Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread

CFoto - a few general tips based on the videos. None of this is rocket science or, really, Akuma specific, but hopefully it helps:

#1) Stop trying to do jump-forward anti-airs. You lost with these nearly every time you did them. You very rarely did a grounded anti-air, and when you did, it was generally an SRK, which is okay, but you’re kinda making it hard for yourself since the move is a relatively complex input compared to say, c.HP, and it’s clear that you’re not very adept at anti-airing with it. At the very least, learn to use Akuma’s c.HP as an anti-air, and maybe do some research into your other options, because Akuma has a bunch of them.

#2) Try to play a little more patiently - you get hit a lot because you don’t block very much. You hit a lot of buttons. Try to control that urge to just push something, and only attack when you have a reason.

#3) Practice your punish combo - it looks like you CAN do the close HP > Tatsu > DP > Focus > stuff combo, but you’re not making the most of it. There were a number of times when you blocked something punishable and either whiffed the combo or did something different. Grind this one out in training mode.

#3a) Don’t be afraid to punish with a raw ultra. If you’re going to play Akuma, you should be able to do the Raging Demon. You can get a big ol’ pile of damage using it just as a punish, so practice that.

#4) Yup, you jump too much. Try doing Maj’s exercise where you limit yourself to only 4 forward jumps per round. (Though of course there can be exceptions, but basically, try to limit the number of times where you say “I don’t really know what to do here, so I’m going to jump and hope for the best.”)

#5) Practice your hitconfirms - I don’t recall really ever seeing you land a combo during normal ground play, except for punishes. Maybe learn one of the c.LK link combos that should be easy enough to hitconfirm into, or even just the c.MK > Fireball combo Practice it in training mode. You need to be able to score more damage than a couple of random hits.

#6) It’s good that you’re representing the DP, but you do it a BIT too much; Try to tone that down unless you’re hitting with a lot of them. Try some other wakeup options like blocking, backdashing, or teleporting.

#7) More considerate use of fireballs; Akuma has strong projectiles and you need to be able to control space with them. You threw two fireballs total in the Adon match - and while Adon does have responses for ground fireballs, unless this is an opponent you’ve fougth before, you should throw a couple just to feel him out. Similarly, it’s much harder for him to respond to air fireballs, so applying those appropriately would be helpful. Also, one of the two meaty fireballs you threw in this match whiffed, so you need a little more practice on that.

#8) Vortex; Akuma has one. Learn at least the basics of how to apply it, because right now, you’re not really applying any pressure on your opponent’s wakeup. During the Makoto match, all you did after landing a sweep was backdash into… sometimes a meaty fireball. And sometimes you did nothing at all. You have better options here. Learn a safejump or something - there’s good options in the Akuma forums.

@Airk Thanks for the feedbacks. Yes I do lost patience during a match-up. I always felt I have to do ‘something’ and that usually costed me a round. I am practising on the things you listed as of now.
I am not sure if this is the good place to post it but I’ll do it anyway. If I have to open a new post for this please let me know :frowning:
I came across a few problems lately:

#1)Block-strings: What is the ideal result of a block-string? neutral distance like the start of the round? I usually do [c.lp, c.lp,, fireball] to push the opponent away, but I remembered I saw some gameplay video that I could be punished by ultras between my and fireball. In that case, are there any other safer options to prevent that? SInce if I don’t do the fireball, I am within sweep range, and that linked to the next question…

#2)Opponent crouching / crouching block- Of course, I made liberal use of the overhead chop to score some damage, or I just flat out walk up and throw, which were extremely effective. However, even if I got a hit-confirm going, I can’t land my tatsu in since he’s crouching! So far as I know I can use c.HP to make him stand but I can’t link it with light punches. My only solution was [c.lp, c.lp, s.hp, DP—FADC bnb—] or, fireball
Are there any other options to make him stand up in order to combo into tatsu?

