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Any consensus on pad vs stick?


Use the claw hold if you play on pad.


That looks painful. I’m thinking about getting a six button face pad, or just using my TE. Just nice being able to run up a game for once without hauling out the gear.


This is the only pic I could find. It’s fine on a DualShock.
I just got the game and I have some more important golden rules to add. I’ll post them in a few days.


That looks stupid. I play on pad on a normal grip and have no problems.


Can you do 2+3, and 1+4 and any button combination without resorting to shoulder button shortcuts?


Actually yes, but pressing 1+2 and 3+4 can be a bit diffilcult, but then again I don’t have a problem with shortcuts, and fuck all ya’ll who do.


I play on a stick but when I have to use a pad I can only play using the “claw hold”



Tataki, I’m going to sticky this with some minor modifications to the title, okay?




I just busted out my stick and it…

Feels so good.


I tried pad but honestly don’t understand how it’s the controller of choice for Korea.

I use a hitbox and I also use shortcuts on 3 of the buttons (don’t need two tag buttons) so I can cheese out a RDC.


Don’t be discouraged if you need to re-map your shoulder buttons; I’ve been playing for years yet I can still only pull off a *true *EWGF 20% of the time :\


What a fantastic launch! As a long time fan of the franchise, all I have to say is:

Shin Harada’s out for blood.


Aren’t Koreans stick players?


Just having a quick access for Tutorials Videos… will be updating with new content when available.

Level Up Your Game
Intermediate 1 of 2
Intermediate 2 of 2
True Orge
Forest Law
Jun Kazama
**Paul Phoenix **
Prototype Jack

Avoiding The Puddle
Rage & Tag Crash
How to Tag Crash
Raw Tag Safety
**Evasive Raw Tag **
Spaceing/Whiff Punishing
Throw Breaks Training & Theory
Stun Breaks
**Universal Low Parry **
Defensive Play Styles
Inbound Running Move
Beating Solo with Teams
Practice Mode
Korean Back Dash Part 1
Korean Back Dash Part 2
Button Buffering
**Frame Data **[media=youtube]D8XP1lWdMqc[/media]

**BlackPriest **
Backdash Cancel

Movement Cancelling & SOCD’s


I actually have a decent amount of tutorial videos as well, most are created at the end of T6’s life, but are still very valid for TTT2 and I also intertwined hybrid. I’ll be producing TTT2 tutorial videos next week.









I’ll be putting out a lot of TTT2 videos for Hit Box users. There’s also good info for pad/stick players alike.
Mishima Wavedash


I’ll preface all of this by saying Tekken in a nutshell is just movement, throw breaks and punishment. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once. Take it one step at a time.

Just as a reminder:
1 - Left Punch
2 - Right Punch
3 - Left Kick
4 - Right Kick
5 - Tag

I’ll borrow this gif from AAK since it’s the best gif in existence:

[FONT=Helvetica]Tekken introduction by AAK:[/FONT]

Unit 1: Basics
Unit 2: Types of Attacks
Unit 3: Maximizing Damage
Unit 4: Crush System and Okizeme
Unit 5: Tag System

Tekken Zaibatsu wiki:

[SIZE=30px][SIZE=7][FONT=Helvetica]Level Up Your Game Tutorial Videos:[/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE]

Beginner: [media=youtube]OtpT4ejbGwk[/media]
Intermediate (1/2): [media=youtube]icaOdA7HSOU[/media]
Intermediate (2/2): [media=youtube]b23HuTEhTdc[/media]
Combos: [media=youtube]cVtPed3nBno[/media]

These are older vids from Tekken 6 but they still apply. They go over some of the same concepts as above. But it doesn’t hurt to hear about the system mechanics rephrased, especially if you’re
completely new. IMO, their older walkthrough on the wakeup system was better

Level Up Your Game - Tekken 6 - Episode1 - Part 1 of 5
Level Up Your Game - Tekken 6 - Episode1 - Part 2 of 5
Level Up Your Game - Tekken 6 - Episode1 - Part 3 of 5
Level Up Your Game - Tekken 6 - Episode1 - Part 4 of 5
Level Up Your Game - Tekken 6 - Episode1 - Part 5 of 5
Level Up Your Game - Tekken 6 - Episode2

