Beginner to sticks.. tips?

have used alot of sticks be4 they all had delays got a HRAP2:SA last week its the best stick I have ever used but my friends when they use dpad can stick box me in corners and work me with the dpad also inputing shoryuken isnt consisten wtf sometimes even a Hadou shoots off. I have used a Dpad for 10years but trying to learn the stick but any tips would be good like whats a good way to hold the stick so i can do faster inputs and it wont be such a loose fit in my hand?

any helpful tips would be awesome,

there are many ways to hold a stick. depends on which type of top it is also. with a ball top you can hold it like a wine glass or just kinda grasp it with your hand from the top. with a bat top there is really only one way to hold it(hand sideways grasping it) as for using one its all your opinion.

There are tons of topics like these. For the most part it’s practice, the more you use it the better you get.

Try doing the shoryu motion as slow as possible where it still registers and then speed up. A hadouken probably shoots out because your going to slow.

Correct grammar allows you to pull off perfect VC’s in Alpha 3.

Hit up training mode. Hit up both sides of the stage.

If I were you I would go ahead and practice ST on it. DPs and fireballs are a lot harder to do in it than 3s or cvs2. It seems as if the system in 3s and CvS2 is more forgiving when it comes to special moves.