Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


Got absolutely bodied by this player online. Wiped the floor with me 20 matches in a row. So frustrated right now. Any advice would be great. Here is a 15 min video of our battle lounge session.


I’m going to double post, from the Sim video thread, since no one actually goes to that forum and I’d like some feedback…

You folks care to give a critique and some pointers? This is a handful of crap from today, that gives a good range of my skill (and lack thereof) right now.

First off, I know I’m leaving a lot of damage on the table from missed execution. Missing the height on IAT, and the MP Flame often, almost always on b+mk. I’m grinding away in the lab a lot, but now trying to make an conscious effort to slow everything down which has helped a bit.

Probably giving up too much space, but the usual rushdown I go up against is staggering

I’m sliding way too much, especially c.LK. That move kinda sucks actually, but I end up getting c.LK into throw really often at this level. Been training the drills a lot lately, but sometimes since I’m on a hitbox I leave my thumb on jump too long and leave a floating aerial to be punished.

The Bison I played maybe 10-15 times today (sweet match making) and he destroyed me every round. I can just sit there and block, but never see the opening where I can punish. Been trying to b+MP more to AA in that match, but my timing is crap. That match is a real headscratcher, I’m not even salty.


For the Nash player above,

I think the guy against you is better than his points suggest.

Advice I could give from what I’ve seen, I am not a pro but it’s always easier to see mistakes from others :

  • Do you play him a lot? Because he seems to read you like a book. But it might be that your defense is not yet on the level needed to fight his attacks. I didn’t watch everything but he opens you up very easy, I feel like you press buttons a lot on wake up (again I might have had bad luck with the parts I’ve seen).

The reason you loose this badly is basically a combination of the above + you letting him getting in very easy (probably weaker footsies than him). You play Nash, you really don’t want someone in your face hitting you since you have no reversals and you have many good normals + nash fireball. You need to zone more and be more mobile. I am not a Nash expert but watch Infiltration. Nash also has a very easy AA which is one button press ( I believe) and I am pretty confident even tho I didn’t try it myself that it could stuff the regular dive kick.

Finally you’re also less dangerous than him when you get the chance. Granted Cammy is really good at it, you seem to mistime meaty a bit and you let go of your pressure fast.

So in a nutshell what happens is you get less chances than him and he does more with his chances.

For the Dhalsim player :

I don’t know much about dhalsim but it feels like you need to be way more mobile, using more teleports and v-skill. I didnt see the vskill at all I think (watched the bison games) and you use the teleport only to attack him more or less. If you watch the best dhalsim you see them teleporting around like crazy, even sometimes just in place, it’s just to mess up with the brain of the other guy. Dhalsim is extremely weak when he walks around.


Thanks for the response! I think you’re right about the teleporting, and I’ve been trying to mix it up a little bit more. I don’t really see a lot of the high level guys use Vskill though. Might try it more when at max range though. You can see below trying to be cute with my movement led me losing round two.

This guy is basically a weight class above me, on a nine fight win streak, and no offense to the player, I don’t feel they did anything special or really out play me much.

Ryu landed a few of his god sweeps, added a couple of nice throws, and caught me pressing buttons on his meaty ax kick (which I think he was timing wrong since I threw him out of it once)

at 1:50 I missed my meaty LP Gale and threw out the j.LP. That sucked and may have cost me the match. Sim is so freaking frustrating. I have to have flawless execution or eat one combo and die.


Hum, ok about the vskill, as I said I am no dhalsim expert. I thought I saw it a bit by pros.

Also I just saw, you’re going to need to start to cover your teleport when you attack people and not do it raw like you do, else when you rise up the ranks you’re going to get jabbed out of it, or worse.

But my knowledge of dhalsim is pretty low so I can’t help you much more, I feel like you have the basic gameplan down and you need to refine stuff. If you don’t already you should watch TS-Sabin and the dhalsims in the top 20, there is plenty of them and I feel like they don’t all play the same so you’ll have a lot of possible things to see and put into your game.

I think you’re definitly better than that Ryu, sadly for you, yes it is way easier to win with Ryu at these ranks.


That was the first time I played him online. But your advice hit it right home for me. Obviously I know I’m doing something wrong but that analysis makes a ton of sense. I admit I do push a lot of button on wakeup and even during frametraps/block strings which is something that needs to be addressed. Appreciate it. All of them are excellent pointers for me to keep in mind to improve my gameplay.


Please help, thanks!



