime, it is still very frustrated to get kick butt all day long.

My Conclusion of reviewing my own replay from yesterday, while I was editing the video.

  1. I mashed too much HP and HK, even though I thought I don’t mash key when I play, but I still mash.
  2. Sometime I think of an objective like grab or sweep, I tend to over do it. Not reacting that situation isn’t suited or no longer ideal.
  3. Get panic, forget everything practiced.

So here is the Video, get ready for some kick butt action.

Okay, so despite the point I have mention. I’m pretty sure there’s a plenty plenty of room for me to improve.
I know I’m really bad, any criti and common are always welcome.
Thanks to anyone who watch the video and this post! (because it’s kinda long video)