Beginner SF5

I’m not really into fighting games but I have always liked Street Fighter. Probably the most I’ve played it was on the Super Nintendo and not much since.
I’ve got Street Fighter 5 and if it was golf I would be a 28 handicap and everyone else I play online is Jordan Speith.
I’m getting annihilated.
I’ve read some guides online and watched some YouTube videos and I know it’ll take hundreds of hours to even get to being average.
Has anyone got any advice on how to be less crap?

Don’t mash buttons, ever. That doesn’t just mean flailing about on the controller, it includes repeatedly pressing buttons when performing an attack. Every action you take should be intentional and have a reason behind it. There are methods for double tapping buttons intentionally to improve execution but it is a more advanced technique.

Know the inputs for all of your moves and why you should use them. Don’t do things without at least a basic reason for doing them. Any time you press a button or move your stick/dpad you should know exactly what your character will do and have a reason for doing so that you could articulate to others if asked.

Focus on your opponent as well as yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in your own actions when you aren’t comfortable with the game yet, but ultimately your goal is to make your own choices mostly automatic based on the situation so that you can focus on your opponent’s habits and weaknesses.

Try not to jump much, if at all. Jumping has its uses but unless you really know what they are you are taking a big risk every time.

Make it a habit to block low. It should be your “default” defensive stance and only change to a high guard when you need to.

all of this
learn your spacing
spacing of your moves, dash, walk, jumps, etc

instead of thinking it as a “combo” game, think of it as damaging with precision and timing
basics first

Can someone explain to me in plain English what a crush counter is; what are the benefits of using it; how I use it

Also when would I use V-reversal, is it worth the V-bar consumption, I guess it’s just for getting ut of corners so far?


Thanks for replies.
I managed to get a few wins on Ranked so I don’t feel as hopeless anymore :slight_smile:
I think the game does miss match really good players with poor ones. UFC seemed a lot fairer.