Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


I’m at work so I only ad a quick look, but the following caught my eye:

Round 1: I don’t think you blocked once during wake up the whole round. You caught him with a DP once from wake-up but every other time Cody got a combo on you.

If you plan to play with E-Ryu then start using cr.MK > fireball ALOT more. actually I dont think you did any fireballs? you have the zoning tool, use it. Especially for beginners, use the fireballs to make your opponent react and then you can react to what they are doing. Also, if you are struggling with wake-up then TP out. E-Ryu has a bad TP but I doubt at beginner levels your going to fight opponents who option selects your TP’s.

The one time you tried an offence (dive kick) you got thrown. E-Ryu’s dive kick has very low hit/block stun. Don’t use this move too much. rather try a cross-up into a simple combo. eg. cross up , MP>lk tatsu, DP. (Cant confirm this right now, but something similar should work) Once you get good at E-Ryu and execution you can look into his axe kick combo’s, but for now, try to stay away from heavy execution combo’s.

If I were to play E-Ryu VS Cody I would start of zoning him, he’s got slow normals, I would try to connect as many cr.MK>fireballs as possible. If can get a knock down I’ll go for a mix up (either cross up of not) and into a lk.tatsu > DP combo. Also when I connect with a cr.MK and I have two bars I would throw a fireball and FADC to connect st>hp > combo but I suspect FADC is maybe too much for now.


Learn not to panic when you’re knocked down. Keep calm and block or TP away. And learn to use cr.MK.fireball to open up your oponent.


When you’re punishing your opponents mistakes, don’t just do a raw special. Normally they take too long to come out to punish a whiffed move in time. You’re better off comboing into a special cancel-able normal and punishing that way. For example, Balrog’s Buffalo Headbutt special comes out too slow to punish a lot of things, but his crouching jab is really fast. So a punished move might be better punished with crouching jab, crouching light kick cancelled into Buffalo Headbutt.


To be honest with you, Viper is not your character. You need to find someone else.


Or you may want to learn a simple character first before going back to her. Viper is fairly hard to master for newer players.


I’m having a hard time trying to play USF4 with Sakura (my main). I really don’t understand why I can’t get stuff done with her.
I have a high success rate with Cody (my backup), granted, I can’t win that much with him.



i don’t play sakura so take everything I say with a grain of salt. here is my review of your first match:

0:12 didn’t block the jump in for some reason
0:14 you were late with your punish of the wiffed tatsu
0:17 you jumped in
0:20 didn’t block the neutral jump
0:25 didn’t anti air
0:49 random uppercut from full screen
1:00 didn’t anti air
1:10 didn’t follow up the ex tatsu with her jumping special (srk with kicks) or jump forward roundhouse for ambiguous cross unders
1:14 didn’t anti air
1:22 didn’t block that sweep, panicked and pressed buttons
1:23 i think you could have ex shoryuken and killed him on wake up on reaction to his jump in. even if he did cross up tatsu you wouldn’t have died and gotten out of his pressure.
1:28 went for walk up throw when the safer option would have been to crouch tech and push him away


You have too many flaws, telling you about the specific things you did wrong in match probably won’t help. I’m going to keep it general with you.

You need purpose.
You walk back and forth, but there is no purpose behind it. When you shimmy, its not just to be hard to hit, you are baiting your position. If your opponent jumps, walk in and out of his jump range so that you can do things like AA or counter jump. If your opponent wants to use normals on the ground, you want to walk in and out of their max range pokes. When you do this particular thing, you want him to miss you so that you can sweep them or walk into his face and start pressure. If you notice a laggy poke likes to be throw out at a certain range, walk to that range, jump the baited normal and punish hard.

You need purpose.
You throw out pokes, but what are they for? What will you gain? Pokes are not for damage; its great to get damage, but pokes are for push back and keeping your opponent out of your face. A fireball is a poke. Her fireball sucks, but that makes picking and choosing when to use it even more important. Fireballs push back from farther away, so you want to use her fireball when you know you opponent wants to out range you. Also, since your opponent has to deal with the fireball, you need to plan what you will do vs whatever option your opponent chooses to use against your fireball. Optimally, your choice in using a fireball will force your opponent to block and they will be pushed back allowing you to walk up and claim some space. Usually, your opponent will try to avoid it somehow and you need to be able to make the best of new situation. Pokes and fireballs are used for cornering your opponent, other things too, but the focus of this paragraph is these things so remember their purpose.

You need purpose.
You sweep is not a poke, you use it to punish wiffs or laggy on block attacks. A connected sweep gives you point blank access to your opponent. You can pressure, attempt traps or mix them up. The sweep is powerful, don’t treat it like a jab.