#3)Meter management- I almost always have a full super meter bar, and I don’t know what to spend on, as my game is not solid enough to make good use of the super demon (when I have the demon punish window, my ultra always is up and it does more damage).
My question is, is it ok to not use it, and let all additional meter gain to be wasted? Everytime I saw a full meter I just have an urge to use it. What are some basic strategy / mindset in terms of managing my meters?



Blockstrings: There are several valuable properties to blockstrings; In SF4, I think possibly the most important one is that they give your opponent a chance to screw up by pushing buttons and/or letting go of block, thereby giving you damage. The other aspect of them - a change in position - is less easy to define. Sometimes, you may want a blockstring that pushes you back to neutral (such as, say, if you are facing Zangief, or if you have a life lead and want to sit on it) so the blockstring above might be okay, but other times (perhaps when you are facing Dhalsim) you may prefer a blockstring that ends with you closer to your opponent - ending in… I dunno, standing hark kick or something, to move you forward and keep you closer in. For more specific answers, I suggest you ask in the Akuma forums.

Crouching opponents - this is outside my level of Akuma knowledge. You’d be better off asking this in the Akuma forums.

Meter management; Well, it’s “ok” not to use it, but it’s not good. At the most basic level, you can just use your meter to make your DPs safe - learn to FADC them on block. This is a pretty easy exercise to do in training mode - just set the dummy on random block, and DP the him. Practice FADCing on block. Otherwise, you can use the EX SRK and EX red fireball for extra damage in combos that normally use those moves. And, of course, get ye to the Akuma forums for more specific answers. :wink:

I’m in no way an Akuma expert, but I do play him a lot, and some of the best advice given to me was that Akuma has almost no health. It’s only hurting you in the long run to risk those wakeup SRKs, especially when you just blindly throw them out. You don’t need to save your meter until round 2 either. While it’s good to have some going in, if you need to use it to EX or FADC to prevent damage or to capitalize on an opening, go for it. Don’t jump so much either. In your mirror match, a random jump in got you Ultra’d. Instead, make them jump in on you and hit them with your Raging Demon. Also, practice that input until you can do it nearly instantly, until you get a “Demon Button” like Infiltration. Also, learn combos. I’m not saying you need to learn flashy stylish combos, but learn some meaty, damage dealing ones and if you can, use those instead of HK or HP to punish. HP may do more damage than LP, but LP can build into a combo or chain that does even more damage than a single HP. Knowing Akuma’s vortex is good, but knowing it won’t be enough, you also have to be able to pull it off consistently, and knowing when to use it will be huge assets to your Akuma game. Finally, the Akuma forums here on SRK are a wealth of invaluable information. While I can’t give you specific frame data, setups, or matchup info, they can. Good luck, though. You seem to have most of the fundamentals, you just need o set them all into place and build upon them.

Not even UK :bluu:


1st match vs Cammy

1.)In the beginning of your match against cammy you were allowing her to jumpin in a lot. When any character attemtps to jump in at you when you are using Juri you have a few anti airs to use. They are, cr.hp,,, or even st.hp but that one is like if your opponent is directly above you.

2.) During the cammy match you didn’t use many of your pokes. Using your footsies is a very good way to take away damage a little bit at a time since it all adds up. A few of Juri’s good pokes are her crouching mid kick which some people say is almost as good as ryu’s and if you get a hit confirm you can go into pinwheel to send your opponent into the corner. Another good poking normal move would be her, it may not be cancelable but it can help you go over low attacks or you can space yourself to use your pinwheels so its harder to punish. Remember this move can still be used as an anti air. The last poking normal i would recommend you use is her standing mid kick because it has good reach and it does the same thing as her st. mid punch.

3.) When ever you see that cammy has atleast 1 or 2 bars of meter do not throw out so many fuhajins because an ex spiral arrow is invincible to projectiles.

4.) Unless a spiral arrow is correctly spaced meaning it hits at the tip, you can punish it in many different ways. You can punish it with xx fuhajun store, or xx pinwheel, if you have a fuhajin stored you can do xx fuhajin xx sweep or instead of sweep you can do another cr. mid kick into a pinwheel for more damage.

