Beginner stick?

I’ve always wanted to get into traditional fighters, but never really had the time or money, but now I have… some.

Would this be a good enough stick to practice the basics?

i would go with a madcatz SE stick if you can, pretty cheap and if you want to continue on with the stick easy to mod

^ this
The madcatz SE is a good starting stick. I picked one up a week ago and now that I’m getting used to the feel of using a stick, I’m playing 10x better then when I’m on a controller. Try to find one locally if you can, used game stores usually have them pretty cheap: between $60-$70 at most. Online they are about $80-$110 last time I checked.

Get a Brawlstick. They are readily available on Amazon & easy to mod.

For XBOX 360:

For PS3:

Pick your poison! :smiley:

Also, check out this thread:

out of curiosity, is there anything wrong with this one? like, buttons, PCB, or anything like that?

i’ve never seriously played a traditional fighting game in my life, so i sorta want to get the cheapest possible usable stick just to practice basics in my room. also, i don’t even have a 360 or PS3, so i was actually thinking of practicing basics/fundamentals on 3S or some other game I can play on PS2 or PC.

The fact is, that stick is a pain in the ass to mod for when you’re finally ready to graduate from the stock buttons and stick. The MadCatz SE is much easier. Also, if you spend a little extra on a Brawl stick, you’ll have near arcade quality since the joystick’s microswitches are the same ones used in Sanwa sticks, and the stick itself a Sanwa clone. The buttons are supposedly better than the ones in the regular SE as well. The Mayflash you’re looking at uses shitty buttons, they don’t have switches they use rubber cups to engage instead of microswitches.

Eventually, you will want to upgrade, and the shittier parts in the Mayflash is a reason you should buy a Brawl stick.

yeah, i was thinking that once i’m ready to graduate from shitty sticks, i’d just shell out the money for a TE rather than having to mod one

readmy guide What Stick/Controller Should I Buy?

alright, so i guess that means the mayflash one isn’t worth getting.

how long generally does it take to switch from pad to stick? i might just dick around with the games playing pad and i’ll just get a stick if/when i end up feeling the need to get one.

how’s this stick? i found it in the trading outlet:

I have one… Other than the L1/L2 in an annoying spot (Always have to reconfig), it’s pretty decent.

Mine is modded now, and looks like this:

So you can get some sexyness out of it.

practice, feel free to experiment on different postures and ways to play on the arcade stick till you find what feels works for you.

For a cheap beginner stick it will do its job. Difficult to mod but if you do not care about modding it would work.
I don’t care for the location of the L1 and L2 buttons, as I don’t find there location intuitive for game play, other people report that they are fine.

Is it the locations of them or just that the L1/L2 buttons are on the left? I mean, you could just switch the wire connectors if you had to the switches on the buttons. Nothing wrong with that. If the stick is hard to mod though, it may not be worth it. It took me a week to get used to playing on a stick, and once I got used to it, I didn’t want to go back. Button layout and stick movement is so much better than the usual 4 button pad layout and shitty dpad. Especially the new, textured type of dpad on the fucking DS3, man those things kill my thumbs.

I think finding a mod friendly stick is a good idea. For one, it’s cheaper to buy parts. Another thing, is that they can be put into a new case if you get one. Or a custom case, in which you could send the parts to the builder to put in and get wired up.

There are no wires that you can unplug on th fs3. the buttons are soldered directly onto a big ass board. the mod you are suggesting is a lot of work. Get a brawlstick and be done with it. get the 360 version if using it on pc.

Oh I forgot that Hori solders the buttons directly to the board for the FS3 and doesn’t use QD’s. Man, that would be a pain in the ass. I only read about it, never had one so I totally forgot. One of the reasons I never picked one up.

I forgot that too. I knew the that hori stick is a difficult mod, but buttons soldered to a big PCB is not in the realm of beginners.

Hence I stick to the statement of its a cheap stick that just does what it does. There are still better options.

Got mine for $40 from GameStop, then DaRabidDuckie hooked me up with a PS3/360 mod.

Dispite all the love I have for my Hori T6 post-mod, having gone through that process, I’d suggest staying with Madcatz unless you can get something REALLY cheap (S+H included). Anything with stock buttons that are soldered on top of a pcb is going to be a bitch when you want to switch in good buttons, and you will if you stick with it for long. If you see yourself with a soldering iron in your hand, modding and custom building in the future or if this may be something you don’t stick with very long, try something different to save $. If you want something that works and can be upgraded with minimal fuss to get you back to playing the game, get MC. The SE stock parts aren’t bad at all. The new parts in the TvS and Brawlstick are a mixed bag for me. The stick is awesome- near perfect JLF clone. I don’t think the buttons stand up to wear as well as the old SE ones. The plungers on mine don’t move as smoothly in the body as those on my well-worn SE buttons. As stated, though, switching them with something better is a breeze and only takes 3 minutes and a screwdriver.

It all ends up to this any ways, Get a SE/Brawl stick for the budget range or a TE or Hrap if you got the coin to spend.

And yes I did just quote my self.

That’s the best entry level stick available right now. About the worst thing you can do is buy a cheap Mad Catz stick since they’re made like shit. I doubt a beginner is going to want to crack open the case and install arcade parts.