Beginner meaty Oicho questions

I want to make sure I understand the mechanics of meaty wakeup Oichio. Can you guys explain, and then chime in where my assumptions are wrong/missing?

First of all, what exactly happens when you meaty oicho, frame-wise? Is it hitting them on the first possible wakeup frame?

Meaty Wakeup Oicho is EVADED BY:
wakeup jump
wakeup backdash
(why, technically?)

Meaty Wakeup Oicho is BEAT BY:
any invincible wakeup reversal (DP, etc)
any wakeup command grab (SPD) (because even though SPD is 2 frames, it’s throw invincible? Is that correct)
All Ultras?

Meaty Wakeup Oicho BEATS:
any "wakeup normal"
any "wakeup throw"
wakeup block :stuck_out_tongue:
certain wakeup specials? All of the ones without invincibility?

Meaty oicho/throw will beat any and everything that’s not throw invincible or involves the opponent going airborne. Most throws aren’t throw invincible with the exceptions of Abel’s non-ex tornado throw, and seth’s non-ex spd I believe. I haven’t had any setups with meaty throw against spd, but i think in most cases you get weird hitbox interactions and you can’t meaty throw some opponents really well on their wakeup, esp if they wakeup neutral. Some Ultra’s don’t have throw invincibility, although most do (e.g. Ryu’s Super and Dhalsim’s U1 don’t have throw invincibility). Gief’s ex.spd doesn’t have throw invincibility.

check it out:
It’s not oicho, but the concept is the same.

The safer way to do a meaty oicho are psychological, if you bait a reversal and punish it with an oicho, you can safely meaty oicho them since very few people will try to wake up reversal again, a good player will never wake up reversal unless can FADC out of it so never try to oicho someone with two meters (try to backdash and punish).
Against some characters like chun and rose, expect them to back dash often, so never oicho them until you have punished at least one backdash. In the other hand Zangief is very easy to wake up oicho, they just don’t expect someone stupid enough to grab the master of grabbing.

Also, lp oicho is the best one to use, have a great range and you can meaty so far they will not think that you are trying to grab them and at that range some reversals will partially whiff like Akuma shoryuken so you can punish it with U1.

Thanks. What’s the best way to punish a predicted backdash? I use HB, but risk/reward of that is not optimal in some matchups.

Standing HK? But better if you OS

Well this was posted in a thread I posted it’s an OS