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This is actually a huge improvement in TTT2. While you can still get “randomed”, the crush system has been fixed (for lack of a better word). A good example is Lars’ u/f+3, used to be a trump card, now it’s properly vulnerable during early frames. This is actually true for many moves in TTT2. As you see the game progress, you’ll notice TTT2 is more about movement and out thinking your opponent than T6, which is a huge improvement. No more, “let me throw something out with high reward/low risk that crushes for days”, now it puts heavier emphasis on causing your opponent to whiff.

It comes down to space and a whole section on movement and ranges takes up an incredible amount of it.


don’t be talking shit about top ten moves (jk) but honestly… people are going to be shitting themselves when they see some characters with over 200 moves…real


lol fuck Lars’ u/f+3. If it got nerfed I’m happy. It was like a free hail marry ultra.


I wonder if his U/F+4 was nerfed as well. I used to play Lars and man, it was delicious spamming that. Not that it was right or anything :rofl:


I wonder if the glitched version it still there, because that’s what made this move so great.


That’d be ridiculous to have been left in. Goodness I can barely wait for my Gamestop to open!!


Thanks for the tips. I know I am going to have a hard time because…
“Golden rule #1-
When in doubt, block high. Which means you’ll be blocking high most of the time. If you think you know what the opponent is going to do, do the solution for it. You don’t need to actually remember frames. You just remember how the move looks like, and what move deals with it.”

As a capcom fighter this is against everything I know lol.


Totally rocket science to hold back instead of down/back! Requires years of practice! :wink:


rule#1 is gonna be a biggie for most 2D players, we want to protect or feet because most of the huge damage comes from lows outside of jump in’s.

Well unless you play marvel :rofl:


Indeed, especially considering only a few characters come to mind with low launchers in Tekken. The timing is usually strict as well.


It is worth mentioning that low launchers are usually extremely slow and easy to spot (Lili, Bryan).

UNLESS you’re playing online, where people will spam them because you can’t react.


It’s so simple on paper, but getting rid of conditioned habits can be pretty annoying. o_O

Nothing practice can’t fix, I guess.


True. It’s been a bit since I played Tekken super-serious, so it’ll be somewhat challenging to remember that down-back actually isn’t the best idea. Block high, react to the lows.

May have to take the throw-break training seriously again too. :sweat:


#1: For the love of God don’t mash moves like you think you’re playing Ken.
#2: Don’t jump.
#3: Go to practice mode and stay there for at least 4 hours instead of going straight to online and picking hwoarang/eddy/christie/law/bob and resorting to #1.
#4: Don’t fill my inbox with profanity and petty insult ridden messages when I destroy you.



No but you’ll get them when you say shit like “Kthnx”



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People coming from SCV shouldn’t find the transition to this game that bad, they obviously share a lot of fundamentals since they’re both 3D fighters.


Any consensus on pad vs stick?


Use the claw hold if you play on pad.


That looks painful. I’m thinking about getting a six button face pad, or just using my TE. Just nice being able to run up a game for once without hauling out the gear.