Beginner match analysis / gameplay critique thread


Thanks Greenwood. I’m playing daIly with a friend who is rather good and he is giving me pointers as well. I’ll get there. I’ll beat Momochi one day :wink:


Hey can anyone just look me up on CFN and then look at some matches i had in Ranked and Battle lounge to see where i can improve as a player? My CFN is the same as my username here. Personally i think its my defense that holds me back


So I’m kinda a noob at SFV and a little bit of a noob at SF altogether. I played a little 3rd strike and a little SF4 vanilla. I’m trying to learn Balrog and looking for some critiquing. I’m playing against a LVL 9 CPU Cammy because my PSN subscription ran out and its all I’ve got right now. Any and all help is welcome!


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So I’m kinda a noob at SFV and a little bit of a noob at SF altogether. I played a little 3rd strike and a little SF4 vanilla. I’m trying to learn Balrog and looking for some critiquing. I’m playing against a LVL 9 CPU Cammy because my PSN subscription ran out and its all I’ve got right now. Any and all help is welcome!


I’m terribly sorry to say this but aside from general hitconfirming, punishes and the occasional anti air, the CPU teaches you very little. Playing against the CPU will teach you the moveset of a character but it won’t teach you the flow of the game. Mindgames is 90% of playing againt the opponent, if the CPU doesn’t do that or doesn’t adjust then you won’t see real improvement aside fromt he “technical” stuff. With technical stuff i mean doing your hitconfirms, punishes, meaties and occasional anti airs. It is literally helping you to play in a very flowchart way.

If you don’t constantly have to think about what the opponent does then you will also never improve.

If you genuinely want to improve, get PS+ or play offline with some buddies or if you have a scene visit that.

Another thing is that giving any indepth feedback, and this goes for any feedback on new players is always going to come down to the same things:
[] Trouble punishing? Go in training and find theproper punish
] Trouble with hitconfirming? Go practice hitconfirming
[] Trouble anti airing? Focus on just anti airing
] People keep walking and dashing into your space? Protect that space with throwing out buttons
[] Trouble blocking crossups? Just focus on blocking crossups
] Trouble throw teching? Focus just on throw teching

A lot of the stuff i mentioned above requires you to have an opponent just like how with Tennis you can only do so much on your own. Any problem you have now is very easily addressed, the answer is obvious and straightforward when you are still new. Difficulty lies in prioritizing, what is more beneficial for a beginner? Focusing on practicing combos is a waste if you don’t know how to open people up and if you cna’t stop people from jumping or dashing into your space.

In the beginning the only things you should be doing is simply throwing out your buttons in neutral, anti airing, focusing on good defense(throw teching, blocking crossups, using v-reversals at the proper time, knowing when to crouch and when to stand block, when to press buttons and when to not press buttons, etc) This all can’t be really learned from the CPU either unfortunately.

The most important aspect for a beginner is focusing on defense, playing against the CPU you hardly learn this unfortunately


I’m still new to fighting games in general, and a while ago I actually had my first set of matches after not playing for a few months.

I don’t know if this is pathetic of me or if this is even the right mindset I should have, but my main goal in these matches was to get used to the flow of a match, because I still get nervous facing other people. Aside from that goal, I kept 2 things in mind.

  1. Focus on blocking (I think I was blocking for way too long. Gotta learn to dish out some throw-techs and pokes)
  2. Don’t mash buttons (actually very happy that I didn’t mash at all in that set )

I don’t feel bad about losing those matches at all. I thought that the sooner I get use to being in a match against other people, the sooner I can focus on small goals during a match like punishing whiffed attacks every chance you get, and gradually build on the little things.


@brie20 It’s not pathetic and you have the right approach. It’s good that you don’t mind losing because it’s natural to lose A LOT when you’re new. Post a video whenever you feel more comfortable.


hi everyone please offer your critique i am akuma


Just two quick notes:

If they jump at you outside the range at which you can anti-air them with dragon punch, you can still anti-air them with standing hard punch.
You can punish a hurricane kick with crouching hard punch as it goes over your head.


Hey whats up, I just got into SF5 and would like some feedback on my claw game play I’m currently in bronze/silver


What’s the name of the track? That’s pretty sick.



its from the street fighter ex series.
doctrine dark theme


Oh god I forgot there was such good music in that game.
btw I don’t see too many real flaws in your gameplay. I just think you were playing Claw at the wrong range and never being really a threat with your medium pokes. There’s no point in going claw off if you play then the whole match from the distance and eat fireballs all day.
Also you got most of your mileage off unpunished jump-ins and you never kept the pressure going after you landed a combo. You just retreat each time you score some damage. You won because that Ryu had no clue about how to play any ground game either.


Appreciate it, yeah I have a very bad habit of jumping in randomly in this game I was lucky he wasn’t using his dp to punish
I also have that bad habit of backing off after I land a combo because I keep thinking they are mashing dp’s but from now on ill only play like that unless I see him use reversal a few times


Eating one DP is not a big deal. It’s better to force them to use their reversal anyway so that you can punish them for great damage.


Posted in the old man thread and didn’t get any response so I figured I’d try here. Could really use some advice. Struggling even with a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of the game (i…e the technical mechanics of the game like frame data etc.).

Trying to learn Balrog and Zangief. My CFN is legaleagle7187. I’d really appreciate reviews/tips (especially my matches vs. shotos) Thanks!




I though I was OK against CPU, but I just realise how much I suck.

What can I do when I’m jumping in and someone does a crouching attack?


I’m working on throw tech, hit confirms, cc combos and v trigger amongst others. I would be honored if my gameplay could be critiqued brutally. My CFN is SPECTRELIGHT -Thanks


My Juri’s here. Now, I’m not a really proficient player and my biggest problem in any fighting game is picking up a character… Takes me months to set upon one and take it to the game. With Juri, it kinda clicked from ther first time I tried her in USFIV. I have a lot of problems tho dealing with some of the attacks and punishing them, ESPECIALLY crossups, but some normals as well (I had a match against a very aggresive Cammy player and I was basically helpless there…).

Anyways, some of the recent matches:

You can find me on PS4 as G4lson and PC as Ricdeau on CFN.