Beginner question on OTG


I briefly dabbled in vanilla and recently got back into the groove with ultimate but forgot a few things along the way. What is the rule on OTGs in a combo? Isn’t it that each attack will only continue the combo once, otherwise getting a reset?


Nope. You can hit OTG as many times as you want in the same combo unless hit stun deterioration gets low enough that you are unable to hit them in time. Ground Bounces and Wall Bounces are the attacks that only work once in a combo. Just look at the standard Doom re-launch, he picks them up like 3 times off the ground before ending usually. There’s no real limit to how many times you’re able to hit the opponent OTG in the same combo, save for HSD, which effects the rest of the combo anyways.


That last part of the OP is a loosely worded version of the Skullgirls Infinite Prevention System. Second poster got it right. I will also add that since each assist can only be used once per combo, that could be a possible cause of confusion. One of my favorite XF3 combos with Arthur hits OTG around 10 times though, so there really is no limit.