Vs Ibuki
1.) Do not do so many dive kicks against Ibuki since she can anti air it with a back medium punch and get a free combo if that person knows how to do the command dash combo.

2.) Neck breaker is extremely punishable on block. You can punish it with almost all over your combos. To be safe use your quickest normal against it and complete the combo against her. I suggest you go to practice mode and learn how to punish blocked neck breakers.

3.) Tsurugi on its third hit can be reveraled. So ex pinwheel the crap out of the last hit. The other two you should block.

4.) If you were playing a good ibuki you should know when you are trapped in her vortex you must be able to learn which way to block. If she throws the kunai before she gets to the other side block in the opposite direction and vice versa.

1.) Never use a random pinwheel because they are unsafe on block and it could lead to a huge punish to you. I recommend you use them only for finishing a combo, extending a combo or using it for pressure.

2.) When you use juri’s dive kick i recommend you aim at your opponents feet. That way you’re nearly safe. Not everyone can punish those unless you aim higher. Just remember the higher you land juri’s dive kick, the more punishable it is on block.

3.)When ever you get a hit you should try to complete it with a full combo. Don’t be afraid to use your combos during a match. It is what helps you win. If you do not feel confident in your combos just go into practice mode and practice simple combos until you feel thar you are ready to use them in a real match.
Some easy juri combos are xx fuhajin store xx release, xx xx xx mid pinwheel, or xx pinwheel.

There are a good amount of Juri players should watch and here are some

This is to get you started


Most of these videos just showed the basics of what you have issues with.

1.) You really should limit the amount of jump ins you do against your opponent. The times when you should jump is over a fireball, to start a very punishing combo, or dodge. A very good example of using your jumps too much is when you got punished by that ultra in your first match against Akuma. Remember jumps can equal a round for your opponents when used in the wrong way.

2.) You seemed to get a lot of free hits but no actual combos or punishes from them. What i suggest you do is go into the practice mode and practice your combos then learn how to use them when blocking badly spaced special moves.

3.) Another thing I saw is that you never took adavantage of your knock downs. Whenever you get a knock down with akuma especially against someone with a terrible reversal that is your chance to mix them up. You can go for his vortex so you can score the damage that you need.

4.) Just go to practice mode and figure what moves you should use and when you should use them against different characters.

5.) I’d like to see you use more fireballs in your game. Its a good way to keep your opponent where you want to be. Remember when you use a fireball you should know when and where to use them. For example for someone like ibuki who has 2 ex meter stocks. Dont throw a fireball because ex neckbreaker can punish it from full screen same thing with cammy’s ex spiral arrow. Learning how to use it will help you a long way.

I saw some of the questions you posted as well so i’ll give it my best to answer them too.

When you are playing as akuma and your opponent is blocking low you should use your overhead just to get them to start blocking high. To help achieve that you should use some frame traps or block strings to get them to think that you are going to continue doing crouching moves or other moves that you are doing so you are able to score that overhead now when you know they will block high you can sweep them. This creates sort of a mini high low game. When you get that knock down you can start your mix up games. A lot of people like to block low so on that knock down you can use his dive kick to make it look like you are going to hit high but you don’t do anything but land and sweep or throw. Most people who block low a lot are prone to get hit by overheads. There are other ways that Akuma can break down those types of players. You should look in the Akuma section to learn more.

You might be able to find some mix up info here

Some good Akuma players I suggest for you to watch are

Here is one video to get you started

Well I hoped this has helped the both of you.

My advice isn’t specific to any one video in this thread, any person, any character or match-up. It’s fundamental to SF4. Every one you’ll ever face has a play-style and everyone has a panic-style. The most significant improvements you’ll notice in your gameplay will be from recognizing what kind play-style they use and how to evoke their panic-style. Also, how to learn all that without losing two rounds in the process.

