Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


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They are? wtf, sorry. Fixed now


Against dat deejay:

You didn’t do that bad actually. The stuff you’re losing to is simply
Crossups, sometimes on wakeup
Yourself, not blocking

The crossups where you got hit despite a DP are simple to avoid, just block those, clearly due to frames, or being a safe jump, you apparently can’t beat that, so you just have to block. Of course, there IS the possibility you’re using the wrong DP to try and anti-air, but I can’t really tell, just consider that the MP Dp is usually the best to try if your DPs are getting stuffed.
The majority of the rest of the time you lose bc you pressed bad buttons at those times, or decent buttons at the bad times, or you shouldn’t have pressed buttons at all in those scenarios. Things like, you’re not at advantage after a blocked overhead, in fact you can be punished, so don’t press anything if it’s blocked, Or you were too predictable with your eagerness to go in, so that’s why you got hit by his slow ass slide.


Good reaction in the beginning. You can’t really challenge headstomp most of the time unless you have meter I think. Just focus it, or dash out of it’s hit box, or block, or jump back and hit it. The rest is just, you need to find the right times to go in and when to just block. You were getting hit by stuff that wouldn’t get you if you’d been a bit more patient.


More of what I’ve been saying basically. You were too predictable in your approaches. Always either chicken wings or rekkless rekkas. Try varying your approach more, walking, focus dashing, pressing normals instead of rushing to the rekkas (especially for more than one if it’s not EX, very unsafe). Also, if Rose has U2, running to the opposite corner is usually a bad idea, better to try and let the orbs hit your block than to put yourself in a bad situation upon a bad situation.


Please do not do 3 rekkas unless you’re going for a crazy once a round read or you’re actually hitting them. Also Rekkas have startup and recovery, don’t abuse them like they’re free.


You put up a good fight here, you basically lost mostly bc of predictable rekkas.


I usually try to do the HK Flame Kick to punish the jump-ins. I suppose I should switch to MK version then, looks like HK’s trajectory does not cover the crossups. And yeah, crossups are a bitch for me, can’t handle them at all :confused: This is how people get to hit me most of the time

So how do I figure out which buttons to press and when? From what I have seen, Fei’s cr.HP, cr.MK, cr.MP and 6+st.HK are the best options from the distance, is that correct? And yeah, this guy’s Dee Jay ALWAYS gets me with the damn slide

Bison is an issue for me in general. It’s like the only way for me to beat him is sit on the other side of the screen and just wait for rekka punishes. Don’t know what to do against him

I try to do chicken wings to cover the distance most of the time. Also I heard that the HK version is safe on block, no? And yeah, I’m trying to decrease my rekka recklessness, what I’ve been trying to do is space the third to bait out a button press, but I suppose this doesn’t work as well as I thought it would. Reason why I’ve been to escape Rose’s U2 is because I can poke her with cr.HP to break the orb activation, otherwise if I block - Rose players just throw me, to which I can’t react at all

Ok, will try

That player got crazy though, especially with the hitconfirms from cr.LP into rekkas

Thanks for the advice by the way


Those seem like decent buttons, except for 6+HP, which is kinda slow even though it has good range. In general, you find out when to press buttons through both experience and sometimes practice in training room with the dummy. Good point of interest is that usually if you’re getting hit a lot to back off and change up your rhythm of attacking. If you’re getting hit out of everything even before your button comes out then the player has a read on the time you will attack and you need to change it up to beat his rhythm. By continuing to attack you’re playing his game, not yours.

Basically to beat Bison you could do two things. You can beat him with footsies, or by air. It’s tougher on the ground but by no means are you limited to rekka punishes, don’t be afraid to walk up and use rekkas, st. mp, cr. hp. But also switch it up by good jumpins with jump mp when close or jump HK I guess when far because Bison can’t cover the air options when close up as well as the ground game. Something to check the fei forums for more detail.

That player got crazy though, especially with the hitconfirms from cr.LP into rekkas

A note, that’s something you also want to pick up. It’s a great tool.



Giving a warning that I’m really bad. I haven’t played SFIV in three years and picked up Ultra on ps3 because of SFV hype.