You lack spacial awareness.
You don’t understand sweet spots and jump arcs. Characters are strong at certain distances from each other. You need to learn where the opposing character is strong and stay slightly out of that range. That is the sweet spot. It will force your opponent to come in on you. Having a strong poke that out ranges your opponent is good and lets you bully them back. If your strong spacing is closer than the opposing character’s spacing, you need to either 1. bait him into whiffing his best poke and whiff punishing 2. get him to swing at you while you jump that normal and punish 3. Discourage that range with your fireball 4. If he is discouraged, walk right passed his optimal spacing right into yours and start your bullshit 5. Walk back to the point where you can jump into your optimal range… As for jump arcs, you need to understand the space that your normals and shoryukens cover vs the arc of your incoming opponent. Anti-airing starts while your opponent is on the ground. Wherever your opponent is, you need to know (if he jumps) how that jump will angle and what attacks you have that will properly hit your opponent during that jump. Don’t forget, air to air is as good as proper ground to air attacks and it keeps your opponent on his toes.

You need practice.
Your meaties are terrible. On wake up, your attack needs to be already hitting as your opponent becomes vulnerable again. Look up some vids and practice set ups.

You need patience.
You got hit too many times on defense. It sucks to have to block a jump in and try to escape the pressure afterwards, but you can’t just keep getting hit because you don’t want to block that shit. Learn to block and go to training more to practice your escapes like focus backdash, EX shoryuken fadc backwards and ect…

You lack a gameplan.
Sakura wants to get in and stay in. You don’t try to jump in while changing jump arcs. You don’t dash in when your opponent stops attacking. You don’t pressure when you get knockdowns. You don’t use meter to stay in. Ect… Once Sakura is in, you want to use those frame traps she has so that you can get that big damage. You won’t start winning matches unless you start doing Sakura damage. Just like your meaties are bad, you mix up game is bad too. Watch some vids and handle that shit… You don’t use the proper combo for the situation. You want to corner walk as much as possible with your combos. Cornering your opponent so that they can’t run from you is a big thing. When you are behind, you want combos that end with the ability for you to mix up so that you can risk very little while potentially giving enough damage to put you back in the game.

You lack combat awareness.
You adjust your game play according to your opponent’s meter (which is good,) but you don’t adjust when he changes his play style. When your opponent changes his jump ranges to defeat your anti-air normals, you have to adjust back. It not just with jump ins, its with the opponent’s spacing and aggression in general. As your opponent changes, you need to adjust, quickly…

You need practice.
You aren’t hitting your big combos.

You lack hit confirms.
You are getting hits, but only getting shoryuken enders when you can net so much more damage.

You lack practice.
Your punishes are bad and/or just too weak to be acceptable. Go to training mode and practice punishing everything for the most damage you can get…

You lack spacial awareness.
You don’t know your own character’s jump arc. Learn it and stop whiffing your jump ins. Also, learn her air control, she can reach almost anywhere on the screen with her air tatsu.

There’s probably more, but I’m beat. I’m going to bed, good luck training.

At the end of the day, its just online anyway. Maybe you are way better in person…


I think I need a good dose of fundamentals and a “how to push buttons properly” guide.
Also I have no idea what to do with jump-ins. I can’t react to them, and when I do it’s generally a odd position for my AA anyway.


Thanks, your advice has improve my overall gameplay. I’m taking more rounds, but not games. Still, I have a long road ahead me, but thank you.

I’m not the best Cody player, but I’m mediocre with him. (You can also visit the Cody forum here to speak with other Cody players; :bgrin:

You need to learn how to use Cody’s normals to keep your opponent at bay. Crouching LK is your friend, you want to use it when you opponent misplaces a poke and when you punish your opponent’s mistake (like when Ryu misses his shoryuken) just hit them with crouch LK then cancel into Criminal Upper or Ruffian Kick. Far MK is another normal to use as a poke and has decent range. F+MP is a good normal to keep pressuring your opponent. Crouching MK is a great tool to get in on your opponent and it leaves you -3 on block (IIRC).

B+MP is a great anti-air normal. Use this rather than crouching HP to anti-air. Also, you need to expect a jump-in to happen. F+HK is a good move to mess with your opponent. The kick travels a bit and it goes over low moves (if you know Ryu is going for a crouching MK, throw it out to beat the kick). You also can use F+HK to move yourself away from a jump-in (use this sparingly) and to purposely miss crouching opponents to mix them up, so you can throw them or hit them with a combo (again, use this sparingly). Finally, F+HP is your overhead, it hits 2 times.

Also, watch this video to a understand footsies and try to connect it with Cody’s normals.

Ok, your ground control was terrible. You never gave a reason for the guy to be afraid of jumping in on you and getting in your face. This where you use Cody’s normals and specials to scare him. I notice you hardly use Ruffian Kick, you should use MK Ruffian Kick to move up and apply pressure. When you do use MK Ruffian Kick, do it from a distance that Cody’s feet should barely tap the player (just in case the opponent blocks, he will have a harder time to punish it). You can use HK Ruffian Kick to anti-air, but I would advise you to use it when you KNOW FOR SURE the player is going to jump in from a distance . Also, if he’s close to you and he jumps in, just use B+MP to anti-air him (remember, don’t use crouching HP as a anti-air, it’s no bueno in that department). Plus, you must block jump-ins high or standing, since all jumping attack count as overheads.