For example, you can spot a rush-down specialist from someone who doesn’t like playing the neutral, footsie-based game. They also tend to eat early on reversals. Take them out of their comfort zone by either controlling space with normals/projectiles, or playing a better rushdown than them. If you plan on rushing them down you might see them mash out a reversal of their own. Leave space in your block strings to see what they do.

Also, know what kind of player you are and what you tend to do. Learn when to rush in and when to pull back. If you pull back too long, you’ll be overwhelmed, if you rush in too hard, you get a reversal or ultra for your troubles. When learning what kind of player you are also consider you may be playing the wrong character. Enjoy mind games over combos? Pick Zangief. Enjoy frustrating your opponent with a strong neutral game? Pick Rose, Dhalsim. Like rush down heavy characters? Pick Seth or C. Viper.

And in the end, practice. Practice your character until you get the execution you need then practice your match ups (especially the bad ones). Speaking of practice, for those in this thread that want it (DealsWithIt, Lemon_Crisp) , my PSN is ModestDeity. Message me when I’m online and I’ll help if I can.

You are not confident online, your heat beats whenever you see an opponent with above ten thousand bp and tend to be defensive and on edge, learn to relax, no matter the bp it is still flesh and blood on the other end. he also has to fear you if he is not skilled in matchup, I will rather you learn how to calm your mind before the fight.

sometimes the best path to victory is not in hitting your opponent, but make sure you are hard to get hit, knowing your attacks is crucial, you prevent your opponent from getting in on you by well placed movement and anti airs and you frustrate a man of lesser will power (80% of online warriors)

know your reaction and improve it, then learn to stand a distance where you can react to what your opponent will do, practice anti airing with sHK, crHP, sLP 100 times a day (34 times each) once you are comfortable with anti air, you can protect your attack zone and make you seem impenetrable.

whenever you lose alot to a match up, do not despair, rather youtube is your friend, just type Ryu vs ‘insert character’ ssf4ae v2012 amd watch 12k bp plus players and see what they do to the exact things you lose to. you can use. or go to and select your matchup

Do not underestimate the power of the untechable knockdown, for Ryu its both his throws, his sweep, his super and his ultra. learn the setups after them and their uses. learn them well. for example a simple mixup is after a sweep to jump HK to land infront and jump tatsu to cross up. Ryu has tons of them, learn them use them, master them.

Do not make yourself vulnerable for no reason, this includes reckless jump ins and crouch HK which is punishable by plenty of things and jumping you give up your ability to block for 34 frames.Gain an early life lead and then make your opponent come to you, lesser beings will jump at you and you do well to swat them from the sky with sHK or far or sHP, or crHP up close. if they chose to walk in cMK to hadoken is a great tool to keep them at arms length. when you sense their reluctance dash up to spook then and throw them if you so desire.

learn to tech throws and see throws coming. you can if you relax. also when you watch better players watch what the opponent does before they try to throw,
your mind will do well to download such info, and remember it is better to tech standing than crouching.


search out the top 5 ryu players online in your region and add them, if they dont accept then make it top 10, they are invaluable source of help and sparring partners.

play the AI in arcade mode, then try to win without jumping at all the whole match. or limit your jumps to 2 per round for starters, this helped me alot.
any combo you learn practice on the AI first, if you can pull it off on the computer controlled opponent then you can do it on anyone.
make use of the record function in training mode to test your options both in offence and defence.

If you like to chat hit me on skype, my id is ugo_2u and I will teach you all I know. and dont forget to meditate/pray and sometimes to rest, it works wonders for the mind and soul.

I can see you have a grasp of all basics in the game, but there is one thing that you lack and that is a reason for your actions. You fight in a linear pattern, hoping that your attack will somehow hit. Here is my own two cents of advice

Ask your self, this attack that I want to perform, what risk does it put my oppnent in? example if you jump what will it take to negate your attempt, does he have the reaction to anti air? If yes what will I do, if no, if he blocks it what do I do. Now for every sequence you must hav e an answer that requires two or three different responses for your opponent so that you wont be predictable, below is an example

If I attack with a jumping attack what options does he have?
ANSWER: he has to block me while standing high, he cannot tech, mash a dp if it is well timed jump, backdash because of option select

If I do not attack him but instead throw him
ANSWER: he has to tech, mash a reversal, back dash or jump up. He cannot block

If I don’t attack him with a jump attack but rather jump in then attack low
He has to block low, he cannot jump, or block high.

