Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


Would it be acceptable to provide replay IDs for SFV, or should I just go ahead and record on my phone and try to UL to YT? My phone’s quality isn’t the best


I’d say post the videos here. I’m not sure too many people will come here, then go onto SFV to look up a replay ID. If you’re using a PS4, you can just upload videos through the PS4.


Please keep the mockery to a minimum, I know it’s bad! Upset with myself that I kept jumping in, and I need to learn to deal with or avoid cross ups (Cr HP?)


A game from last night against a silver Nash, every feedback would be really appreciated:

From what I can see by myself :

  • Abysmal AA.
  • Too much jumping
  • Failed some punish especially a huge one round two
  • Execution fails.


If you don’t trust yourself with doing a slow attack or an uppercut as an anti-air, try using standing jab.
It’s quite easy to use once you get used to the timing.

Your opponent blocked a lot of your approaches. Maybe you should have gone for more throws to counter his good blocking and make him think more about pressing buttons.
That way you can catch him with frametraps and such.

It’s a cycle, or flowchart if you want to say:
If they block, go for a throw/overhead.
If they do DP out of block, block and crush counter.
If they press buttons, set up a frametrap/crush counter.
If they throw, tech the throw, beat it out with jab/short/special, or walk out of range to make the throw whiff and then punish.


Thanks dude, but does it works on everything? I feel it would get stuffed a lot no?


Does anyone know how to record match replays with the PS4?

I keep pressing share but it doesn’t do anything… :frowning:


Double-tap Share, you should see a movie icon pop up in top left of screen. Tap share again when you’re done and ready to upload


it depends on your position and the move that your opponent uses.

If Ryu does jHK from good distance, his jHK will most likely trade with your jab (that damage trade is not in your favor btw), since its hitbox angle isn’t completely horizontal. It goes downwards a little bit.
However if you stand pretty much next to them when they are coming down from their jump, sLP is a good anti-air against most moves.
I don’t know of many forward jumping normals that have good vertical range.

So essentially you want to walk into that close range to anti-air with sLP to make it easy for yourself.
(I’m not sure how this applies to zoning characters. They might be better off to backdash or block.)


@Oresama85 If you want to control when you start recording, do what @Sal_Feena wrote. I just use the auto-record function; if a match warrants recording, I hold the share button right after until the share menu comes up, and that gives you the option to either Save or Upload the game to YouTube. You can change the share button settings in the PS4 options (you can set one press instead of double tapping to start recording, for example).


hi. need some help, been trying to play ryu. i can do very basic hit confirm combos such as, ,, qcb mk . but thats about it. i been having trouble with executing anti airs or having shoryuken come out when i need it to. i have been doing them by double tapping crouch forward but a lot of the time a fire ball comes out or a critical art comes out instead. im not sure how to record but i play on ps4 and my tag is samuelx in sfv. if anyone can give me some pointers or tell me where i should go from here, it would be much appreciated. thanks!


[quote=“Omegamarth, post:504, topic:150977”]

You beat that guy so hard he looked AFK at the end.
When you block a Shoryuken in SFV, go for the crush counter instead of the target combo. Higher potential damage output. You could have shredded away his life with a combo into an EX move.

Thanks for this input! I’m hoping to get a bit better as time goes on. The only downside is that I don’t have as much time as most to dedicate to lab time(mostly Saturdays right now), but I’ll keep putting the work in as best I can!


I just played a few matches in a row. I’d like to get some tips and advice from an outsider who can notice my tendencies.

first off I’m not very good at AA and I don’t really get the “rhythm” of throws/tick throws and to tech them.
so I am aware that I have failed at those things… also not very good at hit confirming. SFV is my first street fighter I am actually trying to learn and I only recently got into fighting games with MKX.

well without any further ado I just link them:

Me vs a Cammy

Me vs a Necalli (starts at 1:24)

Me vs a Bison (starts at 1:24)


From what I see you play rather solid for your points (since a lot people with that amount of point do random unsafe stuff a lot). The biggest problem I see is that you are too scared, I rarely see you on the offensive for a long time, a lot of time you back up and give space back or you just stop your agression for no reason. You also have holes in your defense, like you take quite a bit of jump-in or you press a button when you shouldn’t maybe because you lack character knowledge or maybe because you make bad calls.

