Beginner needs help!

Hi peeps, ive just recently joined the elite group of fighting stick members, i enjoy playing fighting games like SSF4, tekken, MK etc… and becase of this I have bought a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX (

I am very interested in starting to mod this stick, while starting off slowly, I would like to fully mod this stick and possibly others in the near future.

Not being very technically gifted or indeed comfortable with learning as i go along, My post is simply to ask people for advice on exact parts they found worked best for modding (this stick in particular). Websites of places to buy these parts, and which parts are compatible with the real arcade pro ex stick wold be a real help. Also any videos or guides that could be forwarded as help for a ‘novice’ such as myself.

I realise there are many variations of types of modding gear such as sanwa, however i would like to divert away from which is better definitively, more why you prefer them, or what makes it better for your playstyle.

links are most welcome, infact more helpful =)

I thank you for taking the time to read this post and sincerely hope you can help me !


What are you trying to do first? If you are doing a button swap, that is dead easy.

Harder mods would be dual-moding with the sock hrap-ex PCB and trying to get a Seimitsu stick to fit on the stick mounts correctly.

Putting Seimitsu would not be hard.
Would just use SS Mounting Plate, or MS Mounting Plate.

All of the Xbox 360 HRAP have Universal Mounting Bracket.
Even the weird Mounting Bracket for HRAP V series.

I’ll start easy, button swapping/ ball tops, maybe new artwork. From, that i’ll probably be looking to get more complicated in the future, but much later in the future.

Any suggestions? Also this may seem stupid, but do i have to get specific types of buttons/ball tops (as in size) or is it more or less one size fits all. As you can tell, complete novice wanting something to do as a hobby which compliments actually competing at games.

What sites do you use to buy these parts, and are there any tools that i should have to make things easier. Im in the UK too, will this effect the availability of parts?

Thanks is awesomesauce for parts and doesnt matter if you’re UK or not.

For tools you’ll just need a small flathead screwdriver, a small philips, possibly a small pair of needlenose pliers, and of course whatever kind of key needed to get into the stick itself. (i.e. star wrench, allen wrench, etc)

Replacing artwork is a REALLY good starter mod because it basically makes you take the whole thing apart and put it back together again making you very familiar with how the whole thing is constructed and makes future modding a snap.
Also check youtube for the tons of instructional videos out there.

These things aren’t as hard as they seem either. Heck I got my first TE a little while back and first thing I did was change out the ball for a bat top. That led to changing to a stiffer spring, replacing the square gate with an octo, and just today I removed the first 2 buttons and rewired the other 6 :D. It’s an addiction I tell you. Once you open the thing up you feel the need to do it again.

@boogityboy thanks some great info there mate, now to the business of button changing, are there specific buttons i need to get that will fit my stick or are they all the same and will fit any stick/models?

Also, for replacing artwork, are there any sites that offer templates that can be printed/delivered to buy ? or do I need to create my own? Not being too artistic I may find that rather difficult. haha.(again specifically for the Hori RAP ex)

Much appreciated for the feed back guys.


I stand corrected then. So many people complain to me that they can’t mount there LS32 in various hori sticks