Now you see that from a jump in he has to do something different for each action.
There are many scenarios that this apply you do yourself well to practice them

You must learn how to walk before you learn how to jump, conquer the fear of walking into attacks, by walking you are less vulnerable. SAKURA can hold her own on the ground very well, although her wakeup is lacking in the free get away department.

Go to forums and learn what makes sakura strong, visit shoryuken character page for sakura and discover her strength and weaknesses. Then go to the forums and ask questions.

Take the first round to study your opponent, learn whether he likes to jump or mash, if he likes to jump anti air him, if he likes to mash, punish him, if he doesn’t mash throw him and overhead him on wake up.


I almost thought nobody saw that video, I made that a while back lol! I am glad it helped someone

Juri advice*

Juri is a character where you want to be in while staying just outside of fierce dive kick range. Her fireball game is limited mid outside of close unless you have a stored fireball. I suggest you practice storing in blockstrings and combos. Her far fireball game even ex can be ultra’d on reaction, so I suggest limiting zoning to early game unless you plan to store fireballs(max of 2) for ultra 1 setups.

If you want to practice anything with juri, it should be air to airs. Her jump mp is her main tool to jump in aside from divekicks and jump forward fierce. The timing is strict and beats late a2a from most characters. I like to time it early offline but online later is often better.

Why learn ultra 1 for juri? While ultra 2 is fine by itself, it leaves you stationary and can be easily whiff/block punished. U2 may be Juri’s only wake up option. but it is easily baited at high levels and requires your opponent to mess up. You don’t want to rely on your opponent to make mistakes all the time. With the buff to movement speed in AE2012, you’ll be using U1 for rush down and blockstrings to keep them locked down.

How to use Ultra 1 effectively! The idea behind u1 is to put pressure on your opponent much like rose’s u2 or yun/yang’s super. Damage is often secondary compared to taking a high risk with a jump in to get max damage off of it. Storing fireballs before activating it is your ideal method but depending on spacing, you’ll prefer to get a sweep. single hit from divekick or jump in fierce.

Ultra one and you: If you get a meaty hit, and you want to get max damage with U1 you’ll have to cancel fast and often. Her F+MK overhead can be cancelled into during u1 blockstrings to open up crouching opponents or to make them block high. Sweep is your least used tool during u1 because it consumes active time from the knock down. You can end your strings with sempusha or stored fireball, if you run out of time.

Why not to use Kasatushi outside of footsies? Kastushi on certain characters can leave you in bad positions, armor broken or be grabbed out of. Your main goal with kasatushi is to get in or away from footsies to avoid pressure or to apply it. You’ll want to keep the use to a min otherwise.

Why not to abuse Senpusha? Senpusha. much like divekick and ultra 2, will be block/whiff punished outside of light version or ex easily. Your main goal is to use EX version for reversals and ending strings with medium or heavy.

FADC: Practice this often on pad. Offensive use takes a lot of time(for me at least)

*everything is suggestions, since I haven’t seriously used juri since AE dropped.

You’re welcome. Now for a sticky!


Before you get any matchup specific advice, you gotta know the theory and then you can apply it to most of your matchups.

Basically, with Ryu, you want to zone your opponent using fireballs and gauge how he will react, and then come up with the appropriate answer, get a knockdown and then move in for a mixup - throw, overhead, cross up.

DeeJay specifically
Throw fireballs (jab fireballs from full to midscreen are the best - they travel the slowest - buys you more time) from a little past fullscreen to mid screen and gauge how he handles them.(You have to do this against most opponents with Ryu. How do they handle fireballs? How can I punish them for how they are adjusting to my fireballs?)

