Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


Thanks @Antiochli that’s very helpful!

Yeah, I meant st.HP xx SRK (my lingo isn’t very good). I was under the impression that the term “whiff punishing” was more like, when someone whiffs a DP and when they land I do a st.HP xx SRK. You know…only for a major whiff. I thought walking back and forth like you mentioned was just playing footsies. I see what you mean, I was just confused.

Occasionally, I still fuck up properly punishing a whiffed DP or whiffed Ultra (sometimes I freeze up and only punish with a wimpy throw), so trying to punish normals is a little out of my league for the time being, but I understand the concept.

One thing I’m fuzzy on is walking forward and backwards. Let’s say I’m Bison and I’m trying to poke you with a st.HK. Most characters can walk forwards much faster than their opponent can walk backwards. Once I’m in range, I’m gunna throw out the st.HK. If you’re holding back to walk backwards, wouldn’t this put you in the block position, therefore you cannot walk backwards anymore to cause my st.HK to whiff? I guess I don’t see how slowly walking backwards is going to cause a fast walking character to whiff.


@TheSupaSage I barely have any advice since I don’t know Hugo that well or those match ups and you won them all so it’s hard to see where you failed, but I’ll give a few comments.

If you want to keep pressure off of a knock down, I think a cross up body splash would be a better choice than a meaty clap. I think your options are better. If you hit on the body splash, you can combo into another knockdown. If he blocks, you can throw some jabs and try to frame trap him or mix up with a command grab.

Looks like you did some random Supers. You know better than that.

That Dudley did a wake up Ultra in almost every round. I don’t know if it was luck or if you knew you’d recover in time after a meaty clap, but after the first 5 wake up Ultras he tried, you probably could’ve baited him better.



Part of the entire spacing game is understanding the match up: the ranges of your normal moves as well as your opponent’s, and also your opponent’s walk speed, their dash distance, their jump trajectory; all of it. If Bison is walking toward you and poking with stand Roundhouse you need to understand not only the effective range of Bison’s stand Roundhouse but also the relative speed of his forward walk and the speed of your backward walk. Or at least a general notion of their relative speed. It’d be a fair guess that if you were playing footsies with an M. Bison player his forward walking speed would be faster than whatever character you were using could walk backward. So, what you need to keep in mind is that you’re not just going to start walking backward the second he approaches to poke you with stand Roundhouse, you’re ideally going to be maintaining an appropriate distance before that so that he’ll still be out of range once he tries to hit the button. There’s a certain anticipation going on here, if M. Bison’s stand Roundhouse has a range of half a square (just for example, I don’t know what it is exactly), and a walk speed of 1.5 and you have a walk speed of 1 and say you’re both standing at a two square distance you need to start walking backward before M. Bison does in order to maintain your spacing for whiff punish. I think you’re referring to proximity guard in this instance, when a move causes you to guard if you’re holding back even if it’s out of range or hasn’t actually started up (I’m thinking of the start up to Focus Attack). I honestly don’t know what the proximity guard box on M. Bison’s stand Roundhouse is, but I don’t think it would matter, because if your spacing caused it to whiff you’d just whiff punish anyway (even if you momentarily blocked you can still hit a button).

And again, I can’t stress this enough, if he’s closing the distance to poke you with stand Roundhouse you can hit a button first and poke him! Poking beats walking forward.


Gotcha, thanks!


Thanks for the advice, The meaty M clap is safe when whiffed on knockdown
And i gotta stop the panic supers lol.


Hey guys, i’m trying to improving my habilities but this is so hard, today i play some matches on PSN so i just lose hehe, i started to analysis my matches and i try to perceive my mistake. So lets go to the videos

In all videos i’m rose

Rose x Blanka

x Gen

x Ryu

And two matchs against the same guile player

So i think i need to be more patient on fights and uses more rose’s backdashs, and don’t stay immobiled near the oponent mashing some normals, or not hahaha

Thanks :smiley:


@thiagiz I only watched the Ryu match. I main him and I’m lost against Gen and Guile.

His fireballs seemed to be pretty effective against you. Occasionally, I play against a really good Rose player and my Hadokens are near useless. He absorbs, reflects, or destroys 95% of them.