Come laugh at me losing in online Ranked matches. I’m embarrassed I lost to that C. Viper. In the second round I did a cr.HP anti-air but it didn’t register. Just losing optimism because on Super I wasn’t the best, but I still won matches and got to be a B/C ranking. Now I’m just losing one after the other. Hard to keep at it but I recognize I have A LOT to improve on.

Ranked Dudley match
Ranked Ryu match
Ranked C. Viper match


Against Dudley:

Don’t try to contest his jump rh unless it’s a well timed DP or a good air to air. You will lose almost everytime leading to terrible damage. Even if it hits it will likely trade, and not in your favor.

If you’re not going to throw fireballs or react to his ducking dash to get in, you’re just giving him free license to do whatever he wants. If you do that you might as well have put down the stick for that part of the round. Throw fireballs or walk closer to pressure in some way. Full screen means nothing is gonna hit you but also that nothing you do is going to hit him. If you want to beat him you do actually have to get closer.

Use more Crouching Mk buffered into some special to attack from range. Tech his ducking dash when he gets close.

At 1:00 you could have punished this blocked special much harder than you did there.

Don’t do more than 1 rekka unless you know the first hit him, 99% of the time.

Against Ryu:

Confirm your jumpins with a few light attacks into a special, don’t just do a dp and hope you hit him, because most of the time you didn’t. Also not sure that jumping (lk?) is Poison’s best jump in in any case. It has almost no hit stun.

Work on blocking crossups. Also work on which buttons to use at which range. It can be tempting to press lights as they’re relatively safe but you were doing them out of range a lot. Also DP has like no range and isn’t the best ender anyway.

Against C. Viper

I noticed you went to sweep more. Be careful with this, it’s very negative on block and is easy to punish because of it.

Could definitely have AA’d one of those frantic jump ins at the end of round one.

Round 2: C. Viper’s U2 seems pretty safe on block, so learn to look for it if they show they’ll use it like that.

Learn to keep your cool if your opponent is jump happy and just look for your opportunity to AA. He gave you a few. Also keeping cool against randomness is a worthy skill. Don’t start panicking and doing random EX moves and Ultras bc you’re losing to stuff; just hang back, block, and chill.


I think it’s a good idea, chronicling your progress. I’m not sure how far you’d go playing just the CPU though.

Not a lot of 3s action here, but you can try asking at the 3s board:


I am a complete noob to this game and fighting games in general, have only owned this game for about a week. However I understand things like footsies, crossups, and mixups but I’m not skilled enough to take advantage of them. I’m also unable to use combos because I simply find them way too difficult. I have a match here against my Evil Ryu friend who got the game the same time I did yet he’s actually able to combo which is depressing. Here is one of our matches. Would appreciate any critique. Thanks.


I remember playing like this waaay back. Good times.

Anyways, the main thing that is troubling you is that you’re not blocking. You’re getting hit by a lot of fireballs and jumps that should be easy to block. So, just get used to that since if you’re spending all your time getting hit by random stuff combos won’t help you.

Do not anti-air with jabs against normal jump ins like that. Most of the times if this is happening it’s more the opponent being bad than it being a good option. Block of use cr hp or dp.

Aside from this, there’s not a lot I can think of to tell you because you’re so new. Just play some more and get used to moving your character and how your opponents move theirs.


Anyone wanna hand hold me through posting replays from ps4? No idea how.

Finally found a char I want to play – Balrog. Now I need to stop being the worst ever. And stop pressing buttons.


Hey guys would love critique on my play. I play as Rose and have also recently picked up Oni

Also one question that’s been giving me trouble: Say you have a read on someone (let’s say they crouch tech), and you beat it out with a meaty? What kind of things, large and small, do you take into account for the next time the situation arises?

Whenever i think i’ve trained them to block, they uppercut. If i think they’re going to uppercut, they block. Granted i don’t guess wrong all the time (otherwise i wouldn’t have a single win!) but sometimes i think, why would they do that? What did i misread? Cheers


Hey guys I’m new here and to SF in general, picked up SF2/Alpha and now USF4 in prep for SFV like many others. I’m maybe 3 weeks in playing so my execution isn’t great but playing on a stick is great! As far as I can tell, execution asides, I struggle against command grabs (they are frustrating tbh haha especially the Seth fight) and I struggle with hit confirming/linking (all I do is press fierce/heavy buttons) anyways here are some replays for you to give me some tips, I play mostly Akuma but I’m playing Ryu and Ken too.
Here goes, I also know that my anti-air needs work, in a few of the replays I try anti-air with Raging Demon but I drop the ball on execution and it doesn’t come out at the good time.


