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True. It’s been a bit since I played Tekken super-serious, so it’ll be somewhat challenging to remember that down-back actually isn’t the best idea. Block high, react to the lows.

May have to take the throw-break training seriously again too. :sweat:


#1: For the love of God don’t mash moves like you think you’re playing Ken.
#2: Don’t jump.
#3: Go to practice mode and stay there for at least 4 hours instead of going straight to online and picking hwoarang/eddy/christie/law/bob and resorting to #1.
#4: Don’t fill my inbox with profanity and petty insult ridden messages when I destroy you.



No but you’ll get them when you say shit like “Kthnx”



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People coming from SCV shouldn’t find the transition to this game that bad, they obviously share a lot of fundamentals since they’re both 3D fighters.


Any consensus on pad vs stick?


Use the claw hold if you play on pad.


That looks painful. I’m thinking about getting a six button face pad, or just using my TE. Just nice being able to run up a game for once without hauling out the gear.


This is the only pic I could find. It’s fine on a DualShock.
I just got the game and I have some more important golden rules to add. I’ll post them in a few days.


That looks stupid. I play on pad on a normal grip and have no problems.


Can you do 2+3, and 1+4 and any button combination without resorting to shoulder button shortcuts?


Actually yes, but pressing 1+2 and 3+4 can be a bit diffilcult, but then again I don’t have a problem with shortcuts, and fuck all ya’ll who do.


I play on a stick but when I have to use a pad I can only play using the “claw hold”



Tataki, I’m going to sticky this with some minor modifications to the title, okay?




I just busted out my stick and it…

Feels so good.


I tried pad but honestly don’t understand how it’s the controller of choice for Korea.

I use a hitbox and I also use shortcuts on 3 of the buttons (don’t need two tag buttons) so I can cheese out a RDC.


Don’t be discouraged if you need to re-map your shoulder buttons; I’ve been playing for years yet I can still only pull off a *true *EWGF 20% of the time :\


What a fantastic launch! As a long time fan of the franchise, all I have to say is:

Shin Harada’s out for blood.


Aren’t Koreans stick players?