Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


/\ your sig couldn’t be more wrong. It’s the exact opposite.


Would like some critique on these two recent matches of mine.



It’s just a quote from a character in a videogame I like, chill out man.

I don’t know a whole lot about Juri, even though my sparring partner mains her quite effectively, but I’ll try and point out some basic stuff regardless.

First of all, you should probably use your EX counter more sparingly and mix it up with different versions of the counter. It’s not that good of a move in general, but it can confuse the heck out of your opponent and might allow you to get a mixup in if you refrain from using it too often (otherwise they’ll just start looking for it and punish it).

You don’t want to become too reliant on your divekick either, it’s a beginner/intermediate mistake many Juri players make so I’m just putting it out there, it IS punishable unless you space it well. Try aiming for their knees or shins to make it safe from anyone but grapplers, EX is always unsafe AFAIK. Again, don’t use it too often or people will start looking for it and DP you, or even worse, ultra you for it.

Now for fireball storing, I’ve seen your post in the thread you made about having issues with fireball storing, but I’d do my best to work on LK fireball storing especially. Having LK fireball stored is vital for doing big damage as Juri, it’s so positive on block you can follow up with a ton of stuff, cr. MK cancelled into pinwheel being the most popular one.

Last but not least, if you feel overwhelmed in a matchup don’t be afraid to play the keepaway game a bit more. I know Juri is mainly rushdown, but I think she can zone you out quite well. Both cr. MP and cr. HP are good anti airs, although cr. HP only for when they’re right on top of you, I didn’t see you doing a whole lot of anti airs, so I’m just putting it out there.

Another massive wall of text, I’ll try being a bit less verbal next time :sweat_smile:


I am chill, man. Just letting you know that it’s a dumb and inaccurate quote. I wouldn’t want you to go to the beach and drown because of it. Your quote is the equivalent of “Driving while texting and drinking liquor is safe”


Actually, I believe the opposite is true. She’s much better suited to keeping the opponent away than she is getting in their face.

Thanks for the tips!


You’re not supposed to take it literally, it’s a chinese proverb and it means that people who push themselves too hard, are the ones that will often fail their goal. Whatever it is you’re going for, you shouldn’t overdo it, basically. And even after all that, if you really want to take it literally: about 66% of drowning victims turn out to have been good swimmers, so there’s that. I’m going way too off topic with this shit though.

Yeah, it’s a highly subjective matter I’d say. Juri is a very versatile character and she can be played as both a keepaway character and heavy rushdown, so opinions on the one true way she is meant to be played will always differ.


Hey, newbie Cody trying to learn the Ibuki matchup…

The page won’t let me embed the video.

  • Work on your defense, know when something will cross up or won’t. Getting knocked down as cody, especially in this MU is something you want to avoid at all costs.
  • Your combos need more consistency, this MU is not great for cody. He needs all the damage/knockdowns he can get.
  • Less jumping, unless you preemptively anti air her with a nj. HP or something similar she will probably dominate the airspace.
  • Use empty cancel cr. lk into MK ruffian alot in the neutral game. Ibuki’s footsies are not that good.
  • If she gets trigger happy on the DPs just block, if you block an EX DP you can dash under her and get a full punish going.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the risk and EX zonk through relentless pressure sometimes, if it hits they’ll learn to be more careful.
  • Although I didn’t see any overheads in this match, keep in mind to crouch tech with cr. HP when they start using them. It’s godlike for beating her overheads.
  • If you ever find yourself playing an ibuki that loves punishing fireballs with neckbreaker, fake bad stone is your friend.

Hope some of this helps :smile:


Less jumping and more fireball use would help. Better anti-airing too (c. mp. s. mk, c. hp if up close, etc)
Try and avoid “just do it” divekicks and pinwheels if you can. As you mentioned, you can outzone most shotos since you can put more fireballs on the screen at one time. Good that you won, but I have the feeling that better shotos would give you problems.

It’s a good thing you found the Juri subforum from what I can tell. Learn what you can from the guys there.

I might send you a PM later, since I do have some Juri replays on my channel too.


You’re in luck, found this on my subscription wall. Basically how Juri/shoto should go


Hi, i just started playing USF IV and I am trying to pick up Juri as my character. Here’s some of my replays of my matches. Latest games are at the bottom.

I know I tend to jump a lot, bad execution as I kinda panic when I’m in a match, no anti airs I know the buttons I guess I’m throwing too many fireballs? Whenever they jump it seems like I have a fireball queued up.

I don’t really know many moves except J,Hk, CrMk, Hk Senpusha, RF, Ultra 2 and Ex dive kicks into ultra 2. I’m using Ultra 2 mainly because I am not confident in landing combos in Ultra 1.

People I played with told me to watch momochi’s Juri, I have been watching some Juri games but I don’t really know how to use what I see in my game.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to look thru any of the games and offered any advice. I know she’s a difficult character to pick up being a new player but I really want to stick with the decision of playing her. Sorry for the horrible gameplay.


I think it’s mostly the same stuff as what I told Ghidorah here:

Get more familiar with the character and her moves/combos and do less jumping (unless really necessary) /random pinwheels/random Ultra. Watch replays and learn all you can about Juri.