Nice point, @Greenwood, i will improve my soul reflect and focus on fireballs


Ryu’s want to rush down on Ryu and keep the fight close. From afar Rose will win due to the reasongs Greenwood stated. Plus EX Soul Spiral can go through hadoukens at mid- to close-range.

Feel free to post at the Rose section. I think the video thread and/or general thread peeps can help you.

There’s also the Facebook group if you have an FB account

I will try and watch your vids after work and see what I can do to help :blush:


thanks @4neqs , i will join in this groups :smiley:


I will give them a watch too and see if I can help. I play more Chun than Rose these days, but I’ll try. :3
Will be editing this post later.


I will give them a watch too and see if I can help. I play more Chun than Rose these days, but I’ll try. :3
Will be editing this post later.

Check your messages, I sent you a PM


moving to the feedback thread


Hi guys, i need some feedback in order to improve my gameplay. Any advices with this matches?

Match 1

Match 2


@simplastic You’re better off posting matches where you lost. That said, I see a few flaws…

  • never jump-in with MP. I think you did that 3 times.
  • you threw out a couple of random Tatsu’s. Usually not a great idea, but sometimes it can work.
  • for Evil Ryu, you were way too defensive. It’s good that you didn’t jump-in like a maniac like a lot of beginners do, but you probably could’ve been more aggressive with your dive kicks.
  • you should work on a few easy combos.


thanks buddy!


I’m the Sakura.
c.hp and cs.hp are pretty good anti-airs, but they don’t work all the time. I tried to adjust and use nj.hp when I could. it worked sometimes, but didn’t work other times… twice I landed but fucked up the cancel and got fireball when I wanted shouoken. I threw out a random ex tatsu that cost me half my life early in the third round, that really sucked… At the end I threw out ex fireball that should’ve been ex shouoken… he still probably could’ve blocked the 2nd part though… well, that’s all the mistakes I feel like owning up to. Please point out the ones I missed :slight_smile:

bonus video: me getting wrecked by Chris G’s Elena
I don’t know what I could’ve done there other than not be ass-level sakura vs chris g of all people…


With characters that can change trajectories of their jumps, sometimes it’s just not worth it to try to force an anti-air everytime, especially when low on life. In those situations, best to block, avoid via focus backdash or walking unde. Optimally of course, you want to space yourself so they can’t achieve the ranges where they can mix you up with a divekick/regular jumpin, either by pressuring them on the ground close up or keeping them farther from you.


So, a friend of mine convinced me to stop banging my head against the wall with C. Viper and start playing Rose more. I’ve put in a lot of time with her lately, but I think I’m hitting a wall. Anyone care to take look at 3 recent matches of mine and give me some tips/advice?


I’m not a Rose player myself, but I can point some stuff out:

  • Stop jumping so much, a basic mistake. You need to learn to play a more grounded game, fight the urge to jump, you’ll just get hit for it.
  • Work on anti-airing. Kind of a continuation of my first point, you could’ve anti aired in many situations you decided to jump instead. Cr. HP is a great button, use it.
  • Zone more with your fireballs! If you’re at full screen, throw out some fireballs to see how your opponent reacts to them! Of course don’t just throw them out whenever, throwing fireballs against a chun sitting on U1 is not a smart move naturally :smile:
  • Don’t just use all your meter the moment you get it. Randomly throwing out EX fireballs or an EX spiral is just a waste of meter. Use them when you need to (EX spiral for getting out of pressure or reaching when regular spiral can’t in time. EX fireball for in combos or catching your opponent unaware in a fireball war.)
  • Use LP reflect more against fireball characters! The meter build is insane and meter is vital for Rose. Either for sitting on a super to intimidate your opponent or for using EX spiral as stated in my previous point.
  • Learn when to throw out pokes. I noticed you using st. HK alot up close. Yeah, it’s a good move, but you need to learn to space yourself before using it. Knowing when to throw out which pokes is vital to becoming a good Rose.
  • When applying pressure, try using cl. st. mk more, it’s excellent for frametrapping or blowing up crouch teching. Trust me, using this button properly will score you alot of counterhits.

I hope some of this will help you step up your Rose game!