At 0:34 that guy did a dragon punch into thin air, but instead of punishing it properly with a walk up HK crush counter, you went for a tatsumaki as a punish which you didn’t want to use as a punish. You decided to throw that out before the uppercut whiffed.
Why? That cannot have been a read since this was at the start of the round and the guy didn’t make any move that would’ve indicated that he want to throw a fireball in your face.
Don’t commit to shit like that unless you’re certain that they gonna do a fireball. The best you get out of a tatsumaki is a knockdown into a meaty, the best he get out of blocking that shit is a 300 damage combo without meter.

At 0:36 you see that he back rolls from the tatsu and you go for an overhead, even though you’re at a heavy frame disadvantage in that situation and the overhead will only connect if the dude doesn’t do anything.
Even if that was an accident and you wanted st. MP, it would have whiffed and you got hit by his cr.MK probably even counterhit.

Right after that you throw out a sweep from almost point blank range, that could’ve gotten punished if he had just blocked instead of going for st. HK. In that situation and range cr. MP would’ve been a better and much safer button.

At: 0:40 you throw out a cr. MP into uppercut, again not hit confirmed but rather randomly mashed, which could’ve led into you eating mad damage. When you’re in a situation like this where you don’t know if stuff gets blocked, buffer your cr. MP into hadoken which is safe from some distances and cannot be punished as hard.

I’ll stop here since it would take me hours to analyze every situation in your 3 games, but all in all after watching over them I can see that you have no real concept of risk vs reward, buffering normals, spacing and reading your opponent.
I think what you should do first is try to get comfortable with your character by practicing his motions.
Practice all of his normals and their ranges, practice anti airing in different situations so you know when to use st. LP, cr. HP, st. HK, dash under, walk under and uppercuts.
Get a feeling for your dash range, practice buffering into hadoken from cr. MP, practice a big fucking crush counter combo (or at least do his target combo as a punish), practice hit confirming from st.MP>st./cr.MP xx Hadoken xx CA and from cr.LK>cr.LP xx HP SRK.

When you’re comfortable with your character and don’t have to think about combos and specials anymore, you can start playing the actual game and go over to reading your opponent and how to frame trap, bait and poke them.

So far it just looks like you need a lot more time in training room and a lot more experience applying what you learned in training mode.


@ArtVandelay I appreciate the advice! I’m new to the game so anything is helpful!

I do practice training mode and I can consistently toss a ton of fireballs, tatsu’s, DP’s, even crush counter punishes…but like you said I can never get them to come out in real matches :(.

Someone suggested I enter online matches and just focus on landing one thing at a time consistently win or lose… Do you suggest I try that too?

I’ll try training more, and applying some of the things you said and upload again! Thank you! :#


Only way I learned how to use my combos in SFV.

You’re gonna lose matches this way though, because you consciously look for opportunities to use them and thus miss other opportunities to deal or avoid damage and also you drop them often at first.
You should mostly go with the mentality that you play to learn instead of playing to win when you’re new.

When you try to win you always default to stuff that you’re comfortable with and new combos and techniques get dropped immediately. When you play to learn though, you can discipline yourself since your goal is not to win but to land that fucking move.

This is also important when you want to get rid of things that you learned the wrong way. Reprogramming muscle memory is tedious and painful but it makes you a better player in the long run.
There’s no instant gratification in fighting games, get used to having to work for the stuff that you’ll be able to do.


I’m from the Chun subforum, I think you saw me post there already :3 :shy:

I think if it’s against Cammy the previous poster already address most things already.

I would also say work on your combos a bit so the drops won’t bite you in the ass in the future. Also punish Cammy hard for things that she whiffs like a missed dp.

Also don’t end block strings in ground Lightning Leg, it’s really unsafe.


Getting back to you. I watched Fchamp at the tournament this week-end and he did a lot of vskill, like a lot of it. Drills also seem really good, although they are hard to space well.

Some critique would be nice…


A set from a week ago. Critiques are welcome.
I am playing Birdie


So what I would say bro is that you’re not a bad Birdie. You know his moves and some situations to use them in. I would say from that first match… don’t go into V-Trigger with a guy right in front of you with advantage. Use Birdie’s V Trigger to setup a combo. For example you can do EX Bull Horn, into V Trigger, into EX Headbutt. This is like an 8 hit combo I think and it works great and does a lot of damage. Try to learn some of Birdie’s bread and butter combos. Jumping MP into standing MP into MP Headbutt is a good one. Also another one is jump HK into Crouching HP into EX or Air Chain. Last thing I’d say is use his crouching LP more. It’s a long poke and don’t feel bad about abusing it. You can mix that up with a lk if you start feeling too cheesy. Hopefully someone else will provide more advice… thats all I got for you for now. Keep playing and getting better. Use training mode. Later dude.