As for Criminal Upper, it’s best to use it during combos (use HP version since it deals the most damage) and use the LP version to apply pressure/chip since it’s -4 on block. Bad stone can be use to apply pressure but don’t use it for a fireball war. If you happen to be knock down and don’t know what to do on wakeup, use Zonk Knuckle -just hold one button (two for EX version) down for a couple seconds- and release to attack (EX version is fully invincible for the entire start up of the attack). It goes through fireballs (but it doesn’t travel far and has slow start up) and all version can be FADC (Focus Attack Dash Cancel, that is, if you know how too), but you should ONLY FADC the EX one, since you can not combo off the regular versions (If EX Zonk Knuckle hits, he can FADC and combo into ultra 1 or many other moves).

Whoa, I think I should stop, but I’m sure I gave you everything you need to better yourself. I hope you hit the training room hard and like I said, visit the Cody forum ( if you still need help learning Cody. I need to go to bed now. :zzz:


Most of it was covered by ScrewTiers, but I’ll note that you could have reacted to the focuses better with Ruffian kick or cr. light kick into ruffian or criminal upper. Since it’s online, people will abuse focus, which you could kinda tell when the Ryu did a full focus for no reason in round one. Any ways you should have better answers to it. Also when you accidentally jump in and attack a focus, don’t press buttons on the ground, they’ll typically be counterhit by the focus release. Also with some far away jumpins, like at 0:45, you can consider using Standing HP or Standing Hard Kick. But yeah, close annoying jumpins, Back+MP is your best friend.


Thanks for the anti-air tip. I tried using Cr.hp and St.hp and each attempt failed me. I kinda ruled out back + mp as a anti air that close up.



Everything I told you was in that juice box vid. You should have been applying this stuff already. Stop playing online and train on your match ups before going back. Only play online for fun if you are bored and don’t count those matches as anything…


Me and my brother (I’m E.Ryu, my brother balrog) would like some feedback on our gameplay. I want to especially know how can I start my offensive effectively against Balrog. Also you see me dropping too many combos and missing great punishing changes. I hate it how I can pull pretty much all my BnB combos and punishes in the training but just can’t implement them to my game against a real opponent.

Here’s the video:


I’ll speak from the E.Ryu’s perspective.

  1. Value a life lead, none of you are doing that, you are both trying to beat each other as fast as possible - this is not Call of Duty it’s Street Fighter.

    • If Balrog is doing dash straights and EX from those distances, I’d be buffering Ultra - all day. Once you see the straight , hit PPP and take half his life.
    • If you can’t hit confirm into FADC, don’t waste the meter, keep it or practice it until you can.
    • ALWAYS pressure Balrog on wake up, make him burn something, or bait a headbutt.
    • If you have someone in blockstun, you should always cancel a fireball from, stopping at just is wasteful. Same with mid range.
  2. Block - blocking is good, blocking means you don’t take damage.

  3. When your bro has meter - he absolutely must waste it as quickly as possible - let him waste it.

  4. Your bro is aggressive but reckless, he’s doing far too much unsafe shit but you don’t have the frame data knowledge or reactions to punish him. Look up Balrogs overhead frame data for example.


Yeah, we really should appreciate our life lead, I think this problem stems from the fact that we’re brothers so we want to kick each others asses as fast and as hard as possible. Online I tend to play much more conservatively. Also my brothers aggressive playstyle tends to make me become more aggressive as well but unfortunately I don’t really know how to keep pressuring.

As for the punishing, I have been practicing my punish combo (cl.hp > MK Ryusokyaku > cr.lp xx LK Tatsu > HP Shoryuken) but I always forget to use it at the right moment. Also I don’t really know how to punish the overhead. For this I guess I need to consult Evil Ryus and Balrogs frame datas.

My inability to maintain pressure is the reason I tend to FADC even when someone is blocking. I guess it’s a bad habit and I will try to work on it.

Thanks for the feedback and great points. I will show this to my brother as well so he can work on his recklessness problems and making his gameplay more solid.


Well, from the matches that I’ve uploaded, this is the one that I choked the most. Help for Chun matchup, please. I know, Vega is hard to learn but I want to stick with him.

Yeah, I fucked up BAD in the ending of the match. I tried to backflip but I could just have done the Ultra.


Honestly dude your footsies and AA is horrible this chun just jumps and walks forward the whole time? You have to learn to use vegas better buttons my man and st. hk are all good options to start switching up with more often. You never let someone just jump in on you like that NEVER. It immediately shows you have no clue what to do, start air throwing people and standing hk or cr.hping people as they jump in cause honestly thats first step at this game learning footsies.


I don’t know why in this match I didn’t anti-air, maybe I got nervous or something. In other matches I used to AA, and I did a bit better in general. But thanks for the tips, man.


Yeah you definitely gotta aa and train your opponent. if you ever wanna practice add me osimmity smash.