So basically the two combined means that someone who gets in your face and keeps his offense will end up killing you because even if you retake the advantage you don’t press it that hard.

So far what you seem to do is wait for a mistake you can see and punish it, maybe try one or two offensive actions, then back up and wait for the mistakes. You need to make the mistakes happen more.

I didn’t watch 100% of each videos but I saw very little throws from you for example. This could improve your offense a lot, Chun has a good dash and a good forward throw. It is in theory unsafe to dash in someones face and throw him but it works very well even in tournaments.


It’s been a while but here are 3 matches I felt I could’ve won.

Please help me improve!

Vs Ryu 1

Vs Ryu 2

Vs R. Mika

Thanks in advance!


A question I have, regarding your comment on how i lose to anyone who gets in my face and keeps his offense. I realise how true this is, because i lose to many ppl who just jump in and keep pressure on me. I can’t react to up close jumps. not sure where to block/whether to forward dash or back dash, which AA to use. does this just come with xp?

Also how do i maintain my pressure? haha am i asking for too specific tips? just really frustrated cause I feel like i have plateued. will keep at it though. thanks for the tips


Bit of background first. I played sf2 (megadrive) and sf alpha (ps1) as a kid but only for fun against the cpu and never more than that. Didn’t know how to combo and all I ever knew how to do was use HK, HP and throw fireballs. I never really took Street Fighter seriously until SF4 first arrived and even that only lasted 1 year. I played religiously against my one rival and friend (who was very good but only used Balrog) and no one else. Even then he beat me 90% of the time. I never played online as my connection was terrible and the lag just was no fun at all. I mained Ryu at the time, but during this time I learned execution and could complete pretty much all of the trials in sf4 (have 100% completed sf5 trials also). What I never learned was footsies and my anti-air game was never great on reaction.

Fast forward 6 or 7 years later and now I have arrived at sf5 which I am dying to improve at and climb the ranks. I main Nash.

Getting a feel for his pokes and anti-air game. Combo-wise I can pretty much execute anything in training but end up dropping them time to time in the heat of the battle. What I suffer at is the neutral game. Especially whiff punishing and pressing buttons when being pressured (getting caught in frame traps). My wake-up game also sucks eg. getting thrown or tick thrown a lot on wakeup. I also don’t deal well with being rushed down or crossed up. Despite being aware of some of my weaknesses and being mindful of it, it still is difficult for me to fully formulate a gameplan and improve my reactions upon those situations.

Im stuck between 1500-2000LP and cant seem to truly fit into Silver league. Granted I still dont know all the matchups and optimal punishes (need more lab time), i still feel like I’ve hit a wall and am seeking advice (especially on my neutral game) on how to get passed it.

If you guys could watch these videos, dissect them and point out anything specific or general or even character specific, that would be truly appreciated.


Hi guys.

I played a set with this Cammy and lost 2 - 1.
I only saved the one I won (I was amazed I managed even that).
Can someone have a look and advise how I could have opened this up more?
The other two matches went roughly the same as this one but ended with me losing.
I know I should have used v trigger more and I dropped my legs from cr m kick almost every time cause I was so cagey.
Also I wasn’t charging down back for kikoken since in the first matches I kept getting rushed down and couldn’t get her off me without meter.

Any advise would be great, thanks


Can I get some critique on how to play better and what I should do ?

I’m Chun


@Shottanuhmis I don’t know anything about Chun, but I can provide some insight against Cammy.

  • Her divekicks are pretty terrible. Bad hit/hurt box and at the height he was doing them at, you could punish them or even AA them (assuming Chun can beat it out).
  • He seemed to be throwing out random Spiral Arrow’s a lot, which are very unsafe.
  • He mashed DP and CA way too much as well. You probably could’ve baited some of those.
  • When Cammy is jumping around like a flea trying to cross up, you could probably dash foward (or even walk forward with Chun’s speed) to get out of that.