Tekken basics guide on Tekken Zaibatsu

Iron Fist 101: The Competitors Guide to Playing Tekken

[SIZE=3]Lesson 1: how to have fun playing tekken, [SIZE=6]SELECTING A CHARACTER & what’s the most valuable[/SIZE][/SIZE]
Lesson 2: Game Plan

TTT2 Tekken Force Beginners Guide - Beginner Guide.pdf

(same guide different format)

Avoiding the Puddle Tutorials
TTT2 Throw Break Training and Theory
TTT2 Double Over and Nosebleed Stun
TTT2 Raw Tag Safety Tutorial
TTT2 Rage and Tag Crash Tutorial
Movement Tutorial for Tekken 6 and TTT2 Part 1: The Basics
Movement Tutorial for TTT2 and Tekken 6 Part 2: Advanced
Tekken 6 and TTT2 Instant While Running Tutorial
TTT2 Universal Low Parry Tutorial
TTT2 Inbound While Running Tutorial

Tekken Gameplay System by INSOMNOTEK

Neorussell’s T6 tutorial vids:
T6 BR: Character Stances
Tekken 6: BR - The Art Of Low Parry
Tekken 6: The Art of Standing Properly

Byakokoko’s T6 tutorial vids:
Tekken 6 - Throw Breaking 101
Tekken 6 BR - Sidestepping 101 & Backdash Canceling
Tekken 6 BR - Low Parry 101
Tekken 6 BR - When to low parry
Tekken 6 BR - Wavedash Tutorial & Tips For Jin
Tekken 6 BR - Tech Traps & Okizemes

TheMainManPROGAMING’s tutorials

tyler2k1 tutorials
Throw System introduction (part 1)
Throw System introduction (part 2)
Hit Confirm tutorial
Instant While Standing (iWS) tutorial

Back Dash Tutorial by Blackpriest
TTT2/Tekken6 Combo All Characters iWS tutorial / Alisa neta

This was taken from Shinkuur’s post in the original Tekken forums. I don’t think he minds if I post it here:
The Tekken Zaibatsu Jargon Dictionary-List of Tekken terms and forum speak in general.
The Tekken Zaibatsu Legend Page-Shorthand of Tekken controls, movements, and positions

**Links and Resources: **

Tekken Zaibatsu-Tekken’s equivalent of SRK.

SDTekken-You all should know this site by now. Your up to date source for news regarding Tekken, fighting games in general, and Arcade sticks. Also updates frequently with youtube matches from Japanese/Korean/American players.

Rip’s Throw Break Trainer: If you wanna learn how to break throws this is a great way to learn! The break window is a little smaller than the actual window so it’s actually a better way to train than doing it on the actual game. Give it a try!

Levelupyourgame and Avoidingthepuddle: Best resources when it comes to getting aggregated Tekken news.

Random tips (paraphrased):
Sabin: So coming from a 2d background, what do you think is the first thing your should learn?
Bloodhawk: You find two characters you like, you research videos and you find out what good moves they’re using. Because even like the smallest movelest in this game is like 60-70 moves.
Sabin: So generally it’s going to be around 5-10 moves that you will always use.
Bloodhawk: And then you got 10-15 more that are situational. So you gotta cut down your movelist and focus on the good stuff. So after you got the good moves and you learn what they’re for and how people are using them. You get your combos down into your muscle memory.
Sabin: What’s a good way to learn defense in this game?
Bloodhawk: I like the practice mode in this game. When ever you tag the training dummy in practice mode whenever they’re not in neutral basically, the punish icon comes up, so you can know whether you whiff punished or block punished something successfully.

One of the ways I kind of practice breaking throws, is I actually go out and watch a bunch of videos…so you’re just watching the game as it naturally does it. So in your head, you’ll see a throw and in your head recognize “that’s a 1 throw, that’s a 1+2 throw” and you just start seeing it.

Given that the tips are about looking at videos…
Youtube resources:

For now if you want to learn about a specific character, go to the character specific forums on ZB:

I’ll update/reorganize/add stuff later.