Beginner q - training tips/advice?

New to SRK - love how heavily moderated it seems - i have a basic/beginner
question that has subtlety to it - I’ve read a bunch of the guides and searched
the forum but haven’t quite found what I’m looking for…

…is there a training guide that helps guide a total noob to fighters in how
to build my basic skills and in what order I should do that?

I’ve read many of the guides (including the Bradley, which was shockingly
good) and understand all the concepts in the game - but what I can’t
find is something that will guide me in how to take the concepts and
learn them as skills and incorporate them into my games.

It might be that the only answer is “practice, practice, practice.”

I used to play SF2 (sooo long ago) and would teach people in steps. Like
I would have them just play game after game only playing ryu and only
blocking until they had that down cold, then we would add in normal
attacks, then after that quarter moves, etc, etc…

I’ve been trying that with mvc3 but the speed/rhythm/chaos of the game
(to my eyes) is so intense that I’m not sure it’s really working.

It may not exist… but is there anything out there that helps guide
a beginner in the style of “start with this team/focus on this skills/
then move to this skill/etc”?

I can’t really give you a good answer. Just play and enjoy yourself and don’t rush shit and you will get used to it all eventually.

I wouldn’t say this game is beginner friendly, you have to memorize a lot of combos, and I mean a lot for no reason besides just doing more damage in sequences. Or I guess your typically combo with character swap in the air, just go to mission mode. It’s easy to use projectiles in the game but more then likely someone will out projectile you with ease if your a beginner.

First off, find out about advance guard and aerial combos. Besides that pick up Sentinel when you unlock him, easy character. Find out a few more things and good luck from there, for the most part your better off picking up formula and long combos instead of trying to get good mentally, the combos which pretty much go to 50% to 100% typically remove any really thought besides what you already know.

There’s the mvc3 guide marked “hot” up at the top which will give you some general pointers on gameplay and on characters. Aside from that the game hasn’t really been out long enough for their to be a recommended team that works well for beginners.

Following the mission modes through will give you an idea of combos, air combos, hypers and basic assist usage.

Aside from that you’ll want to look into pushblocking, DHC (delayed hyper combos), THC (team hyper combos), team aerial combos, snapbacks, variable counters etc.

Whatever team you go with, try and get used to their normals and specials, then work out at least a couple of combos with each character and then try to think about how to utilise them as a team.

tl;dr you can read up all you like, but it is going to come down to lots of practice.

The Basics:

^Two great places to start.

You also have the guide too which is great from what I’ve read but like Paulie said lots of practice