@UncleO work on your defense. You got hit with necalli’s DP too much when you tried to jump back to avoid his command throw. If you are reading command throw, you should neutral jump for a full combo, otherwise bait the DP. You also let him jump at you too easily. works well as anti air.


Although I’m starting to win a few matches (this was for bronze league promotion) I feel like I’m always getting down to clutch situations like above. How can I improve my defensive game?


@diirrtydubcakeZ You can improve your defensive game by improving your offensive game. You could’ve dealt so much more damage and applied much better pressure. The match could’ve been over in 30 seconds, but you let him off the hook many times.

I do not play Ken, but here’s a list of things you did that must be corrected. If I am harsh, I do not mean to be, I’m just explaining the severity of how bad some of the things were.

I’ll go in order, but first and foremost, you jumped like a maniac with no rhyme or reason for most of the match. Try to calm down with that.

  • He threw a fireball from past mid-screen and you tried to sweep it
  • j MK > Tatsu is a terrible combo
  • You knocked him with ^ tatsu and then threw a fireball over his dead body. Never do that. That will lose 100% of the time because Ken’s fireball recovery is poor.
  • You mashed an SRK and hit him because he can’t combo (which is fine once in a while), but then followed up the knockdown with a neutral jump and you pressed MK on the way up! Even if he was just standing there, you still wouldn’t have hit him because the active frames of the MK had passed way before you were close to hitting him. But of course he can’t anti-air, so you get lucky with another knockdown.
  • Again, I don’t play Ken, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to press s. HK on his wake up. There are better options, check the Ken thread. You pressed it too early anyway (or it doesn’t hit crouchers) and it let to some damage for him.
  • Don’t waste V-Reversal on a blocked MK Tatsu. That is be an EASY, high damage punish for the entire cast. Just block it and do Ken’s Target Combo > SRK (or whatever Ken’s do).
  • Another blocked MK Tatsu that wasn’t punished. If you hadn’t wasted the bar of V Skill earlier and punished these 2 tatsu’s properly, the match would probably be over with you retaining 1/3 of your health bar.
  • You block a MP SRK, but you were a little far away and I’ve seen pros miss punish opportunities in similar situations, so it’s not that bad, but then…
  • You block a HP SRK and get nothing from it. You jump back and press MP. That’s by FAR the worst thing you did. AFTER YOU READ THIS POST AND PLAY SF AGAIN, DO THIS. Go straight to training mode, record Ken (or anyone else with a DP) doing his HP or EX SRK and block it and apply the proper Crush Counter combo. You HAVE to practice this and get your hands and eyes to react to this for when it happens in a match. Because it will happen again and you need to take off 1/3 of his life bar when it does.
  • Again, you landed a jump in and only did a tatsu. That’s not a good combo. Get jump in > tatsu out of your gameplan.
  • You knocked him down and as he was getting up, you jumped away. This accomplishes nothing and you let him off the hook.
  • The rest of the match was a mess of random jumping around and random attacks by both of you.

In that particular video, there wasn’t anything “bad” about your defense. It was your mistimed/misplaced offensive that made you get hit most of the time. Also, a lack of punishing prolonged the match which caused it to be closer than it should’ve been.


Dude, I fully appreciate the respoise. I’ve only been playing for a week (no previous Street fighter experience) and on a stick for 3 days, so yeah I’m a little jumpy and scrappy. That’s exactly why I wanted your advice. I see so many players so clean and methodical punishing everything everytime and it’s really exciting to watch. But you have given me lots of advice that I can work with and improve my game overall. Thanks!

I played again today and the muscle memory is starting to set in and I’ve almost mastered ken’s trials…just got the last one to do. I’m sure in a few more weeks with your advice I’ll be much more clinical


[quote="diirrtydubcakeZ;10930411"I’ve only been playing for a week (no previous Street fighter experience) and on a stick for 3 days, so yeah I’m a little jumpy and scrappy. [/quote]

Oh, you’ll be fine. A week is literally nothing. You’ll learn A LOT just by reading things in the Newbie Dojo and the Ken thread. One general piece of advice that I think is very useful is - play a match without jumping. Just stay on the ground and poke and try to anti-air everything (with SRK’s or whatever Ken’s AA normal is). Even if you lose the match, it’ll help your ground game.