If DeeJay slides under them, throw a fireball and when you anticipate the slide, focus or block and then punish.

If he jumps over the fireball dragon punch him/ ducking fierce punch

If he has meter and can EX-Rolling Sabats through them, try to throw a fireball, then fake with jab or light kick, but remember, he can only EX-Rolling Sabat through them if he is charging. If he isn’t, he can’t do that move. Once you bait it out, block and punish.

You don’t actually need to jump at him, especially when he has charge. Instead try to get a knockdown. Jumping in without getting a knockdown first usually puts you at a disadvantage.

After you get a knock down, if he has Ultra Meter and its close to the end of the match and you have a life advantage, I would play it safe.

If he doesn’t have meter, you can try to walk up and try to throw, overhead or crossup.

Don’t be afraid to get hit the first time, you’re trying to build a profile of what the player likes to do in certain situations.

If you try to walk in after a knock down and try to throw and he Jack Knife kicks, next time pretend to go for the throw, and block instead…see what he does. If he techs the throw, try an overhead next time. What you do evolves based on his response.

Summary, throw smart fireballs,(not too predictable, not too close that your opponent can jump over them and punish you - keep them out with to fireball if they get too close) see how your opponent is handling fireballs, find a way to punish what he’s doing, especially charge based characters like Guile and DeeJay. Guile is even worse, because he can’t punish fireballs at fullscreen like DeeJay.

Not enough time for me right now to go through everyone in your video…but knowing the fundamentals always makes life much easier…when you’re playing as Ryu, patience, zoning, adaptation and good decision making are keys that you have to develop. Don’t watch pro Ryu players and try to emulate them. off the bat. Start with the basics, and understand what you’re trying to do.

I would say for begginers practice with normals a ton and only use specials at the end of combos…

Nice to see some responds to my old vid from 2 months ago, I have actually been working on my game a lot after posting it, and I think I’m a better player now though still not good yet. The advice about always asking myself why I do stuff is still valid. It’s one of the things I dont do enough instead I mostly just react to what the other person is doing and try to adjust from there. But thinking of what to do next before I even attack and what my opponents and own options are after that is something I will definitely keep in mind more, thanks.

Back then there were people posting videos with not too many people replying; now there are people looking to check out videos but no one posting new videos.

I am glad to hear that. care to post current vids?

haha, it’s a shame because it’s a really good opportunity to get good feedback.

yeah sure, I’ll see what I can do.

DealsWithIt Analysis
First I’m going to start out with your gameplay from what I’ve seen in those matches and what areas you need to improve in and then i’m going to move on to match up discussion and the match ups that I will be discussing will be Dee Jay, Blanka, Guile, Juri, and what you should do in those match ups. While I’m at it we can also discuss the character Ryu and his basic gameplan.

Since your playing Ryu you should not be jumping around alot you should be patient and you want to zone your opponent out by using Ryu’s strong zoning and spacing you don’t want to go to them. I also see that your opponents was jumping a lot on you that is not a good thing because Ryu has on of the best anti airs in the game which is his Shoryuken so you generally want to practice on your reaction time so you can anti air consistently that just takes training and experience and you will learn it over time. Also work on your block strings and frame traps alot of times your opponents was jumping out of your strings which should not be happening and switch it up too don’t let your opponent feel comfortable with the same block strings use different ones and grab them every once and a while. Once you start getting into your opponents head with frametraps, throws, cross ups, overhead, then that’s when the fight is in you favor and start playing mind games with them. Another thing you should work on is your punishes you NEVER want to punish a unsafe move with a sweep you need bigger damage than that I mean sure a sweep is a unteachable knockdown and all but there are bigger damaging combos that can lead into a unteachable knockdown other than just a sweep. For example one of Ryu’s most damaging and basic combo is Solar plexus strike into HP Shoryuken it’s really basic but it’s very damaging and there’s a very low risk of dropping it but that doesn’t punish every move so you should learn Frame Data for that. Ryu’s main pokes are Cr MK and Cr MP and never do a fullscreen tatsu or burn meter recklessly Meter Management is very important for Ryu
here are some of some basic punish combos for Ryu.
Cr Lp, Cr Lp, Cr Lp, Cr Mk into HK Tatsumaki
Cr Lp, Cr Lp, Cr Lp, into Sweep
Cr Mp, Cr Mp into Sweep
Cr Hp into Hp Shoryuken
Cr Lp, Cr Lp, Cr Hp into HK or EX Tatsu
Cr Mk into HK Tatsu
Cr Mp, Cr Hp into HP Shoryuken or Tatsu
Cr Lk, Cr Lp, Cr Hp into Tatsu or Sweep

