Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread




@Rhythmic_combos‌ Practice combos more. Learn max damage combos when you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 bars. You could have done more damage to Ken after you ducked his ultra in Round 1, at least a c.hp, srk, stomps combo - that probably would have killed him. And when you cornered him in round 2, you could have done something better than super with all that bar. Although your opponent was not very good, you won’t have as many opportunities to do damage against a better opponent so you need to learn to do more guaranteed damage.


i understand what you mean I been practicing fadc combos in-between ranked matches since this video and I am getting it down a little better its just implementing the fadc online is risky for someone like me who doesn’t know it fully


Hello Shoryuken Community. I just recently started playing SF4 when Ultra dropped, with very little play time before then.

I’m in really bad shape, as far as my Street Fighter skills are concerned, and I could use some serious help.

I play Akuma, and I just feel like I’m doing everything wrong… Like, I can’t even be specific. That is why I have videos, that I hope you would take to time to look at and let me know how to not be a scrub essentially.
I just recently recorded a session with a series of fights, and as I speak they are uploading right at this moment.

Here are a couple that uploaded so far.

As the night progresses, More will be uploaded to a youtube playlist. If you don’t mind taking a look at the others, they’ll be here.

Please, help me. I’ll do just about anything to actually get decent at this game.


You do know there was a thread for beginner critiques…


Can a mod move t there I don’t know how to move it


You need to anti air more, that Sagat was jumping like crazy and you were rarely punishing it.


Yeah my main is Guile so it’s ironic. I really feel unable to anti air without an air throw.


They will be me playing several different characters.

This first one is me vs Sagat:

^^ I didn’t really think he was that much better than me as a player, but he played hellua random…like doing a lot of random jumping and pokes. He didn’t do the tradition Sagat zoning and footsies I’m uses to.

More to come.


Hey everyone! I’m new to the forums, pointed this direction by a friend of mine.

I’m starting to really get into Ultra Street Fighter IV. I played quite a bit of Arcade Edition, but never too seriously, but now I’m really getting into it hard.

I decided to main C. Viper, which my friend was against at first, but I’ve persisted and I’ve learned some things. I’m not at a plateau or anything, I’m still learning stuff each time I play, I would just like some input from a wide range of fighting game players. I still scrub it up harder than a lot of people.

Here are two videos I recently made. This first one is 4 matches of myself playing against a friend of mine.

The second is of a match I had online against a DeeJay that I really enjoyed. (In regards to the “intro” of this video, I added it to spice it up since I released it publicly on my YouTube channel.)


**This Makoto pwn’d me with great use of what I think is her s.HP. I HAD NO ANSWER FOR IT WITH VIPER. I wanted to stuff it with FFF, but it beat F and my crMK thunder knuckle attempts. It was almost comical…Please Help. **


I just watched the Zangief and Dee Jay ones. Not -too- bad…

a) I think you should just finish your combos, the drops were costly in the end
b) Jump around less unless you have an air fireball or divekick to go with it.
c) Don’t let the opponent jump around with such abandon. You’re Akuma, you have shoto anti-airs.


Anyone want to critique my Yang gameplay?

I know one of my major problems is doing u1 on wake up. Idk why but I always have hope for that move but I’m gonna stop that lol

Anyways here we go





I’m pretty bad, but I’ve noticed some things. (I’ve never played 3S, so I just watched the second set of videos.)

You keep using focus attack, and it seems kinda random. When at long range, you shouldn’t try to focus while predicting projectiles. Wait for them, and IF they come, focus them. Also, you’ve got too much aggression. Your reads are good. You are a bit predictable though. You are mainly using patterns instead of adapting. You have trouble getting close to opponents. I think this is because you keep trying to get in using specials. Mix it up a bit. Just walk at them sometimes.

Most importantly, stop using your Ultra. You cannot expect that thing to hit if you just throw it. Ultras are ONLY good for punishing, or tacking them onto the end combos. The block damage you get from it… isn’t much.

The last of your second set is a Gouken battle. What can I say? He’s god-like. I cannot beat him, if he’s played marginally decently.


The Poison Vs Decapre was on the first day of Ultra so you should take it with a grain of salt. I was just figuring out Decapre and i didnt really know the Poison matchup that good… But thanks anyway! :slight_smile:




So i have been playing fighting games since a where a kid but i never knew there was a serious thing with them until last year. So i gave it a try at December last year and i have been playing until now. I have some vids on my Youtube channel of 3rd Strike and Ultra and i want to know judging by the videos i’m a scrub or a good player. I tend to always be stuck inbetween 350-1000 PP when playing SF4. Never got past 1000PP. But in 3rd strike i do alot better by winning against many ranked 50 and so.

Please give me feedback. I really need to know what i’m doing right and what i’m doing wrong.

P.S On the ChunVMakoto vid im the Chun li and on the SeanVAkuma vid i’m the Sean.


Merging into the Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread.


thats me as evil ryu.

i always do horrible vs pokes and crossups, also i dont know which moves are good for when i block the opponents strike (not just for evil ryu). i also fought a hugo earlier who did that command grab to me 3 times (i was yun) and i was nearly dead, thats all he did. what can i do against those?


Here is another one of my C. Viper matches, this time against a random M. Bison online.

Going to add in this match I had during my stream tonight. Got very, very lucky against this Seth. Watching it back, I know there was a lot I did wrong.

Any and all critiques of my scrubby Viper is welcome.