Can I post Fightcade replays here? Let me know if not.


Just a few matches between me and a friend. I’m slowly trying to learn Makoto, and I feel like I fell for his grab > grab > > hado a lot. I tried to grab tech it, I swear!


Here’s another few.

Akuma’s my main, again slowly learning Makoto. I don’t remember much about these, but I’m sure there are things I could be doing right. Thanks!


Main menu - Settings - Upload to YouTube. Then just go to the Replay Channel, search for your Battle Log or locally recorded replays, and there’ll pe prompt to upload them to YouTube (by pressing Square, if I remember correctly)


When your input display reads “HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK HK” it’s a bit difficult to give you constructive criticism other than don’t do that.


So I guess I’ll start here first.

Yo so I’m basically new to SF, picked it up around august to play around it in preparation for SFV. I wanted to spread out my fighting games as the games I play now are MKX and GGXrd. As of right now MKX is my main game but I do want to learn the mechanics of this game before SFV. Initially I didn’t want to get to competitive in this game yet until I get my fight stick next month but before that I do want to know what I’m doing at least in the game.

The characters is used are Cammy and Juri. I feel like those are characters I am comfortable with but I have tried out Ken, Evil Ryu, Akuma mostly all the shotos with Akuma being my favorite. The truth is idk what character I really want to play as I like playing characters with different play styles.

Once SFV comes out I do plan to make SFV my main game then MKX and GGXrd. Until then add me on both of my psn Tomahawk164/UPR_Kaneki.


I’m having a lot of trouble with getting in on Ranked/all matches I guess.

A prime example is this game right here Vs. a Dhalsim
When I try to jump in over his fireballs/limbs I just get AA’d. MK doesn’t out range it so I’m not sure what to use.
Other examples where I lost due to not getting in are here(RyuVsSakura) and here(RyuVsRyu).

Bonus game of me being cornered because I don’t know how to get out with out being punished: Ryu Vs. Yun

Does anyone have any tips/advice?


You get a lot of successful jump ins where you don’t get anti-aired but you always do st. LP->Sweep afterwards. He didn’t punish you much for it, but at the same time this kept killing your momentum on block and you weren’t hitting the link to get it to combo on hit.

Try doing 2 cr. LP and confirming that into an SRK or if you confirm the jump in and don’t need any more time to realize you hit him use cr. FP->Tatsu or cr. FP->SRK. That is just general combo and execution practice in training mode. If you do the cr. LP’s that gives you more time to confirm if they blocked and if they did you need to try throwing them or using cr. LP->cr. MP to frame trap them pressing buttons and get some damage.

Also Dhalsim wasn’t using many fireballs, but you kept jumping in which is why you got anti-aired so much. You are going to get anti-aired sometimes it is just part of the match, you just need to make your jumps less predictable. You can also use Air Tatsu to mix him up and get behind his anti-air and hit him, but he can still hit you just he has to use a different timing which can mess him up.


Dhalsim has some decent AA buttons and you can’t jump from too far away, he’ll see you coming. You want to get in, but getting in is tough because Sim has a lot of tools to keep you out. Try being more patient. Throw more fireballs (from a distance) and try to inch him backwards. The last thing Dhalsim wants is to be in the corner. I find that Ryu’s j. LP can get around some of Dhalsim’s AA’s sometimes.

You weren’t in the corner for THAT long against Yun, but it’s tough to get out against good pressure. You will have to get used to seeing patterns and learn them. Eventually, you will find a hole to escape or at least clear some room.

But most importantly…you’re throwing out sweep way too much. Try cr. MK > Hadoken.

EDIT - another small piece of advice, you’re hitting some of your jump ins and then you try st. LP. Never do this, it’s pointless. You’re opponent will always be holding down/back and your jabs are whiffing over their heads. Try crouching jabs or light kicks (for low attacks). Or better yet, try a simple jump in MK > cr. MK > Hadoken.