Here is a link to the Frame Data for all of the characters you should read this it is very important if you want to become good

Here are a couple of matches so you can get a understanding of the things I discussed

Air’s tutorial on Ryu

VesperArcade’s channel where he discuss multiple areas with Super Street Fighter IV and techniques such as plinking

Black Vegeta and YogaFlame24 channels for fight examples

UltraChenTV channel that discuss the mechanics of the game for beginners

I will finish this post later on once I get the time again and I will discuss the matches and what you could do to improve but for now here is Air’s website where he goes over Ryu match ups, Fundamentals, Spacing, His experiences and much more it’s one of the best websites when it comes to Ryu and great for beginners and people who want to improve with Ryu.
Top Ryu players to watch/follow
Daigo Umehara
Alex Valle

Things to practice in training mode

  1. Shoryuken consistency
  2. Hit Confirming off of Normals
  3. Shoryuken FADC Ultra
  4. Anti Airing
  5. Higher damaging combos
  6. Blockstrings
  7. Spacing- Throws
    One thing you can do to practice hit confirming is to set the training dummy to random blocking so you won’t know when your moves are going to connect this will help your hit confirming alot and while it’s set on random blocking practice your set ups on knockdown and react to the trainign dummy blocking it or not.

-For your level you kind of have a general idea of what to do with Ryu

  • Your patient and you don’t mash that’s a good sign of discipline
  • You know what Ryu’s main pokes are
  • Your blockstrings are good for a beginner I don’t see a lot of Ryu’s on that level do that


  • You jump alot and for a Ryu players that’s a habit your going to have to stop if you want to improve with Ryu.
  • You don’t adept very quickly and crack under pressure sometime I see
  • You use sweep to punish everything which is very bad for damage and a clean punish
  • You miss a lot of anti airs and if you want to become good with Ryu you have to become good with anti airing
  • You don’t FADC from the matches I have seen there are tutorials for that and go into training mode to practice doing it it’s very important with Ryu’s gameplan
  • You use too much meter at times you really want to work on Meter Management that’s very important for a zoning character like Ryu
  • You let your opponents get away with a lot of unsafe move’s (Blanka’s slide, Dee Jay up punches, Juri’s HK and EX Divekick) Don’t let your opponent abuse unsafe stuff always punish them so learn frame data so you can know what moves are safe, recovery and start up, active frames, etc
  • You tend to use the same blockstrings switch it up a bit so your opponent won’t be aware of your play style
  • You don’t throw a lot and that’s pretty bad because your opponent can just down back and not worry about getting thrown so make sure to add that to your gameplay.

Hope this helps I really hope you will become a good Ryu player in the future even though Ryu is not my main I tried my best to help you out from what I know you have a bright future ahead of you just keep at it, keep training, watch top players and videos and you will be good Ryu might be one of the beginner character but at a high level he can be one of the hardest characters to play. Also check out the Ryu forum here so you discuss stuff with other Ryu players and they know a lot of stuff with him as well and they discuss a lot of match ups and other stuff.

Good luck in the future!

[media=youtube]ELQmUJRdcxo[/media] There you go , I started playing on XBL a month ago so thats why my SN is different

hopefully its still watchable, when i was recording the sun sorta shined on my camera so it kept refocusing at the beginning