Feel free to join us here (especially the video thread)

It’s the Juri subforum:

Also check your pm’s


I’m having lots of trouble against my friends Ken, what’s the proper way to deal with air tatsu mixups and Ken in general as Guile?


Homeboy knows that you don’t know how to protect the skies and exploits it hard. Learn when to anti-air and what to use in said situation. That mixup EX tatsu can be stuffed with cr. fierce and/or a well spaced flash kick. It seems that he likes to throw when he drops a link so when he does go ahead and tech that. Oh and one more thing. You were spamming the hell out of your buttons. You gotta stop with that.


First off, thanks for the fast reply!

Even if its a crossup tatsu the cr.hp will stuff it?

Hmmm, most of the spam is either crouchtech or spamming attackbuttons for delayed wakeup, which is fine to spam them out at certain moments right or did I understand that wrong?

Also, what are good mixups for when I have a hard knockdown on ken?


Ya, see 1:25 (although it was a cl. st. hp). Do more of that.

Despite that, very deep crossups, like 2:39, are usually things you just have to let go or not be in that position in the first place.

You were also pressing st. fierce in bad situations at times.

0:24: Way too far for it to hit anything

0:34 Unless he did an empty jump st. fierce is gonna get beat in this position most of the time. Even if it became a close st. fierce, the startup would have not been fast enough in most situations I think.

1:59 Ken is positive after cr. mp, so pressing something there is risky and st. fierce may not have been the best idea even i you wanted to press.f

2:06 too far for cl hp to come out, pressing cr. hp would have meant you would get an upwards facing button without having to judge distance

2:36 max range jumpins will beat st hp pretty much every time

By spam I think the guy above means you were pushing buttons in neutral when you didn’t need to.

2:05 st rh a bit questionable from that distance. I suppose you were looking for him to walk forward though.

2:07 what are you jabbing for? Ken’s positive after tatsus most of the time. why press cr mk after? it’s not a link and it’s 7 frames startup which is no bueno at close range and gets you counterhit, which in fact happened there.

2:12 guiles seem to love to backhand in situations where it’s not necessary. If he was crouching (as he ended up doing) he would have ducked under it and could have punished easily with cr mk. If he was walking backwards he would have blocked. If he was walking forwards there were numerous other faster buttons that could have caught him. Also speaking of spam the button inputs show like 8 forward hps from you lol.

Probably something you should check the guile forums for.

Despite all this though, I think you’re not bad, just gotta get the anti-airs down point mostly.


I’m new to Street Fighter (been playing for under a year). I recently played a few matches with a friend online and while I started out strong there came a point where he just kept hitting me with command grabs as Hugo and if I made the slightest execution error I quarter of my life bar was gone. At any rate it’s bothering me that I don’t know what I can do to improve/how to avoid these situations in the future. Help?

These are just a couple of the matches we had.


It would help to stop putting yourself in the situation to be hit by an errant command grab in the first place. Don’t go for extended combos unless you’re positive you’ll hit them. If you aren’t then stick with the simple stuff, cr. mk > fireball. You shouldn’t have a reason to run in at Hugo in any case with Eryu, use your fireballs and predict his jumps. When anti-airing him, consider using MP Shoryuken instead of HP for more invicibility. It’s best off you avoid it when he jumps at max range though, he’s coming in with a 100 damage normal, and if you mess up you only hit him with the last hit of your shoryu, which is like 30-60 damage, which hurts with the health disparity b/w Eryu and Hugo

if you look at the first half of the last round of the Yun match before you got hit by the random super, that’s a good place to work from. Use longer range normals, stay out of grab range. Try to predict when he’s about to use one of his random reversals and have a punish for each situation when you block/avoid them. In addition to that it would help if you tried considering all of the options he’s using to get damage and get in your face and thought up a few ways to stop those approaches from being successful. I.e., he jumps in a lot from max range, and there’s little you can do to stop it. Perhaps if you put yourself closer up you’d be able to anti-air that consistently. And you’re walking so far away that even if he does mess up like the whiffed command grab in round 2 of the Eryu match you’re way out of position to do anything to him

Oh, and stop panicking and doing reversals at bad times. Grapplers feed off your anxiety like that.


So this is something I’ve been planning for a while. I don’t know whether to start my own thread for this, but I guess I could start here just because.

I’ve been trying to branch into some fighting games. As I do, I’ll record myself and try to have people who are into this genre critique my footage and tell me what I should be doing. I don’t know if spamming a bunch of videos in this thread would be fitting, so I’ll just start with a runthrough of 3rd Strike, and see what happens.

I main Dudley, but I’ll start with Ryu just because he’s more well-rounded. I need to know how I can properly parry/practice parrying, since I try to pull them out, but it doesn’t seem to be working sometimes. Also, I need to know some of Ryu’s useful combos, specifically what’s effective up close and proper air combos from Is Ryu more effective doing fireballs from a distance, or getting in up close? Any tips for super arts?

The last thing I want to know is if you like this series. If you say it’s not that great, that’s fine, just don’t be a huge butt about it. Just tell me honestly what you think, and I’ll try to do better.


Well, there you go. This is my “skill” level, if one can call it that even. Feel free to critique anything you see wrong. Any feedback is appreciated.